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The Furen Tze

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The Furen Tze are an ancient civilization primarily residing on the esoteric world of Furen.

They are commonly known for the highly eccentric and divergent technological path which their kind chose to take long before venturing into space. They are, in the usual sense, technologically primitive. However, it is their extensive knowledge of this "road not taken" which truly represent their achievements.


Biologically, the people of the Furen Tze can be described as a terrestrial, and in some instances, arboreal species with an overall appearance akin to a cross between a quasi-trisymmetrical echinoderm and an insect.

The Furen Tze are 125 to 150 cm in height and have thick hairless airtight skin with rigid plates positioned on top of the head, limbs and torso. Body color ranges from grey to varying shades of blue, purple or violet, depending on ethnicity.

Their complex eyes are arranged in parallel pairs, with each pair covered in a thick transparent shell that protects it from the elements. Each pair, of which there is one in the front of the head as well as on the upper distal end of each forearm, is capable of producing crisp stereoscopic vision.

All limbs are anatomically identical, with each one containing, in proximodistal order, three limb segments and a highly dexterious hand made up of five radially arranged fingers which also function as opposable thumbs. The only difference in the limbs are their sizes, with the six lower limbs arranged in radial pattern that alternates between small and large limbs, with the hindmost always being a large one. The three upper limbs are positioned in a front-facing horizontal row and are generally thinner and longer.

The mouth, and by extension the head, is anatomically similar to the limbs. However, the head only has a single jointed segment and the fingers act as a form of pseudo-mandibles. They are omnivores with a powerful sense of taste and smell, chemically sensing their environment using their pseudo-mandibles.

Verbal communication is primarily produced by muscular rings in the upper respiratory tract which vibrate at certain frequencies to create grinding, metallic and somewhat guttural sounds.

The Furen Tze have two sexes, male and female, with the male inseminating the female internally, who in turn undergoes a year or so of gestation before giving birth to live offspring. There is practically no external sexual dimorphism other than those directly related to reproduction.

Biochemically, the Furen Tze have a carbon-based physiology which uses water as the primary solvent. While capable of surviving for short periods of time in vacuum, they ultimately still require an atmosphere containing Oxygen. They are most at ease between 16 to 40 C, though they are more than capable of operating at more extreme temperatures for brief bursts.

Gravitationally, a level of 1 to 1.15 g is recommended for long-term health, though they can survive for brief stints in environments of up to 1.75 g.


While not the strongest of beings, the average Furen Tze is shown to be capable of physical feats slightly above that of a baseline Human. The same can be said for speed, as well as agility.

It is in the mind that a Furen Tze is truly set apart, having a computational capacity at least ten times that of humans, allowing a typical Furen Tze to perform extensive calculations on the fly. They have also exhibited a vast amount of memory, whose retention borders on the eidetic.

An average Furen Tze usually lives for about 200 years.


The current era of Furen Tze culture, which has lasted for countless millennia, is primarily peaceful, however exceedingly stagnant. The long era of stability has shaped the civilization into one which has long lost its familiarity with large-scale conflict, focusing more on the management of domestic affairs using tried and tested knowledge passed on through countless generations.

While theoretically capable of fielding a considerable army, their actual ability is hampered by their non-aggressive stance and general dislike for imperialism. The only military to speak of is used for policing, exploration, self-defense, as well as the stringent isolation of Furen from unauthorized foreign presence.

Despite their peaceful nature, the Furen Tze are by no means lacking in determination. The greater the scope of an endeavor, the more dedicated the people usually become.

Aside from peace, contemporary Furen Tze culture is also big on tolerance, allowing aliens to live amongst them in the colonies. An exception to this air of tolerance is Furen, which is strictly off-limits to foreigners, for security reasons.

While progressiveness is not a completely alien concept, it is seldom practiced due to the populace's general content with the current setup. Only high-ranking Furen Tze scholars are known for innovation, and even then, only a select few within their ranks.

Furen Tze are fiercely loyal to Furen's ruling body, and by extension, to its individual subjects.

The only thing that can surpass a Furen Tze's loyalty is his drive to aid a fellow in need, may it be Furen Tze or otherwise. This leads to a society which is, by principle, as uniform as possible through the employment of mutual assistance.

