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N by Metanet Software
« on: April 22, 2005, 08:43:50 am »
I just thought I would bring this little gem to everyone's attention.

N is a fun 2D side view jumping puzzle game were you play as a ninja (though you cannot attack enemies, but the CAN attack you). You have to find a switch that opens the door so you can leave and get to the next level. It has (fairly) realistic physics, especially for a 2D game. No story to speak of, with N it's all about the gameplay.

In it's current iteration (version 1.3), there are something on the order of 60 episodes, with each episode having 5 levels within it. That means that there are 300 levels!

And now, we come to the best part, the price: $0.00. That's right, 300 levels for free.

"But, Morslok," you ask, "What good is 300 levels if the gameplay stinks?" Fear not, fellow time-wasters, for N is a superbly crafted game. There are only 3 controls, move left, move right, and jump. "But that doesn't sound very fun..." you may say. Well when you include the ability to wall-jump, jump off surfaces diagonally, and having to avoid a few dastardly enemies (from rail gun robots to homing get-up-in-your-grill-and-zap-you robots, to homing missile firing robots, to chain gunner robots, to robots that run along the ground at you faster than you can run away) as well as having to avoid that deadly fall from on high, and of course the time limit (which can be increased by grabbing coins), and the fact that it takes only one hit from an enemy or one fall from too high up to kill you making you have to restart from the beginning of the level, this is one seriously fun and challenging game.

I am currently on episode 6 in the first column (you can start each column before finishing the previous one). Each column consists of 10 episodes.

I'm running out of stuff to say, so... go download it. At ~1 megabyte, a dial up user can get this game too. You should however check the requirements on the site, though. This is a fairly taxing game. It's no Doom 3, but it is also no Doom 95.

Also, not to leave out you Mac (I was once misguided like you) and Linux users, all three major platforms are supported by N. Fun for the whole family.

If you actually read all of this, then you have way too much time on your hands (or my writing is JUST that good).