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For the aesthetics of this game, I think the developers had a bit of inspiration in the primitive GDC 2005 Spore. What do you think?

Spore: General / Wild Spore vs Domesticated Spore
« on: December 17, 2008, 05:25:51 am »
Hello everybody, longest lurker in town, read you all for a lot of years, blablaba, etc...

I want to give my tip on why Spore didn't survived to our expectations.

What we see in the famous 2005 GDC video? We see a wild game that promises us a lot of things: creativity, community, varied gameplay, etc...

My theory is that in this video there is another message: "emergent gameplay". We are promised to expect the unexpected. To be surprised everytime we play. Spore will be a wild place where whatever can happen. This is at least the message I received. Maybe it was my fault. But I think I'm not alone on this.

What we finally receive is a brilliant software, but a totally domesticated one. You can play Spore some hours and then you have seen all of it. There is nothing new after that.  No surprises. No novelties. Every time you see the same. You have an infinity of creatures to find (and vehicles, and cities, and planets...) but in the end they are all the same.

Its hard to find a game as rigid as Spore. Even the Sims have a lot of emergent gameplay due to the social behaviour. But Spore? It's overcontrolled. It's a brilliant clock with no soul inside.

The Spore Galaxy is a cold cold place to live on. Every time is harder for me to go back to it.

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