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[TWCBN] The Fortress


The Photos planet of Vargas, within the inner ring of worlds that comprised the heart the empire, was home to a fortress which, in turn, housed a secret project. This project was a new metal compound based off other Photos cloaking projects that, when an electric current is passed through it, turns the wearer not only invisible to the naked eye, but it removes heat signatures, sensor broadcasts, everything. It's as if the wearer just ceases to be. Their plan is to use this compound on a new class of "stealth dreadnought", but this is only if they can perfect it before it is stolen...

"Do you see that?" Asked one of the tower guards, peering out into the dark using his helmet's zoom function. The other guard in the tower walked up next to him.
"Where?" He asked, the first guard pointing out to a small group of lights in the distance. He zoomed in as well. There was a bright flash of red light for a moment, then it persisted, seeming to get larger by the second.
"What the-?" What he hadn't realized was that it was an energy bolt. It struck the tower, causing a great explosion and throwing both occupants to the ground, a floor below. The tower was now a rolling fireball, the explosion having ripped apart the reinforced sentry tower as if it were made of soggy paper. An alarm sounded; soldiers were scrambling all over the base, some taking up defensive positions, other heading towards hangars to garrison vehicles. The door to the Walker Hanger slid open and out stomped a pair of captured Umbers, standing normally taller than the defensive wall. They both crouched down on one colossal mechanical knee to keep themselves out of the way of whatever was shooting at them. The tower that housed the secondary command center powered up the shield generator, emitting a bright teal field around the base, illuminating the surrounding area. One of the mechs peeked up just enough so that the pilot could see over the wall. He made out several distinct shapes, which the IFF of his mech recognized.

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