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Spore: Creation Corner / The Jinnivons (OMYL Age)
« on: August 05, 2006, 08:38:28 am »

Made in the CE 2.0 which rules as we all know!   ;D

Name: Jinnivon
Size: 2-3 Decimeter long
Locomotion: Swims
Environment: Aquatic
Diet: Omnivore.
Social behavior: Extremely independent culture where most of the species almost never meet each other. Every now and again the creatures meets in large consuls to speak about special events that might treaten them.
Lifespan: Average age is 150 years

Generally Biology

The Jinnivons are a aquatic creature that have 4 fins, 1 tail, 4 tentacles and 2 eyes. There small but swims fast. Ther mouth is hidden behind their tentacles. It use both there tentacles and is tail to hold and manipulate things. Jinnivons comes in all colors.

General culture

Jinnivons general try to say away from each other. Almost every Jinnivons have a area which they them self have bin declared guardians over.  The Guardian ship comes almost insticual so there is very uncommon for there to be fights over areas. If there is a conflict a emergency consul is often announced and that is about the only time Jinnivons ever meet each other with the exception of mating and the early family group. Some Jinnivons youth says in small groups even when they get older. This renegade groups often means trouble and guardians do anything to try to kick them out of there territory. If the groups becomes to hard to handle for one guardian consul is put in setion. Rangers are then sent out to put them down.

Rangers are the a select minatory of warriors that exited to protect Jinnivons from other Jinnivons. There the only onces aloud to travel over a guardians area. They seek out renegades and put them down. It can be anything from a guardian that threaten other guardians or old youth bands that try to take controle. Rangers often works alone but have a little more contact with others due to the traveling. Still they try to live alone. Rangers train all there life in combat, hunting and stalking. This makes them a formidable foe. Guardians do ofthen do not have the time to train in combat and renegade youth bands often do not have the discipline so is not hard to see why Rangers are both feared and respected at the same time. Renegade rangers are very uncommon.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 on Gaming Steve
« on: July 26, 2006, 05:45:26 am »
Dungeons & Dragons on Gaming Steve

This topic will be about how to play Dungeons & Dragons on the forum. I hope this can be a central hub for DnD Gaming.

If you like to add anything just ask.

Links to pages with some basic rules

The Hypertext d20 SDR

System reference documents

More System reference documents

Player Resource Consortium manual (really a manual for a NWN mod but is base on DnD)

Dungeons & Dragons tools

Lite java script base character generator

Character Generator

Forgotten Realms Character Generator

Eberron java script base character generator

Savage Species Character Generator

General Tool

Hero Machine 2.0 (tool for fast character pictures.)

Spore: Creation Corner / The Ęthirans
« on: June 12, 2006, 01:00:06 pm »

A illustration Technomage in a Spectral Armor based on retold accounts. A post Nano age armor that is unique to each Technomage that owns one. (If they own one)

Name: Ęthiran also Aethiran, Ethiran
Closest earth equivalent: lizard insect hybrid?
Size: usually 1-3 meter. Very depended on what race of Ęthiran.
Locomotion: Bipedal
Environment: Forest, Open plains, Deserts, Mountins, Subterran, Coastal areas, Arctic areas.
Diet: Omnivore.
Social behavior: Ancient Feudal society dominates the Ęthiran culture.
Lifespan: A average age of 30-300 Earth years depending on social class and race.

Hydromancerxs Civilization Traits scale. (Not to be confused with Civ 4 Traits)

The Ęthiran Empire: Aggressive / Expansive
The Ęthiran Exiles: Philosophical / Creative

Generally Biology

The Ęthirans live on the planet Ęthir (acualy a moon around a gas giant). Most smiler to a Humanoid lizard with 4 arms and 2 legs, a tail and skin with armored plates. Ęthirans comes in almost any color but most have near to earth tones. White and Brightly colored Ęthirans are often discriminated in the old world as most Ęthirans that do have these colors are often from the exiles colony's in the new world.  Ęthirans have a very complex gen structure and Ęthirans consist of several specialist races. The variation is extream and after the discovery of Gen manipulation the variation have become even more extream. The Empire is infamous for is inhumane genetic experiments that are mostly conducted by Technomages simply for the own pleasure often without any special goal in mind. Even before Gen manipulation was discovered extensive breading programs where used by Technomages and the Nobility. Life length is also very varied because of the racial differences and especially because of overwork by the lower classes. Some Technomages are rumored to be immortal using technology like Reanimation to extend life (And as a way to recycles the short lived serfs.)

General culture

the culture is dominated by a Feudal society simply known as the Empire have ruled the planet for millennial. The Conclave which is the closest thing to a unified government acts as solve conflicts betwine minor nations, citystates and clans . A group known as the exiles do however no agree with the Conclave and the feudal society and have establasehed colony's in the new world sins the exodus duering the second industrial revelution. The old world Empire made peace with the exile in the new world after years of bloody war and not a uneasy calm exist betwine them. The Conclave now handle any galactic all galactic matters but due to a agreement betwine the Empire and the Exiles entitles some of the planets colonized or conquered by the Empire to be left in the care of the Exile government. (And those species should really consider them self lucky.)

