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Title: RTS.... C&C: ZH or A&A?
Post by: flyinvr6 on March 25, 2005, 10:19:02 pm
Well I'm addicted to Command & Conquer....there I said it. No matter what game I play each night, I always finish off the evening with a round of C&C: Zero Hour. I am addicted to the endless possibilities of what can happen in each and every game. Maybe I have a 'God' complex....controlling everything on a whim. The game offers incredible visuals and better than average sound effects. Both my laptop and desktop are unable to play this game anywhere near it's full graphic capabilities. I usually end up somewhere in the middle for video settings. However when I have attempted to play this game at 'full tilt' it is gorgeous to experience. The pace of the game can be altered to your liking and I do not believe that anyone could ever complain the game is boring because of this. So between the numerous potential matchups between armies, beautiful visuals, and nice sound the game is a blast to play each and every night. The only thing better than playing the game by yourself is playing online with friends. Having the ability to play cooperatively with three or four friends against better than average AI is a blast.....especially if you're using Teamspeak, Ventrillo or Roger Wilco.

Now I hear that one of my favorite childhood board games (Axis & Allies) has been turned into a pretty deep RTS PC game. I have checked out the demo videos and read the reviews and it looks very promising....almost too promising. The game lets you truly micro-manage your troops. You have a more diverse Air Force and Navy to control. Importance is stressed on maintaining the welfare of your current troops as well as possible. Your support staff must be as strong as your frontline. The graphics are pretty, but nothing that we haven't seen before.....same goes for the audio. However, the 'God' complex grows strong within this game. This is the type of game that I would love to sink my teeth into and call in sick to work for. However for the same reasons that make this game great are the same reasons that I may not buy it. I simply do not have the time to indulge in such creative works of electronic art. For me to do so would mean less time with my wife and six month old son.

Therein lies my I stuck with C&C and not truly recognizing it? Am I a victim of the 'quick fix' type of game that I can play and satisfy within an hour? Is my wife getting too good at laying down the guilt on me for playing one more skirmish match? Should I secretly indulge in A&A while out of the house and have running on my laptop?

My life is not getting easier with these new RTS developments. I would have been perfectly happy playing C&C: ZH for a very long time into the future without ever having to know that A&A had been released. I also would have been very satisfied in pulling out my old copies of Warcraft and Starcraft to cure my other RTS needs. I have to wrap this up and get to bed soon, but have yet to play my nightly round of C&C.....MUST GO PLAY.

Steve, if you're reading this, feel free to review the latest and greatest RTS games to help me find my way.

BTW, keep up the good work.  ;)
Title: Re: RTS.... C&C: ZH or A&A?
Post by: Scipion on March 26, 2005, 04:51:53 pm
Command and Conquer is one one of the best RTS out there, but I've enver heard of Zero Hour. Is it new? Did it some how fly under my "there's an RTS nearby" radar?
Title: Re: RTS.... C&C: ZH or A&A?
Post by: flyinvr6 on March 26, 2005, 05:46:25 pm
Zero Hour is an add-on for C&C Generals. New vehicles, new maps, etc... Definitely a nice addition to the family.
Title: Re: RTS.... C&C: ZH or A&A?
Post by: Scipion on March 26, 2005, 06:02:51 pm
Ah, never picked up Generals.
Title: Re: RTS.... C&C: ZH or A&A?
Post by: vdopairdotnet on September 17, 2018, 03:03:54 am
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