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Star Command


NOTE: I didn't actually do a search for whether or not this was a topic already, so I'm sorry if it is.

Star Command is an iOS game (also coming to Android/PC/Mac) that is basically an homage to Star Trek in strategy game form. It was on Kickstarter for a while. Now it's out (as of May 2) and I've been enjoying it quite a bit, despite its repetitiveness. Anyone else been playing this?

I bought it when it fist came out, and just beat it on normal the other day. Very much in the same vein as FTL. After several deaths, I finally got the hang of everything and became enjoying it more. My only complaints is that it's not random encounters like FTL. It's all combat. And as of right now there is no way to pause the game and issue out orders. Still it's fun and well worth the $2.99.

Yeah, it is kind of a chibi-FTL, but still fun enough. I hear they'll be adding away teams and more warp destinations soo, so that's cool.

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