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"Welcome aboard the Farsearch Four!"

Captain Deion's voice boomed over the loudspeakers, and his face could be seen on the many screens all over the station, "This is your commanding officer, Francis Deion speaking. I hope you're all settled in, as we're expecting launch in less than an hour."

The loudspeakers and monitors shut off and the station started buzzing with activity as everyone started doing their jobs, or in most cases, continued. About forty-five minutes later, the station's artificial lighting started to dim and the outside could be seen through the windowed ceiling, as if the sun had set and a clear view of the night sky could be seen. The ship rumbled, but was hardly noticeable from the inside, and lifted from the surface of Erayru Prime. Taking a slow and steady pace through the planet's atmosphere, the loudspeakers and screens reactivated.

"Very good everyone, we've made it further than Farsearch One, and will soon to be in orbit. I should be able to handle our trajectory adjustments to get us into orbit for our phase one. Please, everyone get a good night's sleep and your orders will be delivered first thing in the morning."

The communication shut down again and the station settled as everyone went to their quarters.

Eight hours later, the artificial sun was rising and the station started back to life as people awoke. On everyone's communicators, their first assignments were already loaded, and its was a similar set for everyone; make sure all of their functions can still operate in the new environment, take tests to calibrate equipment and mingle with the others. The Farsearch Four mission was off to a good start, and everyone hoped it could only get better.

This RP will be using the brand new Hybrid RP rules, which may be found here.

Sign up quick, I'm planing on starting this as early as Friday evening EST.

Congratulations, you have been hand picked by the stalwart Commander Francis Deion to be the crew of Farsearcher Four, the greatest space station of the greatest empire on the planet Eyaru Prime. Starting from an orbit around Erayru Prime, to calibrate the station's equipment and crew's bearings in space, you will be part of history, to chart uncharted space, meet unmet races, and maybe even find those green women you always dreamed of. The road will be difficult, the other empires of Eyaru Prime may attempt to sabotage your attempts with Farsearcher Four, so stay vigilant, you never know when you may need to defend the station, your new home!

Name: Francis Deion
Age: 63
Role: Commander/Captain
Biography: One of the few to still remember the blunders of all the Farsearchers One through Three, Francis thew his life to danger to aspire towards his current position of commander of the latest Farsearch. The media followed him closely as he graduated top of his class in mechanical engineering, space specialization, and went on to work closely with the designers and developers of Farsearch Four to make sure it would not meet the same fate as its predecessors. As the space station neared completion, Francis surprised few when he officially announced his position as commander of Farsearch Four and started on a search for the most qualified to join the crew.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / The Second Grand RP - Rise of the Mutants
« on: September 05, 2008, 11:28:10 am »
Gaia, 2XXX; technology is at an extreme boon, all areas of science are expanding at incredable rates. Registered freelance vigilantes and various villains have used all forms of technology to aid their work, "super powers" are not a rare sight on Gaia. However, space travel is the one withered path of science. For unknown reasons, the Unified Gaia Government (UGG), outlawed space travel, both its research and execution, many decades ago and has been entirely successful in making space travel an entirely lost and forgotten technology. However, less than a year after space travel becoming lost, a rash of extreme and nearly disabaling mutations spread throughout the human race on Gaia. Worse, the mutated people are recently starting to grow violent, fighting against people they call "normies", the unaffected populace. Heroes of this world, stand, for it is your time to really make a difference, drive back the violent hoards of mutated!

In the middle of Capitol City, there was gridlock. A few miles from the intersection of Main and Linton roads, a black limo was silent among the sounds of annoyed drivers. Mayor Donaldson watches a small television.

Here we are at the intersection of Main and Linton, another violent mutant attack has occurred. The police are already on the scene, and they are having a hard time holding back the mutants.

The scene cuts from the reporter to a view of the intersection, ten mutants surrounded by five flaming heaps of what used to be cars surrounded by several intact, but badly dented and bruised police cars and officers.

