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That's actually a good point. Do we know where we're starting humanity? I think this is something that we could decide on as a group rather than just having one person pick it out.

Everything Else / Re: 2016 Elections
« on: December 12, 2016, 11:30:59 pm »
...But I saw the GOP completely stonewall Obama right from the start, and I'm not really too keen on seeing that happen again with the tables turned...

I know this is now off topic and it's singling out one sentence from a much larger statement, but I wanted to get your take on this. I first heard this idea in a trailer for Mary J. Blige's interview with Hilary Clinton (weird place, I know) and the statement was more or less that the stonewalling of Obama was due to racism. At first I blew it off, but then I realized that sentiment was more widespread than I realized.

I saw the stonewalling of Obama as more the result of his arrogance (strong word, but I chose it carefully) and a lack of willingness to compromise. My reasoning was that Obama had control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives for the first two years of his presidency during which time Obamacare was passed. And in that timeframe, I remember a lot of statements coming from the White House that could be boiled down to "I won the presidency, so I know what the people want." Whether that was accurate or not is beside the point. This gave the impression that he didn't need to compromise with Republicans and was able to pass Obamacare without any Republican support (not a single Republican voted for it, looking back at the record). During the next Congressional election, the House of Reps swung heavily towards the Republicans (from 255 Democrats:179 Republicans to 193 Democrats:242 Republicans). And for that, I've always likened Obamacare and the subsequent Republican stonewalling to Woodrow Wilson and his failure to have the US join the League of Nations.

However, I realize that this isn't necessarily a common view, and I'm honestly interested on how others saw this play out. Obama's presidency spanned probably one of the most partisan periods in politics what with multiple threats of government shutdowns and all of that fun stuff and I'm interested in other people's views on that period.

I imagined it as the next PCP. So, "collaborating to write a history of an alternate earth" is what I envisioned.

This is what I was envisioning as well. My want out of this game is to come up with a world that has a rich history and diverse cultures. I'm really looking forward to the interaction between civilizations and watching their rise and fall. While I don't mind a game like DoW, I think we've already summed up why that might not be a fit for this particular setup. For me, DoW seems more limited to the creation of a continent although that could just be because that's how we've played it in the past.

As for needing points for a turn, I don't think that's required. I'm pretty sure we all have a good understanding of our 'scope' on what we can change in a given time period. This game is going to center around collaboration and working together and I think we're all in a good position to call someone out if they're overstepping their bounds (in a nice and productive way). Any disagreement can be voted on by the group with a simple majority to decide the matter. We've already been doing that informally with the ground rules, so I don't see why we can't continue it into the game.

However, we might need to have a more concrete system around conflicts between cultures/civilizations. That's an integral part of history and I think there are many examples were chance plays a large role in the outcome of a conflict. It would also be nice to have a more concrete system since I doubt everyone is going to be completely open to having their creation conquered by the neighboring people, especially if said people are prone to scorched earth policies. I don't necessarily have a good suggestion right now, but I'll try to think of something. Unless we want to approach it differently?


I'm pretty sure this is what Ovi is thinking right now.

(Also wanted a chance to show off my awesome paint editing skillz)

EDIT: Also got my first chance to look at this map in Google Earth and it's intense. Very difficult to get my bearings down, although I'm sure biome colors will help with the cardinal directions. I'm very excited for this!

Brandon raises an excellent point and I'm in favor of Ovi's system.

As for two species, I'm against that. If the group decides they're in favor of moving with two sentient species, my views align with Sam's:
I'm open to a two species idea but I'd prefer something more caveman like. A different evolutionary branch diverging from our common ancestor with gorillas possibly.

Dinosauroids seems like too much of a jump for me. Seems to go against the realist approach.

I like the currents and biomes setup. Feels like it's coming together. Below is another jump ahead, but it was something I was thinking about while at work.

Lengthy post ahead, looking forward to some discussion around it!

I was looking back at Oviís breakdown of Eras and Ages and I liked the organization, but then I got to thinking. Iím not sure if this is the same for everyone else, but when I look at periods of time, like the Medieval Era or the Age of Gunpowder, it defines a pretty specific ĎEuro-centricí model of history for that time. Most of the history Iíve read is based on the ĎEuro-centricí view point so Iíll admit thatís what Iím most familiar with, but I donít believe a culture like China defines their past with similar terms. Given their more isolationist view on the world, the Age of Sail doesnít seem an appropriate descriptor for their section of history, except for maybe Zheng He and the Chinese treasure ships which lasted for all of a century at most. Again, Iím not well versed in Chinese history and they may very well have a period labeled similar to the Age of Sail. My point is that using some of these labels could pigeon hole our ideas into specific time periods that might limit our creativity. This might make the world more Earth-like than we intended.

