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Spore: General / Anyone else a little disappointed by the CC?
« on: June 18, 2008, 01:53:37 pm »
Been following Spore since GDC of that one year it was first revealed, hell think I was like the 61st person to sign up on these forums.

Well I downloaded the CC off EA's site today at noon when it was released. Went to a bunch of stores yesterday to get it and ended up with most places not knowing the release date and the stores that did was set to the 19th.

Well I'm kinda disappointed with some of the features. First, I don't really think there's a great selection of each set of body parts. For people who had their creatures preplanned they know what I'm talking about, even if you have a somewhat simple creature like I do. Would of like to see some spider type feet or flat mouths.
Then, I hate having to increase my creature's bodymass with the spine. It's a huge pain in the you know what. Would be great to have a tool where you can extend and fatten certain areas of the body. Haven't found a way to develop the height of my creature and know what it currently is. Finally, I hate how certain body parts are better than others. Some of the lower level stuff looks better IMO, think most stats should involve DNA spent not the body part itself. Also some body parts have size limits on them(eyes for example) and can't color eyes like the empteyes a solid color.

I can see these issues getting fixed in the future and maybe by September, but right now I'm a little disappointed.

Movies / Meet the Spartans
« on: January 01, 2008, 06:26:17 pm »

Was watching tv and saw a commercial for it, didn't find that on youtube though. Trailers not as funny though.

A must see for me though.

PC Games / Question about RAM
« on: August 25, 2007, 01:29:29 pm »
Lately, been having a lot of problems running games, because my computer only has 512mb of ram in it. I was woundering, what do i need to know in order to get the right model that'll work in my pc.
Also how much would it be to maybe double my ram.

Console Games / PS2 ain't working
« on: April 13, 2007, 02:35:56 pm »
Bought God of war 2 today.

Well haven't used my ps2 since novemember when i bought a 360. Hooked it back up today and its having a problem. The browser when i start it up shows up but when i start the games the screen turns black.

Well i checked the hookup and everything is working right. Then i tried opening it to maybe clean out the dust a bit, but couldn't find no damn way of opening it.

Does anyone know how to fix the black screen problem, and if not how the hell do i open the ps2 up.


Should be the first news part. Thought I'd post it incase noone has heard yet.
People of course are quite angry about this. Expecailly with raiding being more paladin friendly.
WoW Forums full of posts about it.
Imo thought it's just a cheap way for bliz to fix the class problems instead of fixing it. If Racials don't change everyone will be playing horde.


PC Games / Need a new modem and need help
« on: July 20, 2006, 05:27:22 pm »
I'm stuck on dial-up first off.

Well a couple of months ago i got a new modem and it's been a peice of .... with World of warcraft. It's a type of modem not ment to play games on. Well I finally snapped today with putting up with it's crap. Well i don't know much about modems except how to install them and in the past i've bought all my modems from a guy i knew who moved recently.

Well first i need to know,
1st How do i know a modems compadible with my computer?
2nd How do i find a decent 1 for gaming?
3rd Anyone know a good place to find 1? tried bestbuy and newegg and all of them were externals, junk, and a few i couldn't tell if they would fit into the slot in my tower.

PC Games / Oblivion crashing to desktop
« on: April 13, 2006, 09:16:41 pm »
Got oblivion today and have been having bad luck with it. first didn't know it was dvd so spent hours trying to install in in my cd drive. Then installed it and wouldn't come up and kept getting these errors on my computer. Now i've reinstalled it 3 times and now its crashing after the openning cutscene when a newgame starts and getting a report to windows error type thing.
Anyone know how to fix this?

Spore: General / Heros
« on: December 21, 2005, 08:33:02 pm »
Many Rts's have heros in them. Decided to make some speculations if heros were in the game. These units usally look different and are more durable, powerful, and stronger then other units.

Hero's imo would be an intresting concept. Theres the possiblity of creating them through a building with using the creature/vechile editor. This would cost some $ or the currency/resources used in spore.
Theres also a possiblity of Leveling up units. More battles, and kills more exp towards heros status where when reached the unit gains more stats, look can be edited ect.

I create storys in my mind most of the time of my Sinck then you start thinking of there heros and generals. What does everyone think of this concept.

PC Games / Somethings wrong with my pc.
« on: September 14, 2005, 01:37:57 pm »
Not really a forum for this, but I've been having a problem with my pc lately.