What the Furen Tze lack in progress, they more than make up for in the arts. This specific aspect of culture is a central theme in trade, industry, education and government.

Individual success is also considered highly in Furen Tze society. One's individual progress is a major, though by no means the only, marker of one's dedication to his chosen field.


Furen Tze technology would seem highly anachronistic to a foreign observer.

Swords and spears alongside kinetic barriers and artificial gravity.

This is primarily due to the divergent technological path which the Furon Tze adopted, allowing them to achieve particularly advanced feats while retaining an otherwise medieval tech-base.

The main downside of this is that they have become completely dependent on this new path, unable change course without descending into a more primitive, and most likely chaotic, state once again.


The Furen Tze is governed by a large circle of democratically elected councilpersons based on the capital city of Vi Tze on Furen. Each individual is chosen for their competence, as well as adherence to the Furen Tze's code of proper moral conduct.

As said beforehand, Furen Tze are fiercely loyal to Furen's ruling body, and by extension, to its individual subjects.


The Furen Tze ideology is centered around interpersonal harmony symbolized, and actively enforced by, the Ho or "[Great] Fire", a massive seemingly ethereal flame of unknown origin, said to have already been burning long before the dawn of civilization itself. While not completely understood, whatever portions of it that have been deciphered has served as the wellspring of all contemporary Furen Tze technology, the origin and very essence of the "road not taken".

The Ho also acts as a form of mental filter, distinguishing those who follow the Furen Tze code of proper moral conduct from those who do not. It is as of yet unknown how it does this. Regardless, it is thus used by the Furen Tze to eliminate the corrupt and otherwise immoral members of the government.

For countless millennia, the torch which carries the Ho has safely resided in the capitol building of Vi Tze, at the very heart of Furen Tze civilization. With no known method to replicate the Ho, Furen Tze civilization is completely dependent upon the Fire's survival for its continued existence as a technological civilization. It only takes for the Ho to be extinguished once in order to permanently destroy the very foundations of Furen Tze civilization, and inadvertently send its people back to the dark ages, forever. This is the reason why a seemingly unusual level of isolationism is imposed upon Furen.

Is it just me, or are our races disturbingly similar, yet complete opposites? which is awesome if I'm right.

Where both pretty tolerant.

Kinda stagnant.

Actually I think thats it... As far as the Faithfull go, that pretty much shows the extant of Vrin tolerance. So long as you accept their idealogy, they could care less what race you are.

--- Quote from: Yuu on June 19, 2011, 11:17:11 am ---

Furen Tze technology would seem highly anachronistic to a foreign observer.

Swords and spears alongside kinetic barriers and artificial gravity.

This is primarily due to the divergent technological path which the Furon Tze adopted, allowing them to achieve particularly advanced feats while retaining an otherwise medieval tech-base.

The main downside of this is that they have become completely dependent on this new path, unable change course without descending into a more primitive, and most likely chaotic, state once again.

--- End quote ---

To Vrin, seeing an armored warrior on a motorcycle carrying a lance is perfectly normal to them...

Does that mean the equivalent of a sniper rifle to them is a high-tech crossbow?


--- Quote from: SimplyNecro on June 19, 2011, 11:34:13 am ---they could care less what race you are.

--- End quote ---

Roman Empire levels of racial tolerance FTW!   8)

--- Quote from: SimplyNecro on June 19, 2011, 11:34:13 am ---Does that mean the equivalent of a sniper rifle to them is a high-tech crossbow?

--- End quote ---

Yes and no.

Their crossbows are otherwise normal, though the application of Furen Tze technology allows people to gravitationally accelerate the bolts, as well as bend the light going into their eyes so that they can zoom in on targets.

This characteristic in weapons technology is both a blessing and a curse. Even weapons built in a cave using a box of scraps is usually just as effective as any other weapon, if you're competent in the use of Furen Tze technology.   8)

On the other hand, if you happen to be an untrained Furen Tze, even a professionally crafted crossbow is, well, just a crossbow...   :D

Updated the opening post to include the their theme song.   8)

Ho, the Great Fire

The Ho or "[Great] Fire" is a massive seemingly ethereal flame of unknown origin.

It is the centerpiece, as well as cornerstone, of contemporary Furen Tze civilization.


