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Here's a list of some scary or deliberately ugly monsters, I made them because I was getting sick of seeing so many cute creatures in Spore. All criticism is welcome.


Needs: Cute & Creepy, Insect Limbs update
This is the only one that's not based on my original designs. This is (or pretends to be) a xenomorph like those in the Aliens movies.
(Original design by H. R. Giger)


Needs: Cute & Creepy
This one actually has a background story, but it's so long and full of references to other races it would be better to explain it in a new topic about the cosmogony of my Spore galaxy (maybe in a future I'll do). Long story short, Podocephalle originated as mutants from one of the oldest races in the universe, but were so evil that all of the other races allied against them. Only a few of them remain in a remote planet (called Anatema), where they capture all landing explorers and torment them in what they call a "torture circus", keeping them on the verge of death for years while the monsters watch with fascination and joy their desperation.


Needs: Cute & Creepy
(Seems I can't get the picture right; this guy should be shiny and look like it was made of oil)
A creature made of pure darkness. I'm reserving it for when GA comes out; they'll be some kind of devils, summoned by the bad guys.


Needs: Cute & Creepy
These guys use echolocation to hunt their prey. Many races tell stories of the Sonar to their children (detailing how they wander around the forest at night, attacking anything they hear) so the kids learn to go back home before it gets dark.


Needs: Cute & Creepy
Nothing more than what you see. A blind, fat, huge and disgusting chicken-like monster with no feathers. Grotesque.

Bonus! (Not intended to be ugly, just weird)

Needs: Insect Limbs update
A horse-like animal evolved from crustaceans in a flat, sandy planet.

UFO King:
The Caballejo is both realistic and creative. I like it!

Jeez.  That head walker creature is going to give me nightmares.  Great idea for an evil guy.

Another one of the "disgusting" variety...
...and Zombo was his name-o!

... Skin? What's that?

(Needs both C&C and the Insect Limbs update)

Now thats just awesome. 8)


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