Well it keeps turning on by itself after I turn it off, sometimes hours after or when I'm not at home. Neways it'd getting really annoying waking up at 2 am because of it. If i hit the power button it won't do it. I was thinking i prob got some over the internet turning it on.

Anyone know what's happening?

Spore: General / Weekly Spore Discussion: Tanks
« on: September 07, 2005, 08:38:51 pm »
Well, information on spore is next to nothing lately, and the hype is slowly dieing with another year before its release.

So I decided to keep up discussion, I'd have a weekly Discussion topic.

The point, to talk about the topic and ask what ifs about it.

This weeks topic is tanks. Discuss tanks, post tank designs, or think of strategies here.

Forum Games / Forum RTS, Sign up today!
« on: August 22, 2005, 04:01:54 am »
I'll need 5 active Gaming Steve posters to play this game.
This will go alot faster with active posters

Expect lots and lots of mistakes seeing how long this is.
Next in micrsoft word this whole post was 6 pages long, and 2.2k words.

This is how this work. When we start each player will granted
Land:1000 acres
Resources: 50000
Recruits: 100
Mana: 0
Peasants: 500

Part 0: I'll roll 6 sided dice and everyone and an order will be declared on turns.I'll post part 0 inbetween each players turn. DO NOT MAKE UR MOVE TILL MY LAST POST TELLS U TO MAKE A MOVE. When its ur turn u'll be granted mana (which will be done with 3 20 sided dice), recruits (granted with 5 20 sided dice) Resources (haven't decided yet but will probably be 4, 4 sided dice times 100) and more land( 10 sided dice times 10) and pesants( will be a percent dice [10 sided] divided in half of ur current peasants).
You'll also be granted extra stuff, depending on what i choose.
You'll be granted 5 resources for each acre of land. This will be said in a post inbetween each turn
You'll be granted .5 mana for each acre of land(rounded down).This will be said in a post inbetween each turn

Part 1: After your granted all your stuff, u can purcase land, mana, or recruits with your resources.

Part 2:Next in the turn will be your training phase, you can recruit Attackers(4 attack[may vary) or defenders(4 defense[may vary]), both cost 400(may vary) resources, or you can recruit an elite unit which will cost(see races below) these will grant specail abilties for your troops (see races below). Recruits (untrained soldiers) have 1 attack/ 2 defense

Part 3:After that will be ur defend or attack turn. You be granted 3 opitions, nuetral, defend, or attack
 if you defend on ur turn, then all ur attackers will count as 1 defense point, .
If you attack, and u win with enough troops to beat the defenders defense with a .8 ratio or more(you'll take over more land if u oversend) then you will conqueor some of their land, which they lose and you gain. Also note an extra amount of land will be razed after an attack, neither side gets it and it disappears.
ex. you would win if u sent 800 attack power against 1000 defense power
Nuetral will grant u the ability to choose a focus inbetween turns.(which means u can choose Recruiting[get more recruits], Rescource gathering, land, or Mana and u'll be granted more of the item and more dice before ur turn).

If you attack say how many Attackers, and how many elite units you'll send and to who. DEFENDERS CAN'T BE SEND TO ATTACK

Part 4:After this you'll be able to cast spell (which will be seen below), when u do i'll roll a percent dice to see if it'll work then what ever percent u'll get, i'll throw 6 20 sided dice, if the total is equal to or higher then then the percent of the max roll then it works)
ex. if u cast a spell and the percent is 50%, if i roll the dice and the total is 60/120 or more the spell will work.
You can cast any amount of spells.

Part 5:Last, you'll say 'I end your turn' and I'll post the next persons gain and losses.

Your post on ur turn must included all 5 parts
Also i can add random events that help, or don't help you.

-----------------EXTRA INFORMATION--------------
This game is kind of confusing even for me, but i'll tweak it as we go.
If u got any questions plz post

Heres some Extra stuff for u to know which wasn't said above

1)When u attack, the attacker and defender will lose troops.
2)If you get 449 acres or less u automatticly lose the game.
3)Troops sent off to attack don't return till the players next turn
4)After 15 thousand acres are in the game no more acres can be purchased or obtained(they can be taken through attacking the enemy, but razed acres leave the game)
5)Alliances can be formed
More will be added as questions are brought up

