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Music (and sound in general) seems to be vastly overlooked in the world of videogames. We should all take a moment to appreciate some of our favorite videogame music of all time.

Mine would include that from the Zelda, Metroid (Prime), Halo, and Final Fantasy.

What is some of your favorite videogame music?

My current favorites are some of the stuff from Dead Rising. I really like the instrumental stuff in the beginning while in the helicopter.

I hate the music from the new Zelda trailer... oh my god it is so bland... thats my opinion though.

I love love love the Final Fantasy Overture. The song that is in each game. It was the first song you hear in FFI.
And Zelda's Lullaby.
And Aeris' Theme.
And the Glitzville song!!!


Actually, you saved me from making a rather useless topic. If anyone can find me the orchestrated version of the Final Fantasy Overture, feel free to tell me.

Mega Man 3 (nes) Snake Man stage. lovvvvvvvvvvvvvve that song

Space Harrier for the Sega Master System


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