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Let's make a game about our fanfic galaxy!

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*blows off the dust from the spore creation corner*

So, I found a really nifty engine for making visual novels. I thought it would be a great idea to make a game based on our fanfic galaxy. After all a visual novel is only text and 2D-Art, which some of us are capapable of. If Gec is willing to volunteer, we might even get some custom music too, though there are free music and sound websites on the internet too.

So essentially I made this thread for some kind of brainstorming. I only have a very very vague idea of what I want to do with it. Since I'm a big fan of Mass Effect, I was thinking of a somewhat similar setup where you have to recruit members of different species for your ship over the course of the game. As for the actual goal or the story, well that's still up in the air. Right now I am collecting ideas regarding what the story could be about as well as species that are going to be represented in the game and locations of interest.

Disclaimer: This game will feature the old galaxy exclusively, sometime before the mass ascension, so that nauceans, torpals and vis are still around.


* Nauceans
* Mallen
* Oifan-Umtag
* Omic
* Torpals
* Vis
* Snepres
* Anubian
* Kazea (sp.)
* Kratair
* Sombrerons
* Arackrabee
* Borark
* Corvala
* Auyuelcliads
* Wexxians
* Communicants
* Quillarian
* Esrever
* Forthi
* Giganommoth
* Gopiaribe
* Haya
* Jinnivon
* Icthian
* Kangorians
* Kawenu
* Lermiun
* Peskitoriantais
* Serlan
* Syrbor
* Snout
* Squaalaak
* Urshan
* Verfol
* Yunimius
* Kratok
* Nautalid

* Various Homeworlds, especially:
* Nauceanica, possibly as the scientifical center of the galaxy
* Nai, Snepres Homeworld (Deal with it. :3)
* Mallen Homeworld (I just want a swampy environment somewhere.)
* Sombreron Homeworld (A place totally obsessed with money.)
* Beyon
* The Scion Complex

So yeah, it would be great if you told me what races you'd like to see. You can even mention a species that is already on the list, just so that I can see how popular certain races are. Same goes for places. The only non-homeworld place I remember is Beyon, but there could be some more. Also do not hesitate to make up places you want to see in the game. By the way, places is rather broad and can be anything from an entire planet, a space station or even a single bar.

Visual novel aye? Good luck Flisch. Will be intersting to see what happens.

I kind of like this.

IIRC, there was also a a kind of underworld moon. I think it was called Scion?

So what's the site?  What do you need from us for this to work?

I know I wasn't here for the heyday, but you could always have a race or two of mine in the background as comic relief.


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