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Spore: General / (Almost) Free Atmopshere Generators in Space Stage
« on: September 06, 2008, 12:30:39 pm »
Just thought I would share this with people who might find it useful. It might be a very minor spoiler, but I'm only referring to the tutorial part of the space stage, so it's not much of one.

Upon taking off into space for the first time and contacting your home planet you'll be given some options for what you want to try doing. If you select "I want to expand my empire" you'll be given an Atmosphere Generator and instructions to fly to a specific planet and use it. Take this generator and use it on a planet, any planet except the one you're instructed to use it on. Next, return to your home planet and make contact, inquire about the mission and inform them that you need another Atmosphere Generator. They'll give you another one for 1,000 Sporebucks. That's a whole lot less than 150,000 Sporebucks they normally cost. Use the Atmosphere Generator on another planet you want to terraform, then rinse and repeat. I have only done this four times, but thus far it continues to work.

Everything Else / GS Demographics Survey - Become a statistic today!
« on: June 22, 2008, 05:56:00 pm »
Take the survey here. It is anonymous, so please answer truthfully. This is on my own web space so you don't have to register, view ads, or do anything similarly lame. You can also listen to some game music while you're at it, but it's really not very long.

Results as of 6/24

View most current results here; Link to results page

Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / Kaze's Krazy Kreatures!
« on: June 18, 2008, 10:44:00 pm »
Original post:

I made a monster.

A hovering alien.

And a little duck like creature that hides in grass.

Added 6/19/08:

Originally I wanted to make a Starcraft Zergling, but a lot of people have done that already so I mixed it up a lot.

A bird with crazy legs...

I like making creatures with no legs (this one actually has a ton of legs, but no feet!)

Everything Else / Online Gamers: Something To "W00t" About
« on: December 12, 2007, 12:29:36 am »
In the interests of spawning subject matter worthy of moderator delete-topic-button abstinence, I submit an ode to internet youths everywhere; w00t has been named Merriam-Webster's Online Word Of The Year.

In an unrelated vein of digression, time isn't measured in minutes in this thread, and mods are only used in illegal street racing, the sort of which has been glamorized, much to the dismay of Law Enforcement officials everywhere, by the Need for Speed franchise. My car has spinning rims that spin on the horizontal axis. The rims spin through the wheels, defying the laws of physics while simultaneously looking extremely flashy.

And alas, Hello, GS.

Spore: General / Are creature attributes intrinsic to aesthetics?
« on: March 13, 2007, 05:30:06 pm »
This is a question for some of you who follow this stuff more closely than I do. I've noticed in some of these screenshots of the editor that there are the little attribute bars in the upper right-hand corner (speed, stealth, herbivore, carnivore, social, etc). Are these sliders you can adjust independent of the aesthetic decisions you make for your creature (a la the Sims 2, where you can set things like mean/nice, messy/neat, etc) or are they interdependent and automatically calculated by the game based on how you make your creature look?

I would prefer they be sliders you can adjust on your own, and if they're not, I'll find a hack that lets me do that. If I make my creature look the way I want it to look, and the game decides it should be a slow creature, but I wanted it to be fast moving, that'll irritate me.

Everything Else / What's going on?
« on: March 02, 2007, 01:55:29 pm »
It's been a while. I've been busy with life and whatnot. Lots of crazy stuff going on, some good, some bad, but enough about that. What's up around here? Has anything noteworthy happened in regards to Spore? Release date pushed back to 2012 mayhap?

We'll keep this one short and sweet.

Art / A call to all artists and photographers!
« on: August 03, 2006, 09:29:24 am »
Okay, I've been working on a Counter-Strike Source map in my spare time. Right now it's called de_lynk, but that's just the name I've been using while developing it. When finished, it will be known as de_gallery. It is centered around, well, an art gallery. There's one thing every art gallery needs and that one thing is... art. And that's where you come in! Rather than fill this virtual gallery with photographs of and by me (which being as in love with myself as I am, I could totally do), I thought it would be fun to fill it up with the works of people involved in the different online communities I spend time in.

Soo, please submit works that you'd like to see in this gallery. You may get them to me however you please, via PM, e-mail (, or by replying to this thread... however, just send them my way :)

Please refrain from submitting anything vulgar, lewd, violent, or otherwise obscene. Do not submit something they wouldn't show in Seasamie Street. Also please ensure your submissions are at least 256 pixels in height, if a portrait, or 256 pixels in width, for a landscape. Larger than 512 pixels in either dimension would be ideal. Also, try to send any work in the highest quality possible. Obviously the Half-Life 2 engine is going to lessen the quality noticeably, but the better quality image I have to start with, the better it'll look when it's in game.

