Author Topic: America is fed with propaganda news.  (Read 11944 times)

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Re: America is fed with propaganda news.
« Reply #75 on: August 18, 2006, 11:09:55 am »
Werechicken, you can't blame America for not getting involved early enough. Britain followed appeasement while they re-armed, allowing Czechsolvakia, Austria and Poland to be conquered.

(I know they declared war after Poland was attacked, but they sent a grand total of 0 troops to Poland.)

EDIT: Didn't read page 5...

*cough cough* I'm Polish, and I'll be damned if they sent zero troops in. They went all out, with tanks, planes and infantry. I visited roadside graves of people that died during the battle. And how did so many Nazis get into Warsaw? If they had zero soldiers, how could have they made Auschwitz?

Nevermind, misread. :D One of the worst things was when the USSR stood across the Vistula while the Warsaw uprising took place. Might as well let all the fighting Poles die, so there isn't any opposition to soviet rule, right? Plus, Slavic death in the death camps is underrated. The Jews were targeted the most, but Slavs don't even make the death list sometimes, though they were one of the top death rates. Those are my only two qualms with WWII conceptions. :D

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Re: America is fed with propaganda news.
« Reply #76 on: August 18, 2006, 01:28:18 pm »
I go to a fairly religious private school and we are not taught creationism either. We kinda went over the whole bible reference, we were told that it was the biblical scholars way to explain something they did not understand, and we continued on with something else. I wouldn't understand anyone believing in a theory devised by a group of people 1000s of years ago, but then again there is a group of people that read the bible like it was written by God. The trick is reading the bible in context to what the writers would be talking about in that time-period.

Please don't take this the wrong way, but that has to be the most openminded Christian private school I've ever heard of. Wow. They don't believe in Creationism?