My suggestion is somewhat based on Ian Morrisí Why the West Rules Ė For Now which has some similarities with Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond. Both are pretty decent reads for a project like this.  One of the underlying principles was a series of high points for civilization and then subsequent crashes (not necessarily low points). Once weíre out of the Prehistoric Era (I think that timeline still makes a lot of sense since itís pretty generic despite its reference to technology) I suggest we label time periods as either ages of Convergence or Divergence. The idea here is that this designates a time period as a rough guideline for the conglomeration of peoples under larger governments (empires, federations, etc.), or the breakup of these empires into smaller polities (city-states, kingdoms). You could think of it like bubbles that continue to merge before finally popping and restarting the process. This way, we can come up with our own ĎAgeí names based on the history weíve created. Maybe we have a massive singular empire that discovers the new world or city-states that undergo the industrial revolution.

These time periods can even be specific to certain geographical areas once the initial culture groups are placed and it becomes clear which cultures are in contact with each other. While one area is converging into larger nations, another area could be fragmenting into kingdoms.

I think thereís a good premise for this based on Earthís history. In a grand generalization, there is the creation of the Roman Empire and the eventual breakup into European kingdoms. These started to solidify back into nations over time until the world wars which followed another period of fragmentation, etc. Thatís a very basic overview that skips a lot of history, but I hope it gets my idea across. The lengths of convergence or divergence can be varied based on our tastes. This can allow us to stretch out the game as long as we like since we could slow down human advancement with more divergent setbacks like Patís suggestion about natural disasters, disease, angry beavers, etc.

Well, for the pea brains in the group like myself, let's keep it pretty straightforward since we're already going into plate tectonics and that is a bit more deep than even I initially expected. :3

Plates move in one direction.

Technically plates move in arcs (which is why they seem to move in more than one direction). But yeah, for the simplicity of this game, we should use straight lines.

Really, once the tectonic plates are set and the mountains/trenches drawn in, I don't see them playing much of a factor in the game. If they're moving in 'multiple' directions, that really just allows us to place mountains/trenches where we want etc. However, I don't think that matters because based on Hydro's interpretation, the map looks like it has some pretty interesting stuff going on already anyway.

Goblins are literally my favorite fantasy creature :(

And as for fantasy, it would at least be cool to have animals that don't exist, even if they're not fairies and stuff, we could take a sci fi approach and just have weird animals

I'm not opposed to woolly mammoths or giant sloths since they did exist in the same time frame as humans, but I'm iffy about anything beyond that. I could probably be persuaded either way.

I might be getting ahead of myself, but when we start looking at placing cultures in the Stone Age, I think it would make sense to have a ground zero for humanity and then migrate peoples away from that point. There could be several initial groups that move in different directions from ground zero which eventually branch further into more diverse peoples that settle the world. This could add some interesting backstory between cultures rather than just plopping people around the world and trying to come up with a creation story for how they got there.

And I definitely like Pat's idea for introducing disasters into the game. We'll need some crushing catastrophes in our history, not just constant forward progress.

I knew my PCP senses were tingling.

I want in on this as well since I always enjoyed these kinds of projects. I was actually checking out the old DoW threads a few months ago so I'm glad to see this moving forward. However, my contributions will be limited until after Christmas due to things.

If we're voting on it, I'd rather stay away from the more fantastical side of things and go with a realistic approach.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: Dawn of Worlds: Tabula Rasa
« on: April 15, 2014, 09:20:51 pm »
I have to say that I'm backing out of the game. I thought I would have more free time than I do, and this is before things are supposed to get busy...

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: Dawn of Worlds: Game Thread
« on: April 10, 2014, 01:44:46 pm »
Salvarian the Created God - Turn 9
Power Available: 19
Actions taken:
  • The Klisura Spread- [Command Civilization x3, 12 cost]
Power Remaining: 7
Running Bonus: 0

The Klisura Spread
As Salvarian slept, the Klisura spread further down the canyon systems, marching all the way to the southern sea. They were still a disorganized race, living in smaller family groups that were spread throughout the canyons. In the south, the land was much harder to work, given the lack of fresh flowing water. It was not long before the Klisura referred to one another based on their living location within the canyons.


Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: Dawn of Worlds: Tabula Rasa
« on: April 01, 2014, 01:04:25 pm »
Sorry about that. Consider my turned skip this time. Too much stuff is coming up for me to take a turn.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: Dawn of Worlds: Tabula Rasa
« on: March 30, 2014, 09:18:17 am »
My mistake, just fixed it. I thought it was either one territory square or one city to start them off.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: Dawn of Worlds: Game Thread
« on: March 30, 2014, 12:08:45 am »
Salvarian the Created God - Turn 7
Power Available: [13]
Actions taken:
  • Mold the Klisura Ė [Create Race, 6 cost]
  • Masters of Stonework Ė [Advance Race, 0 cost]
  • Make the Canyons Fertile Ė [Shape Land, 5 cost]
Power Remaining: 2
Running Bonus: +3

Mold the Klisura
It was many ages before Salvarian awoke to realize it had been buried in mud. The god probably would have remained asleep, had there not been a disturbance in the mud that grabbed its attention. Something near the god was struggling. Waves of terror emanated from this disturbance, creating sorrow within the godís being. Salvarian reached out to this being and spoke its first words.

Do not fear.

The words passed directly from Salvarianís mind to the mind of the creature, for that was surely what the disturbance was. Salvarian tunneled through the mud, creating a pocket of air that surrounded the god as it moved towards the creature. What Salvarian found was a small lizard, no bigger than the godís hand. It was covered in mud and gasping for breath having been trapped in the mud pot.

Although the creature was calm, Salvarian realized that the lizard did not understand what was happening. Nothing truly existed inside its body to allow it realize the great thing that had just occurred. Salvarian took the creature in its rocky hand. With eyes closed, the god channeled power into the tiny creature, using the surrounding mud as clay for its creation.

When Salvarian was done, the first Klisura was before the god. The creature was still small, and Salvarian felt a sense of loneliness. After thinking for a moment, the god sent out a wave of energy, calling forth the other lizards in the canyon. They came scurrying out from holes and underneath rocks. One by one, Salvarian touched them and molded them into new Klisura.

When the god was done, there was a large group of Klisura before him.

Masters of Stonework
The assembled Klisura stood before Salvarian, waiting for the god to speak. When it did, there were no words to disturb the tranquility of the canyon. The voice projected from Salvarianís mind to those that the god wished to speak to.

You are now Klisura. I have bestowed this intelligence upon you for the purpose of creation. You too are now creators. Use your gifts wisely.

With the wave of a stony hand, the knowledge of crafting was bestowed upon the Klisura. It was only natural that they would use the stone of the surrounding canyons as their resource.

Make the Canyons Fertile
Salvarian looked upon the canyons it had created and was displeased with how barren they were. Although the Klisura were made to live in the bleak landscape, Salvarian did not want its children to suffer. The god rose up into the sky and went back to the river that now row rolled down the mountains and flowed north.

Summoning its strength, the created god carved a channel into the sand that led towards the canyons. Upon reaching the edge, the water rushed over the sides, pouring down to the canyon floor. Salvarian was pleased with the beautiful waterfall it had inadvertently created.

The water continued its way down the canyon until it reached the point where Salvarian had been covered in the mudslide. What remained was just a larger crater, which the water eagerly occupied. From here the water went no further. The ground was too dry and the water too content to continue further down the canyon.



Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: Dawn of Worlds: Tabula Rasa
« on: March 24, 2014, 03:54:01 pm »
Probably more detailed than you were thinking, but I loves me my PCP.

Blah, blah same.

Does advance race mean they are the best of the best at a specific topic, or does it just mean they're just really good at it? I always thought that it was a little too over the top to say that one races architecture was the best, when that can be pretty subjective.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: Dawn of Worlds: Tabula Rasa
« on: March 23, 2014, 08:15:09 pm »
Tesla, that map is awesome! If it comes down to a vote on whether or not to use that moving forward, I am all for it! I think it's much better to have a single person recreate the entire map than leave it as it was with so many different creators. Gives it a much better look and feel overall.

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