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« on: September 21, 2008, 01:55:58 pm »
The Naescvor

The Naescvor are a race spread across 6 closely packed star systems, they have been quite intrepid lately, scouting out new stars and have found other races inhabiting the stars with little knowledge  of what was before them they set out trading their countless goods, their military is a militia core what elite units they have escort the cargo parties across the galaxy. The grand senate on the central planet of Mathesva is home to the council of commerce and advancement, the technocratic government of the Naescvor, the people of the Naescvor are nomadic outside of cities villages and towns of people live on interplanetary vessels traveling around the empire, more civilized folk live in th cities surrounding spaceports working day to day in big businesses. Their home planets is dry plains dotted with bog and marsh land, this is where they evolved from the primordial sludge and spread through underground rivers, they achieved the true galactic space age 50 years ago after a space race from the two super powers, religion and economy fighting a solar system wide civil war, the winning leader, Greathas Mandrel leading his party of economic minded politicians set out to forge an empire.

This is my second OG race just a little more to help it's revival, more updates to come along with my Arkibals so enjoy.