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You know, I'm tired of going to Gamespot and getting 5-15$ credits for my 60$ games I bought three weeks ago. Aren't you? So, I figure that why not trade my game for another one I want with people I sort of know/trust? Hell, I dont care if its PC <-> Xbox, 2 Xbox <-> 1 PS3, or even 3 DS & 2 PS3 <->  2 Wii games. I also thought this might be a decent media to get games that are hard to find that some have forgotten they have and don't want.

-You must well, exchange the game(s) requested. I would hate for someone to be duped and get the wrong game, or worse, no game at all. This is zero - tolerance, one report against you and you are banned from requesting and participating.
-This isn't a *you hand me yours and i'll hand you mine* situation, you both (Via PM's) schedule a date to send it and send it on that day.
-Ridiculous request are acceptable, but I don't want a bunch of "GTA4 for Halo 3, CoD 4, and Prototype!"; Be reasonable in your request. If you wouldnt take the request, neither would most other people!
-I don't run this, I just enforce it, don't PM me unless you are fulfilling a request of mine.
-Be respectful of others wants, don't bait and switch and don't laugh at request.
-This isn't an auction house, I don't want people pawning games here, its games for games, not games for money. There are other places for that.
-Post request as so for clarity: REQUEST! Be sure to specify system wanted and offering.
-Post accepting request as so for clarity: ACCEPTING -user's name-'s OFFER
-Keep it mainly disc please, unless you specify in your request, disc is what will be implied as to whats being exhanged.
-Keep mailing addresses to PM's, as well as any other contact infor you want to use.
-Don't be offended if someone doesn't take your accept, they may not trust you after all.
-Cross out fulfilled request or request you are no longer seeking.
-Feel free to bargain. Ie, Instead of this, I can give you this, that ok?
-Keep MMO's on the down low... They don't like that...
-Feel free to make a request while a request is still open!
-Exchange the game(s) requested.
Note: Rules subject to change. Comments, suggestions appreciated.

Current Exchange Request:
eropS - Both or either: CoD WaW (PC)/The Witcher(PC) for either: Far Cry 2(PC)/Overlord 2(Xbox or PC)/Red Faction Guerrilla(Xbox, PC)

Martyk - Alot for: Kirby's Air Ride (GC). Also up for other trades.

Cow - Either NWN2 (PC)/Sims 2 Deluxe(PC)/FFXI(Im assuming PC) for either: Gal Civ 2 Expansions (PC)/Any Total War game after Rome (PC)/Metal Gear Solid 4(PS3)

IamMe - Alot for Paper Mario: 1000 Year door and/or Super Paper Mario. Also up for other trades.

Pixxel - Wants A Tales game, especially after "Tales of the Abyss" on PS2, for FFXII (PS2) or The Godfather (Pc)

Yossitaru - One for one Xbox 360 games, offering Skate/Army of Two/Battlefield Bad Company

Gorman Conall - Alot for Alot (Mostly PC games, some PSP)

Badger Man22 - Trading Demigod(PC), Battle for Middle Earth 2(PC), Simcity Societies(PC) for Any The Sims 2 Exp excluding seasons, university or nightlife (PC), or, Simcity 4 (PC)

Pending Fulfillments:

Cow - IamMe

Fulfilled Request:

Martyk - eropS - IamMe

Yossitaru - eropS

Oh, right:


I have CoD World at War (PC), No box, was a gift, CD key unused.
Also, The Witcher (PC) (Not the newer one), Used, In good condition.

Overlord 2 (Xbox, PC), or, Red Faction Guerrilla (Xbox, PC), or, Far Cry 2 (PC).

Is that legal?

I don't see why not... trading owned property is well.... what we've done since time began...

I suppose it's not like P2P where you just copy stuff...

I think that as long as it's kept as a trade deal then it should be fine and I think it might be a good idea, at least until someone screws over someone else and hopefully that won't happen because GS people are better than that.

I might participate in this later when I get home and see what I have.


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