Here's some costs of stuff and the races
**= High chance of being tweaked

Land= 100 resources an acre(will increase by 50 for each 500 acres u own over 1000)
Mana**= 1 mana = 10 resources
Recruits= 200 resources for 1(will turn 2 peasants into 1 recruit[don't ask why or how]) then ALL Attackers and Defenders costs will be increased by 100 that turn.
Defender= 400 resources(may very see races)
Attacker=  400 rescources(may very see races)

Races will play a big roll on how ur game is played, if 2 ppl are both playing different races then they may not need to focus on 1 thing that the other has to.
Right now theres only going to be 5 races
Almost all elite units are grants a type of immunity which will make it where ur less likely to lose them in a battle(unless noted other wise)
Ents are a military focused race. Their military costs and attack bonuses are different from all other Races. Play ents if u are focusing more on attacking, because going defense in Part 3 will only grant 1 defense point per attacker.
1) Attackers cost 800 resources but all attackers count as 8 attack
2) Defenders cost 800 resources but all defenders count as 8 defense
3) Ents lose 15% less Attackers when attacking
4) Ents lose 15% more defenders when attacked
Elite unit: Boulder Throwing: This unit is 100 attack/ 100 defense and costs 200 thousand** to purchase 1. For each boulder throwing an enemy will lose 1% more when attacking an ent with boulder throws and will lose 1% more when being attacked by an army with a boulder thrower with a max of 15% (a 16th boulder throwing will not count as 16% loss to enemy instead it'd be 15%)
[note: this elites cost is likely to change, because i wanted to balance their 2 units in 1 military units]

Humans are a balanced race. They get economic, magic, and military bonuses. If you want a race that balanced both ecodomy and military then choose humans. The humans are the only race that has 2 elite units. These elite units receive different elite immunity bonuses then normal elites
1) Humans are granted 2 extra resources per acre of land
2) Humans are granted a 25% discount on mana for spells
3) If in any of the turns sence you last turn, and u haven't been attacked once, the player gain 5 extra recruits for every 100 acres.
Elite unit 1: Paladin: The paladin has 5 attack/ 1 defense. These cost 550 resources each you. paladins aren't granted the elite immunity.Paladins aren't effected by the Grand Demon's effect.
Elite unit 2: War machine: War machines are 40 attack/ 0 defense units. They cost 50 thousand resources each. War machines can not be killed when the human is attacked and are granted less of a elite immunity when attacking. The warmachine grants a 15% in razed acres when a human attacks with them, with a max of 150% increased razed acres(these will not be taken away from land captured, this will be taken away from the defender)

Undead is the best military race in the game. The undead are granted abilties that make them a more offensive race then defense. Play undead with extreme caution at the beggining of the game. The undead are granted very few magic spells then the rest of the races.
1) Defenders only have 3 defense points
2) Attackers have 5 attack points
3) Spells cost 2x as much mana
4) Undead lose 50% less units when attacking
5) 25% of enemy troops that died defending or attacking an undead player get revived on the undead side.
(Elites will not be revived, all revived attackers will have 5 attack, and defenders 3 defense)
Elite unit: Necromancer: Necromancers have 20 attack/ 50 defense these cost 15 thousand resources. Necromancers are ment to be defense unit, but for each necromancer sent to battle will give a chance of 1% of the defenders peasants to be transformed into into the undead players recruits with a max of 10% peasants
[note: The necromancers abilty is random so even if theirs 10 necromancers, they could convert 5% of the peasants or even none)

The demons are a magical and militaristic race. Demon players focus on other races strenghts and abilities in their military. Demons are granted an elite unit with the strongest ability in the game.
1)Demon Born attackers only have 3 attack
2)Demon Born defenders only have 3 defense
3)Demon attackers and defenders only cost 300 resources each
4)Demons get a 15% decrease in the magic percent system ([sumed up better chanced]so if i get 50% and it has to be 60/120. This becomes 35% which makes the required amount 42/120)
5) Demons are granted +1 mana for each acre per turn
6) 30% of land captured by non-demon players will be razed instead of captured
(this means if a human captured 100 acres and razed 14 against someone then against the demon they would capture 70 acres and razed 44)
Elite unit: Grand Demon: The grand demon has 1 attack/2 defense and costs 500 each. Why pay it you ask? The grand demon has a chance of possessing enemy units. When they do possess a unit, the demon dies and the player gains control of the the units, so this way they can get 4 attack, 4 defense units or an ents 8/8. The grand demon has a tiny tiny chance of taking control of elite units. The more of these sent the better chance of possessing anything. Grand demons do not have elite immunity.(note: paladins can't be possessed)
Super Elite unit: Legion: The legion has 100 attack/ 0 defense. Legions can not be bought, but instead they have a small small small small, chance of being created when a demon player attacks human players, or is defending or attacking undead players with Grand demons.
[NOTE: The demons are mostly likely to be downgraded if everyone is choicing them, or the player outshines in combat]

