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Great Distance:
Well, I thought that since we already have two threads to complain about your problems, I thought we should also have a thread to celebrate your victories! Big or small, write about your achievements, fortunate occurrences, and things that you're happy about here.

Yesterday I threw some milk and marmalade into a sauce pan and it turned into orange-flavoured toffee! Sweet!

I Dated a Dancer! Hah!

Here that Zack from middle school? I bet you never dated a dancer huh? you and your stupid hair! and stupider face!

....um, sorry.

But yea, for real!

Mr. Wizard:
I danced with my grandparents at their 50th anniversary party :D

I've been directed by a National Theatre director who called my acting 'superbly judged'.

I'm a recovering alchoholic!


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