The Ho, as it sits within the torch room located at the heart of the capitol building in Vi Tze. Right image shows right-side up orientation of the chamber.
Said to have already been burning long before the dawn of civilization itself, the Ho is perhaps one of the oldest Furen artifacts to have ever survived the test of time.

The specific details are unknown, but from what can be gathered from the oldest intact non-mythic records, the Ho has filled a very central place in most cultures throughout known history. Starting from as far back as the age of stone tool wielders, there have been numerous accounts of nations competing over possession of the Great Fire, for a variety of reasons. These reasons ranged from something as simple as the pursuit of fame and wealth, to more profound ones like belief in various supernatural powers supposedly granted by the artifact itself.

Regardless of the truth, countless ages passed as the people of Furen continued to squabble over possession of the Ho. While some would eventually succeed in this endeavor and establish vast world-spanning empires dedicated to its name, they would all eventually collapse into ruin from inevitable internal pressures. Whenever the Great Fire was liberated from the monopolizing hands of a single powerful nation, it was merely to spur the gears of the succeeding vicious cycle.

The chain of creation and destruction continued for countless millennia as the state of civilization fluctuated wildly between a practically globalized entity to something no better than wandering savages.

The cycle would only be broken countless eras later by a thousand year gap in the records, wherein the Ho seemingly vanished from the face of the Earth. The Great Fire would only reemerge later in the annals of history, now under the clout of the current order's predecessors.

From then on, it has served as the foundation, as well as perpetuater, of all contemporary knowledge and philosophy.

When the current capitol building was established, the torch which holds the Ho was moved into the heart of the entire complex, where it resides to this very day.

Influence in Culture

Since the current order began, the Ho has provided the peculiar function of acting as a sort of mental filter.

For reasons not yet explained, the Great Fire can, upon physical contact, distinguish ideas which follow the standard code of morality from those which do not. The artifact reacts in a proportionately violently manner against the latter, while being completely harmless to the former.

This has served as a double-edged blade to the Furen Tze. While they may find themselves at peace in the presence of their unflinchingly moral arbiter, it has also ingrained upon their civilization a distinct lack of societal progress.

Influence in Government

There has been no shortage of cases where the judgment of the Ho has been called upon to settle major political disputes.

It is even used to regulate the members of governing entities. In fact, regularly passing its moral trial is standard for both current and aspiring members of the council.

Role in Technology

It is generally believed that all Furen are born unable to use their civilization's brand of technology. It is only after they have achieved their first physical connection with the Ho can they personally exhibit the ability to use Furen Tze technology. It is thought that an effect similar to the Great Fire's ability to peer into one's thoughts is imposed upon those who make initial contact with it, perhaps triggering a radical transformation in the young Furen Tze's nervous system which leads to the emergence of potential for their civilization's brand of technology.

No one knows what would happen if a being other than a Furen Tze were to ever make contact with the it. Primarily because no foreign being has ever gotten close enough to the artifact for it to be attempted in the first place.

Introduction to Furen Tze Technology

To the eyes of foreign beings, this is perhaps what truly catches their attention.

How could Furen, a world so steeped in conformity and barely more advanced than your average medieval planet, possibly reach to the stars, let alone secure themselves amongst other star-faring powers?

Furen Tze technology would seem hopelessly anachronistic to an uninitiated observer. It is not a strange sight to see the traditional wheeled chariot coexisting with vessels that traverse the vastness of space. Likewise, a farmer who personally tills his fields returns to his thatched roof home just as commonly as a space dwelling artisan retreats to the relative safety of his quarters in the orbital station.

This divergent technological path is a true anomaly in the eyes of alien beings who have based their own technology primarily upon the realm of the mechanical.

The answer lies within the Great Fire's nature. Or at least the scant portions that the Furen Tze actually know.

Unlike most other technology, contemporary Furen Tze technology is based upon the precise manipulation of one's thoughts to produce a tried and tested result. It is, in its very essence, the practice of extending one's mental influence beyond the confines of one's consciousness, reaching out to the physical world and altering it through the use of certain thought.

Most others would conveniently call it magic out of ignorance, but a keen analysis of the phenomenon's fundamental components would promptly lead to the realization that it is deeply intertwined with the theories regarding the origin of Furen Tze consciousness.


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