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Ready Player One


So, I just did a search and found nothing about this book here.

This seems wrong. This is a gaming forum.

Now then, while I understand many of you are not old enough to get many of the references, you must read this book if you are a gamer.



One should find the audio-book, read by Will Wheaton (yeah that pimply faced kid from ST:TNG) and tune one's ears to the joys of this narrative.

If you haven't already made the jump, take a 30 day trial of Audible.com and use the free credit to get it. Listen and enjoy (just remember to cancel when done).


p.s. LadyM I would assume that you HAVE read this by now. :)

I got this at a bookstore on vacation a few years back, didn't get around to reading it. A friend of mine insisted I do so.

It was great.

It was the kind of book I loved reading growing up, and hadn't read in quite some time.
I believe it's being made into a film.

They are going to try to make it a film, Spielberg is on point for it, but he already said it would be in the spirit of the book. Spelled: We can't afford to get the rights to all the references.


I mean, if they at least get most of the old arcade games, they should be good, but I am disappointed act III of the film likely won't feature a montage of clips from the movie WarGames.

At least Simon Pegg is Og.



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