The Empire (Also know as The Old World Empire by Exiles)

The Empire have no definitive leader however the Aethirans believe that a mystic force known as the Shadow Emperor guilds them. However because the several conflicts in interpreting the Divine will of the Shadow Emperor the Conclave was appointed oversee the Tribunal, Hertics (like the Exiles) and dangruses technological developing. Day to day life is govern by local lord. The are mainly 2 types of Lords. Ether there part of the traditional Nobility or part of the Technomages. The Nobility like earth Nobility rest is power in military might and poltics. The Techomances rest their power in Creation and production of technology. Often these 2 groups works to gather.

The Freemen (Also know as The New World Exiles or simply the Exiles)

The Freemen as they like to call them self is rule by a representative democracy or if a majority of 75% of the population show up for a vote they get to vote directly. (You need to register your intention to vote ahead of time in most territories to simplify the process.) There society is gently open to change but it can take a little wile for technological development to be applied because the Freemens do not like to do anything without knowing what the effect will be in advance. This fact and that The Freemen have a lot less resources the the Empire is considered to be the main reason why the Freemens never bin able to truly beat the Empire in the scientific races.

I'm sorry if a kept it short. I'm not that good at writhing things down. If anyone got any question just ask.

PC Games / Piracy and Copy Protection
« on: June 05, 2006, 05:57:09 am »
Inspired by the Pirate bay debate i wanted to make a poll to see how many of you have ever violated copyright laws knowingly. This is just a anomie's poll and you do not have to say anything if you do not like. I try to make the poll as unbiased as possible. You are also allowed to change your vote. Do not miss use this. The only thing i ask is that you answer honestly.

And no ninjas vs pirate debate please.  :P

Spore: Creation Corner / Dugoth
« on: May 30, 2006, 11:50:24 pm »

Made with Gimp

Name: Dugoth
Closest earth equivalent: Sirenia Beaver hybrid with some African Mole Rat features.
Size: Big
Locomotion: Swim
Environment:  marshy coastal areas shallow waters.
Diet: Unknown
Social behavior: Unknown
Lifespan: Unknown

Dugoth is a big sea animal that is smilier to Sirenia (a.k.a. Manatees and Dugongs) of earth but most would argue is mush more uglier with is large rodent like incisors. It got somewhat bad eyesite but can feel is way in murky waters with it whiskers. It is believed that it may have developed echolocation abilities or that i may be sensitive to electormagnetic currents. Still lot is unknown about this animal.

(Sorry if I'm little short on the info. The truth is i do not know that mush about this creature my self. I made it when Hydromancerx suggested i should make a manatee-like beaver.)

Spore: Creation Corner / Giant Gnawling
« on: May 29, 2006, 07:43:34 am »

I drew this in about a hour test how gimps works. Is my first time using the gimp but i find it a very fine tool to use.

Name: Giant Gnawling also know as Spine Beast, Quill Beast and Razorneck
Closest earth equivalent: Porcupine
Size: 1,5 - 2 meter to shoulder.
Locomotion: Quadraped
Environment: Forest and open plains.
Diet: Omnivore but is a mostly herbivorous
Social behavior: Herd animal usually no larger the 40 individuals. (Giant migration herds have bin known)
Lifespan: A average age of 60 Earth years

Evolved from a small Porcupine like creature on it homeworld to a giant beast. Thanks to their barbs spines on their neck and their spine tail (which is sadly obscured by the angle of the creature in the picture) it was protected against the main predator the Wearworth (Saber saber-toothed bear.) Unlike the Porcupine of earth is not covert with spines all over the body but only on is head, neck, shoulders and tailtip. With is tail tip it can fling is barbs spines at any aggressor but it never use it to hunt with. Because of  is spineless backside it is easier for the Giant Gnawling to mate. Giant Gnawling do not have any natural predators when they reach adulthood but their offspring are weak and vulnerable and have no spines real to protect them self with.

Giant Gnawling lives in herd up to 40 individuals. This helps to protect is offspring against predators.Their have a slow reproduction so their offspring need to be kept safe wile they grow up. To measure their strength against each other their then to raise their neck and shoulder spines and stand on their hindlegs and then stomp down on the ground as a display of power. Their also use this display to scare of would be aggressors.

Giant Gnawling usually eats grasses, leaves, bushes, treebark and other vegetation. Even hole trees have bin know to be consumed by the Giant Gnawling. Like the earth cattle it got several stomaches to help it digest food. Their is almost nothing organic that a Giant Gnawling can not digest. Sometimes they eat other animals as a protine supplement but is unusually. Giant Gnawling have rodent like incisors and which helps them gnaw anthing. Unlike most rodent is not good at holding things with is front legs.

Most Gnawlings are brown but also know to be black, red, silver gray and white. White and silver gray are most common in cold climates where. This adaptation seem to be hidden in the gens and any Gnawling that lives under extended time i a cold climate change from to white or silver gray pelts. this even vary by season.

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