Beyond this, I havn't many specific instructions, I'll see what I have to work with, and go from there. You'll see in the following screenshots most of the placeholder frames I setup have portrait dimensions, but I intend to build the exhibits to display the art, as opposed to placing the art within the exhibits. I'll be playing around with brush placement, textures and lighting once I have some art to work with. In general, I'm far from done detailing this place, I just want to get rid of these orange placeholder textures so I can get a better feel for it all.


Out front. I've only put a night's worth of work into this entire outdoor area, so it's still very preliminary, but I'm quite happy with it so far.

The main room/Bomb site A

Your art could be here!

In this room, Jesus isn't the only person who can walk on water! I want to fill this room with art featuring water/the sea.

That's that. Please help me fill this place with some of your artwork :)

And for what it's worth, A couple more screenies, from a slightly older build, of other areas in the map. Then I must be going.

An alley that sits between the back of the gallery, and the warehouse in the next image.

A warehouse near T spawn.

And lastly, an office building, which serves as bomb site B, and sits adjacent the gallery. Shaped like an eight with the bomb site placed right in the center.

Okay, that's really it. I know we have some talented artists here with all the creature drawings and whatnot, so help me fill my gallery with your work :)

Everything Else / Tranquilize the sheep!
« on: July 28, 2006, 11:38:26 am »

Post your times. Screenshot it, especailly if your time is under .17ish or so, because statistically, most people aren't.

If eye to finger reaction time isn't your thing, dexterous individuals can try this!

PC Games / Paladin solos WoW 40man boss!
« on: June 29, 2006, 08:08:45 am »
This is pretty sweet, any WoW fans out there will appreciate it. So we were running Naxx last night, working on our second Anub kill (later we downed Instructor Raz on our first night of tries :)), we had already wiped a few times, and on this attempt, everyone started dying when we had the boss at about 3 percent life (Crappy time to die, I know). If you watch the video, you'll see that everyone is dead by about half way through, except for one Paladin on the right side of the screen. That paladin, with the boss, a big bug, and a ton of little bugs attacking him, kills the boss before he dies himself!

You can see me on the chat too, I'm Sunnyshine!;5199464;;/fileinfo.html

Everything Else / A couple of random productions. Fun times
« on: May 04, 2006, 02:37:50 am »
I post pretty random things to my fourms. I haven't subjected you people to that very much yet, but this is one such thread. Get used to it ;)

Neither one of these is really deserving of its own thread. Numero uno, is my first attempt working with Adobe Premeire, or doing any kind of video editing at all. Just a bunch of clips I took a long freakin time ago and I fianlly decided to do something with them. It features lots of cars doing flips and stuff in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Like skateboarding, but with automobiles. I think it's pretty flippin' sweet (pun!), but maybe it's not so cool as I think it is. You can decide for yourself! Go go, hurry up and watch.

Numero dos is the follow up to my April Fool's Day joke. I wasn't going to post this part anywhere at all, but I went ahead and threw it up on my site at least.  I found a nifty BBcode to HTML converter that made it a painless process. I think this one is pretty funny, but I didn't do much work myself, so I didn't want to call it a ramble or anything. My rambles, since I've never posted one here, are massive posts that have no real purpose, but somehow manage to entertain people nevertheless. Well, maybe one out of fifty people, but those are numbers I can work with!

That's all folks!

Everything Else / Important Message From Kaze
« on: April 01, 2006, 12:16:19 pm »
So I write long posts on the forums I frequent from time to time, I'm fairly new here so I have yet to post one here, but I guess my first one will also be my last. I haven't much else to say in my preramble (yes, preramble), so lets get to it. Oh, and it's not very long (compaired to most of them that I write), so ADD people, read on!

I've got a confession to make

Everything you know about me is a lie. A fabrication, a fable, a falsehood. A fictitious, duplicitous web of deception woven over time to fill a voluminous void in my life. Everything is fake. The events depicted in my writings never happened, the people don't exist. My pictures aren't me. My voice isn't mine. I am no more than a mere invention of my own lonely imagination. I am writing this to find closure, and to apologize to those I have deceived. I saw someone like me get found out last month on one of the forums I frequent, and I know it's only a matter of time before somebody finds me out too. I won't let that happen. Instead, I'm simply coming clean.

I really do live in Portland, Oregon, but the truth ends there. I'm really a 24 year old guy. I don't have a job. I live with my parents. I've never had a girlfriend. I've never even kissed a girl. I haven't made any friends since high school ended, and seldom leave the house. I didn't graduate high school and I don't go to college. I don't really do anything at all. All my energies are focused on the computer, and this imagined reality I have created for myself. Without it, I do not know what I will do.

It started one day a few years ago when I was playing Planetside. I used a female avatar because it turned me on when I would switch to third person view, and someone randomly asked for my AIM name. I didn't know why he wanted it, but I gave it to him since it's something nobody ever asked me for. So he talked to me for a little while and it turned out he assumed I was female. I maintained a genderless persona, and quickly realized I was only getting attention because he thought I was a girl.

