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Spore: General / Spore community game?:)
« on: July 16, 2006, 03:05:18 pm »
Well, i have been thinking of writing some sort of spore related game for a very long time now...
the consept has changed allot over time, and most of my ideas are usually allot bigger projects... but now I'm thinking that i should perhaps go for something smaller?
so why not include people on this spore community in my project?:)

now.... is there any one out there ho have any suggestions(not to big ones), or any one ho are handy with graphics...
then i am willing to put something to gether :D

A interesting idea would be if we could use those Spore avatar icons created by one of the users here? since thy almost seem to symbolize the static consept of spore... but that is only an idea :)
the problem is that those are not a complite set of sprites for a game, so then we need more in that exact same style :S

I will only do 2D games, and we have like a million of those Spore-cell-stage clones ... so something else who'd be nice(?), something that can be multiplayer perhaps?

Go wild!;)

Spore: General / colonise moving asteroids?
« on: July 02, 2006, 12:53:40 pm »
did a search but didn't found exactly Wait i was looking for :S

there will be asteroids orbiting planets, this we know from a E3 video...
but will their be asteroids shooting throw space around the solar system, or possibly from one solar system to the next, i think it would be awesome since it adds a few intresting scenarios:)

* it Wood be cool to build your base on a constantly moving object, that possible changes universe from time to time.

* meby only habitable for a limited "random" time since the object might collide with other planets, destroying it self and possible them to.

and it would be interesting to of those "random" objects could rained from the sky generating huge damage to a un-lucky planet and its life forms :)

now all we need is Ben Affleck and Mr Bruce, beemed down from our UFO... and we have our self a party ;)

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