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Hey guys,

We should do a podcast. We have great cast between us, enough that we could probably herd 4-5 people together at a scheduled time. Enough so that not everyone would have to participate every week if they don't want to, but not so many that it would be unruly if they did.

Idk, I like talking about games, I think you all do to or you wouldn't stick around at this point. It seems like this site gets views from somebody so maybe they'd listen to us and tell others to since we have such fun **** to say :)

I think we all have fun stuff to say about them, and I think a live-discussion each week would be something worth exploring. We could aim for a 45-1 hour show, talk about games and whatever else comes up as most formats seem to allow.

Let me know if there's any interest in this, maybe we could even ask Steve to route us as a related channel to help with initial listener count

I'd be down, Monday and Tuesday afternoons PST are best for me; we could wrangle up a skype or discord chat and record it like ThreeMovesAhead does.

We can do this I think, and I believe even have some minor amount of success in garnering a few listeners. It'd be worth my time just to chit chat with ya'll weekly about what we're playing, what we're looking forward to, what we think of current games/new games/games news that pops up

I'm actually totally down for this. Would the podcast be about current stuff in the industry or about just whatever topics we feel like for that time?

I'd think we'd dabble in both? Probably have segments to start and if we take too much time going over one or the other maybe focus or split types of discussions, but to start I think loosey goosey to drive some conversation would be good

I'm not really up to date with current gaming culture nor am I interested in it, so I guess I'm more casual? So that could be the kind of thing I talk about if that matters/is interesting. Anyway I'm down to try this but I don't have a good mic really, just average.

Loosey goosey sounds cool but maybe we should set up some a simple outline of discussion topics or rough segments? Cause "a couple of white guys shooting the **** about videogames for an hour" has been done a lot :P Like for instance we could pick a certain series or recent event to discuss or something like that, then maybe some other bit where we discuss something upcoming. That kind of thing 

Krakow Sam:
I'd be up for just shotting the **** about videogames (which I don't play) and it potentially being recorded. Sounds like a loff.

Also why not just do the same thing everyone has already done? Not like there'd be high expectations about people outside the forum listening to it, surely? :Y


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