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Great Distance:
Post your terrible or less terrible poetry here. I have a vague memory of a poetry thread, but I couldn't find anything.

Anyway, I actually write a lot of poems. No one ever sees them. I must correct this by showing off my terrible poetry. You must, too. Show off your bad poetry!

Great Distance:
If you want, find some ideas on how to write a poem here: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/harriet/2013/03/the-average-fourth-grader-is-a-better-poet-than-you-and-me-too/

I decided to write this after reading that article. Basically the idea is that as you get older, you start using more conventional phrasing. Whereas poetry yearns for more unusual expressions, which is what children more naturally use. So here goes my attempt, at, ehem, freeing my mind:

The sun is burning, but it chills
Cold and heavy, duly grim
In the song you see a falling wind
And the branches fall within

A chilly image on your lips
Feel the cold turning in
You are moving, but moving still
Stillness in your heart
And stillness of the soul
Keeps looking from above

Krakow Sam:
I saw this thread this morning and thought up some lines at work today. I'm gonna regurgitate some super hot fire on this thread. Buckle up bitches.

This is how we communicate. Stay up on facebook too late and bemoan the passing of late great actor known for playing sinister caucasian reporbates.
Watch our friends of friends race bait our mates and play race cards and race race cars. Scintillating debates about date rape.
Hotboxing and poplocking to a symphony of phonies remixing My Little Pony with an exclusive expose on Fox News about Hillary Clinton's secret sex tape.
Fat bodies, black bodies, hate radiating from the internet hate machine. Remixing references to ironic commentaries on the passť half-arsing of misintepreted parodical periodical histories of smug frogs and monochrome visages of aggression which trump false flag white power expressions of leftist regression.
Stream of consciousness bulletin board doggrel pregnant with pop culture allusions (i.e. what the cool kids approaching 30 are into). This is the line with no rhyming or interesting meter <- oh look, how meta. Ha, I can make meta/meter work and string it out metre by metre until I meet a mate in a mitre to mete out a meaty message. Word.     


In the dream, I am consumed violently. The world rumbles. Oligarchs fall. Thieves make off with the River Styx. Apollo rises. Dionysus bleeds. The townspeople find peacocks and gibbons dead in the street, slashed at the throat. The Subaru Leone in my driveway is having engine trouble. My favorite Tajik restaurant is closing in a week. My healthcare plan is about to fall through. I am told someone from upper management will be with me in ten minutes. I am told I am losing the competition. Nice people promise me a bottle of Chartreuse as a consolation prize, but all it will be is a consolation prize.

Great Distance:
And if there is no love
A wild heart without freedom to roam
Only a white long night
No rest in sight

But don't believe in what you see
Disappears silently
When it flickers it is gone
Lightly moving onto beyond

And what you cannot grasp
Is a dream that you can only feel
And there is nothing
There is nothing

In the night you are alone
And wherever you may go
Disappearing silently


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