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Is Factorio any good? Autism simulators general.


There's some dumb fake controversy about this game so I have been looking into it. I remember an old demo I played a long long time ago, but the game seems to have evolved a lot since then. Anyone play this? How is it? I also saw a game called Satisfactory that looked pretty good. Might grab one eventually. Need to play something other than Galactic Civilizations 3 in my spare time.

Factorio looks pretty neat though. It might be more dense than what I'm looking for though. But maybe not! I think they have a demo on Steam.

Can't say I've every played Factorio, though I've heard good things.  Satisfactory is a good game though.

Satisfactory looks like a really fun game. The way environments build out is verybaesthetocally pleasing. And I've seen some goofy videos of people building weird contraptions.

Factorio ($30) is a fun assembly line game with monsters that try to kill you. The more you expand, the more pollution, the worse the monsters (you can also turn them to passive if you want to relax). Main goal is to build a rocket. 2D flat world. Resources are limited, but you can customize your starter map if you want to make it easier.  Lots of mods available too. I should mention that Factorio has been getting regularly modified so the game I played a couple years ago does not behave the same way now, makes coming back fun. 9/10

Satisfactory ($30) is fun assembly game where you need to build a space elevator. There are places to explore to find research, and there are some monsters and radiation. Base resources are unlimited, but there is a cap on how much you can pull out at once. Power and resource transportation is the big focus. Fully 3D game still in development, but completely playable. Storyline not yet introduced, so there is no real 'end game'. Spiders are probably the worst mods in the game, if you don't like them you can change them to cat head sprites. Halfway decent computer needed. Many mods, but build tend to break them. Only major builds can damage save games and the developers are great about warning you of them.  I've stopped playing (burned out) until the storyline is introduced. 8/10

On the same page is also Dyson Sphere Program ($20). Extremely solid build, but still in development. Regular updates, and I have never had a bug that wasn't mod related. Interplanetary game where you build and expand while researching through the tech tree. No storyline yet. No enemies yet. Challenge is resource management and build with limited resources (which can be changed up to unlimited if you want). Can be very relaxing and the graphics are beautiful. You can build Dyson spheres (solar only, no living on them like Ringworld). 9/10... would be 10/10 but once you finish the tech tree there is just more building. There needs to be something for the player to be 'against' more. Decent computer needed, but it is well optimized already. I think my biggest concern is the save game file size, I've had games where the save file is 750 megs so make sure your save file isn't being backed up to an online storage site.


Quality post. Thanks!!


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