A spokesperson for the police department has already stated they have sent word out on the Hero Network to get any help they possibly can get to subdue these mutants.

Donaldson turns off the television and picks up the intercom phone to speak to the driver.

"Make a U-turn, now, damn the rules of the road."

"Yes sir!" the driver responds as the limo starts moving, turning into the opposite lane.

"Find another path to the office, today will hopefully be a day we can't miss."

The five mutants at the intersection continued attacking police officers in several ways, being held at bay only by shots being fired at them if they move too close to any side of the perimeter.

PC Games / Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe
« on: September 24, 2007, 04:56:16 pm »
Recently, a few of us (Didero, Yokto, Ovi and myself) have refound an old classic from Chris Sawyer, the man behind Roller Coaster Tycoon; Transport Tycoon. This is a fun game that expanded upon Sid Meier's original Railroad Tycoon, and took it a step further, you are the (co)manager of a transportation company in charge of all four main forms of transportation (road, rail, air and sea). While this game is old, a group of people have been hard at work at making the game playable on modern systems, as well as add new features and fix bugs from the original release.

Despite the differences in style from Roller Coaster Tycoon, Transport Tycoon is just as intuitive as RCT. However, the learning curve is slightly steeper and, while it can be hard to make a profit early on, once you have a good income, you can start to take risks and still end the year with a positive bottom line.

On top of a fun experience with (albeit dumb) AI, there is also a multiplayer feature which allows not only competition between other player run companies on the same map, but also the ability to join forces with other players under a single company, allowing for focus to be spread among your large amount of transport vehicles, and various stops for all of them.

If you like games like Railroad Tycoon or Roller Coaster Tycoon, this is not a classic to miss. And if you would ever like to join us in a multiplayer game, stop by Gabbly to see if and where we might be making our next impact in the Open TTD community on the servers in the multiplayer lobby.

Further Info:
Everything you need related to Transport Tycoon thread on the Transport Tycoon Forums. The website of the Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe Project.
OpenTTD Wiki everything you need to know about Open Tycoon Deluxe, and more.

Spore: Creation Corner / The Mouthies
« on: May 30, 2006, 10:18:32 am »

You may have seen the page on these artificial creatures on SporeWiki, but I decided to put them here. (Finally)

The mouthies were artificially created by my initial race (I have no idea what they will be so I have merely called the the OverSeeing Ones) as an experiment in abstract life. They have four legs, but at the end of three of them are hands that double as feet. Only the leg is the front has a proper leg and it is the strongest limb, as it can support their entire weight. They also have their eyes on their "knees", allowing them four-way sight which is almost all-seeing with only a few blindspots.

Nearly all of their actions are related somehow to their mouth (and therefore digestive tract and other connected systems), eating is a an obviously central function where as reproduction is performed with actions that would make us think they were vomiting. As with everyday actions, rituals are also mouth based, such as their death rituals where the young eat their own parents after they die.

The mouthies are not a particularly bright bunch, but they have "naturally" come into sapience. Most of their inventions, with few exceptions, were "given" to them by their creator race in secret after a sacrifice of their reproduction material. But due to the large sacrifice and their overall dim minds, as well as intervention of their creators, the mouthies will be a tribal race for a very long time. Despite their tribal state, they have a few more advanced inventions, including cars and computers, however, both are primitive as they have not internet to connect the computers and the cars do not manage to travel far. Due to these limitations, all interactions between tribes are done by traditional methods, such as walking.

Though the sapient mouthies are isolated for purpose of research, (and not to mention sick fun, especially in the form of "Mouthy TV" on the OverSeers homeworld) the OverSeeing Ones inform any craft which enters the mouthy solar system not only to leave so they do not interfere with the experiment, but also that they could have a mouthy of their own. Currently, mindless mouthies are available. The OverSeeing ones will continue to work with their creation to see if they can truly become gods.

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