Elfs are designed to be a defensive race. Their focus is on defense and magic. Play this race if you want to turtle in. Elf defenders are immune to the Grand demons
1) Defense units have 5 defense and can't be taken over by Grand demons
2) Elfs can buy mana half price.
3) Elfs have a discount of 25% on mana for spells
4) Elf defenders cost 500 resources
Elite unit: Arcane Archer: Arcane archers have 5 attack/ 5 defense and cost 10 thousand resources each. Arcane archers have a chance of stealing 1% of the enemies mana when attacking with a max of 8% mana.
[Elite Note: Like the necromancer, the Arcane Archer has a chance of happening]
[Note: Elfs are on a rocky cliff of balanced and unbalanced, so this race can be improved or downgraded as needed, I can see how this class is balanced and how its unbalanced.

Well that's all the races time now for spells

Dark Shroud: 5000 mana: Hides the casters defender count and recruit report for 2 turns, after 2 turns this spell can't be used again for another  2 turns.(the player will need to send me the recruit via Gaming Steve forum instant messaging)
Fireball(undead do not get): 7500 mana: Kills off a random amount of peasants of the enemy, leading to low resource gain
Tornado: 10000 mana: When casted and the player using it attacked the same turn, all the acres gained from the attack all become razed and nobody get them.
Mana leak(undead do not get): 15000: When used the player casted on will gain less mana
Disease(Ents do not get): 7500: When casted and the player using it attacks the same turn, they loss 25% more troops, but the enemy losses 25% more troops and losses 10% resources they would of gained their next turn.
Time Warp(elfs only):20000 mana: Elf can only use 2 times. After the elfs turn, all other players lose their turn and and it becomes the elfs, turn again. Other players gain nothing for those lost turns.
Undead Rising(Undead only): 500 mana: Undead gains a small amount of recruits. Can only be used once per turn.
Flaming wall(ents only):5000 mana: All ent defenders gain 1 defense points till the players next turn. Ent player loses 10% more troops when defending
Negate(undead,elfs,and demons do not get): 2000 mana: Negates 1 random ability of enemy casted on has on. Can only be used once per turn
Demon Will(Demons only):6000: Grand demons gain 3 defense points till the players next turn.

More spells will be added shortly, expect quite a few elf only spells.

Well that's quite a bit to take in, now if ne1 has any questions plz post them.

Also if your not playing, please do not post after the game starts, or else it'll be a mess.
Like i said before, we need 5 players, that understands basicly whats going on.
If you want to play plz post here, and send me ur race via email, or post it if u like, but someone could choose a counter race to yours. I will only accept the first 5 people who post here and send me a private message.

If this goes well and fast then in the future their might be more spots avaliable. Also if ur not playing u can follow along and maybe in the game somewhere u might be able to enter, if I post for extra people(it could be as an nuetral nation that grants players resources or something like that)

Well like i said before, post ne questions, and lets get this game started!

PC Games / Rome: Total War Expansion pack
« on: July 11, 2005, 12:27:56 am »
I don't know if anyone here plays Rome: Total War and much as I do, but if u do, you'll be happy to hear of the x-pack.

Theirs an article at gamestop about it

Comeing out in september.
Features 10 new factions, 85 new unit types, 21 new buildings, and more.

A must buy for all Total War fans.

Spore: General / rock, paper, scissors in combat
« on: June 25, 2005, 06:41:53 pm »
Well, what we currently know that the City stage will be like a rts when it comes to combat.
Also we currently know that the game will contain tanks, aircrafts, sub(i can't remember if those were confimed or not), and boats.

Anyways if anyone plays a rts know that that theirs usally a triangle for what type of combat beats what
like in a medieval rts Pierce beats sword and sword beats archers, which archers beat pierce.

Anyways in rts theirs usally several different copies of 1 type but do somehting different

Like tank A would be strong against land infantry but weak to Aircraft A
Tank B would be strong vs buildings but weak against artillery
Tank C would be strong vs Tank A and B but weak against everything else

That was just an example.
I'd really like to know how the combat unit system will work cause only 3-4 different types of units would get boring if combat only came down to numbers or terrain.

