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Screw running this game on a Mac. Just use bootcamp and run it under Windows 7 or something.

You can install mods on a mac-I've done it, at least-but I forget how. You can find a guide on the internet.

And what if you don't have Windows, eh?

It runs okay, if by okay you don't mean perfectly - and that took forever, thought I'd never get the game to even open, after more reinstalls than anyone could ever count.  It's worse on Mac, but I don't want to buy Win7 - and Vista, the first one or whatever, is exactly what got me my first Mac, cause I needed a computer instead of a paperweight - wow that thing was bad, no one could exaggerate it @_@  lots of new Mac customers from it.

Spore definitely has more trouble with Mac - but I killed bootcamp, XP pro looked so bad on my hi-def widescreen it hurt, never used it.  Spore is actually under a different account, that's what tech support figured out after weeks of trying to solve several major problems.  There's an occasional crash, but really not that many. 

There's a video at sporebase - even the tutorial for installing mods wasn't easy enough, I'm so techlame, but the video is amazing, what every tech dummie needs, and apparently they're okay on Mac - will find out more, mods, finally.  Maybe I'll even stop cussing Maxis idea of game design in-game, which would actually be amazing  XD 


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