Even though it was a bit weird, I liked that someone was actually interested in me, and so my journey began. At first I was hesitant. I never told anyone I was female, but when they assumed I was, or guessed I was, I went with it. I studied the differences in male/female speech and typing patterns, and worked on maintaining an effeminate persona. Soon, people were asking if I was female without my ever so much as suggesting it. I loved it. I loved the attention. For the first time in my worthless life, people noticed me.

Time marched along and eventually I began professing myself as female. Using the vast internet as a resource along the way, I continued to teach myself how to pass for a female. The attention was great. Eventually I realized some guys were giving me too much attention. They wanted to meet me and stuff. Obviously, that couldn't happen since I'm a dude. So I came up with a brilliant plan; pretend to be a lesbian! Eureka! In claiming to be lesbian, I would have a valid excuse for not wanting to meet them, and would have the added titillation factor of people thinking I'm a girl interested in girls. Plus, I think lesbians are hot, so it was fun for me to imagine being a lesbian. Everyone on the internet likes lesbians too, so it was a win-win situation.

Soon I realized I needed pictures, and a voice. I found a nice stash, and the means with which to sound female over voice chat. No longer was I simply a computer gaming lesbian, I was a hot computer gaming lesbian, with a super cute voice. Things were just getting better and better for me. The attention never stopped. I continued to convince people my concoctions were candid.

I also realized I needed talents. Hot girls have talents, and I don't. I learned how to use to fill my texts with fancy words, making people believe I was a good writer. I used cheats in online games to make people think I was good at games. I acquired undetected cheats by showing fake nude pictures to coders as lonely as me so they would hook me up with private hacks. Sometimes I got caught hacking, but I just used to help me convince people that I wasn't really a hacker. Anyone can write like me when they have no obligations at all, and can spend a half hour on each paragraph. I did pretty much the same thing I did with coders to get someone to make me a professional looking Myspace, and decent signature and avatar images.

There were many other talents too, ones that I just lied about. If someone questioned me on one of them, I used my Google searching skills, perhaps my only real talent, to look up information on the subject so I could lie through my teeth and convince them I knew what I was talking about. The further along I went, the better it got. I was a good liar. I was a darn good liar. I almost believed I was a girl. It's been years now, and this has been my life. But I've run out of the pictures of 'me', and seeing this other dude get found out, I know that's going to happen to me soon. I wish I were something more than a seriously un-well endowed guy with a hairy back and no friends or skills, but I'm not.

So anyway, I just wanted to come clean. Now you know. In accordance with the Flame Warriors description of an Imposter, I have no choice but to flee the field. Farewell, my friends. My apologies. Why couldn't I have been born an Emily? Until next time kids, please remember, even that cute and quirky computer gaming girl you love so much just might be a man. I must go now, my mom is calling me for dinner.

Everything Else / New Global Warming Evidence, and A Solution!
« on: March 17, 2006, 03:04:35 pm »

Everything Else / Turn your hamster into a fighting machine!
« on: March 11, 2006, 04:13:26 pm »
Some may have seen this before, but it still makes me laugh.

Click the link, the forum shrinks it.

I was not sure where to post this, I do hope it is okay here.

I'm working on a fan fiction, and I've run into a proverbial brick wall. I'll go ahead and cut to the chase, because I'm sleepy, and not in the verbose mood. I need someone to help me flesh out some details. Particularly, the biological details; the primitive stages of evolution, cell structure, genetics, stuff like that. In essence, how my creatures came to be the way they are. I like to think I'm an intellectual jack of all trades, my pitfall however, has always been biology. The stuff is Greek to me. I intend to deliver the story in a rather unique way, one I've yet to see used in Spore fan-fiction (and one that should make for very entertaining, digestable installments).  I've already got some of it hammered out, which someone else could use as reference to help me create detail and write a fitting beginning. Because of the style I'm using, it is absolutely essential that these details exist, and as much as I don't like admitting it, I do not believe I can work them all out on my own.

I am rather confident this will be a worthwhile endeavor, my writings usually are, so I would hope there is someone knowledgeable out there who would be willing to lend a hand. Credit would obviously be given to you. Perhaps another person could even do some of the writing, and it could become a collaborative effort. Given the method of delivery, that may well be ideal. I'd like to keep things tight-lipped for now, but if you're interested, please PM me, or reply here and I'll get in touch with you. Additionally, I would be happy to provide samples of my work upon request, though admittedly, I do not have a lot of experience with this type of writing (though the spin I am putting on it, will place it right up my alley).

So then, I think that's all she wrote. My works are refined, and professional. I am looking to work with someone who is equally as productive.  If someone can help me come up with the biology stuff (how telling of my ignorance on the subject, when I cannot even think of a proper way to refer to it), I would be so gratified. And as an aside, if somebody wants to do some drawings (futher making this a collaborative effort), that'd dandy as well.


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