Spore: General / Destruction and Dieing Creatures
« on: June 11, 2005, 07:47:51 pm »
I was just drawing up the design for my creature on paper and was thinking and this broght up a concern.

If anyones seen the movie on the offical Spore site. Well the tanks get zapped and decentrigrate and the city collapses into ruins.
In the GDC movie the creature the willosaraus killed to eat jsut fell over, and wasn't very visible do to its small size.

Well we weren't able to see a medium creature die, vechile, or a building in game(Will zoomed out on the planet when the tanks destroyed the building in his city.

What's bugging me is how vechiles, buildings, and creatures will die/get destroyed. With the person choosing the way their content looks, it may not be easy for the object to get destroyed.
I've never played a rts with custom content, but if u used mods it had to be programmed.

Forum Games / The Mafia *Closed*
« on: June 08, 2005, 04:38:56 pm »
----I'm closing this thread, cause I've only got like 8 people signed up and the game ain't take off with that many look forward to it in the future when we get more forumers around here :)
Thx everyone who signed up, and look for this in the future-------------------

Done this in several forums in the past and this has proven to be a fun game.

First of all, this requires all 30 people to be active, this game can last anyway from 10 days to 20 weeks. It takes less time when all people are active.

Also If you die in the game, or your not play, please do not post, it gets extremely tedious looking through all the posts when people who are dead or not playing keep posting

This is how it works. Below is a list of 30 people. You will choose 5 of them that you would like to play and i'll assign you a character(it's 5 because it gets hard to find a character when theirs 30 people wanting a certain character).

All characters do the same thing, their occupation is posted which will come in handy later. Once you send me a Private message of your 5 i'll assign you a character, which you'll play the whole game as. 15 people will be assigned a gang.The other 15 are normal people. I will not tell anyone your character or gang(i will tell ur gangmates). I can reveal information about anyone I choose. It is your choose to reveal information to anyone. Alliances can be formed.Their are 3 different gangs. I will reveal who you were and if u were in a gang when ur killed off.

Once the game starts everyone will vote by sending me a private message(u can reveal this if u want but it can make u a future target to other people) You get 1 vote that can't be changed. If a person has the most votes or 51% of them then their character gets killed off and they lose the game.

Their are multiple ways to win:
Only your gangs left
Your the last person Alive(the final 2 will be voted on who wins by the currently dead people)
All gang members are dead and only normal people are left.

If 3 members of a gang(can't be leader and co-leader) are killed off I'll assign one normal person to be in the gang. Once theirs 1 left after that i'll recruit 1 and only 1 more.

If a gangs leader and co-leader (i'll assign these) are killed off both at one tme, the gang won't be allowed to recruit.

I have full power of what happens in the game and I can kill off multiple people .

K heres the players. Send me a private message containing 5 you'd like to be. Also don't tell anyone who you are, if u do its at ur own risk. I will tell everyone in a gang who their gangmates are.

Cory Sampson – Used Car Salesman
Larry Cronard – Dentist
Susan Groeago – Teacher
Joe Smith – Unemployed
Tim Anthony – Construction
Bob Washington – Night Club Owner
L.J. Krina – Doctor
Ned Helms – Mechanic
James Williams – Grocery Store Owner
Ryan King – Bank Teller
Amber Martin – Librarian
Kevin Knox – Unemployed
Kyle Bades – Principal
Alfred Howard – Mayor
Gus Johnson – Professional DJ
Jimmy Kwan – Barber
Adam Frina – Radio Host
Mike Newton –Bartender
John Mote – Show Salesmen
Brad Fronz – Actor
Lenny Marks – Chef
Quinn Jones – Security Guard
Carl Howard – Gardener
Penny Harvey – Pet Store Owner
Boron Nero – Tourist
Fran Devlin – Priest
Mark Clemmings – Unemployed
Isaac Arnold – Real Estate
Josh Yona – Geologist
Pion Black – Accountant

Choose 5 and send them to me and we'll get this game started. Gangs haven't been assigned yet so don't worry about gangs currently.

The normal people will also need to remember that gangs can get 5 votes for a person sence they know who is in the gang so it'd be wise to choose ur friends wisely. (i may change this cause I've done a game where the gangs were 5v5v5.

So send me a private message and tell me who u want to be so we can get this started!

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