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There is a traitor among us...

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This is, to a certain extent, a cross between a Forum Game and an RP.

There are three possible roles you can have:
INNOCENT: You are not a traitor, you need to survive. Don't kill someone without a reason. Killing another innocent -1 point.
TRAITOR: You need to kill all the innocents, without getting eliminated yourself. You can buy a few pieces of special equipment:
ASSASINATION PISTOL: Let's you kill an extra innocent that round, without making an announcement (your post would be in brackets, like:
[GroxGlitch assasinates *insert name here*] And people cannot act upon that. One Point, limit one.
BODY ARMOUR: Allows you to survive an attack. Two points, limit one.
INCINERATOR: Allows you to burn a body, making it impossible to find (remember, this is like a hybrid Game/RP!).

DETECTIVE: The third role, the Detective has the ability to run a scan on a body, allowing him to find out who killed that person. Otherwise, the Detective is identical to an ordinary Innocent, except he also starts with body armour.

After we have our players, I will say:
Choose a number between #-#. And you will pick a number. I will reveal the number, and you will pm your number to me. Whoever was closest to the actual number is a traitor, in number order for this ratio: 1;4 (one traitor for every four players.)

So, feel free to join!
And if this seems like it would go better in the RP section, would a mod kindly move it?

So its a simplified Mafia game? Cool.

I'm in.
*dons stylish hat*

In :)

I think it's amazing we've ever seen.


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