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Hello, im having a creative fit, so to speak... therefore i shall create a fantasy realm, and I want YOU to join me... This is not another "I make a nation and I feel so cool about it" thread, no its a creation, a database of ideas... I'll start with a couple of ideas and you can add some to mine, or just post your own ideas... Oh yea, i dont want the typical dwarf, elve, orc kinda thing. I mean they can be added but i dont want them to be as flat as they are usually portrayed... so enjoy...

Oh yea go to if you need inspiration...

In the deep south of the planet, between two humoungous rivers, there is a halfling plutocracy. The Union of the 23 Tribes is the name for the less-affair government they provide... The twentythree tribes are more like twentythree corporations (in a feudal, medieval sense) as they are bands of few ruling over many. Each tribe, even though their internal government and society may differ from tribe to tribe, is ruled by a few families. Each family has a head, usually the oldest, but sometimes the richest (the oldest and richest is usually the same person). This Head belongs to the Council of Families making up and voting for the Diplomat. The Diplomat is the highest position held in a tribe, as they are the official rulers of the tribe, and also part of the Parliament of the 23 Tribes. The parliament does not infuse any laws, but may collect taxes and raise an army to defend the 23 Tribes. All decisions are decided democratically (some democracy huh:P)  The families rule over the lesserlings (halflings that are not part of the high families) and sometimes they also rule over slaves (non halflings conquered in corporate expansionships). Females are Equal in this SocietyThe Pyramid goes like this:

Parliament of the 23 Tribes -> Diplomat -> Head -> Families -> Skilled Lesserlings (Lesserlings with managing position, they have sworn allegiance to the Diplomat and can become Family by marriage) -> Lesserlings -> Slaves

List of Prominent Tribes:
Trentonx: The Trentonx Tribe used to be one of the most insignificant ones, as they used to be in agriculture and held some minor mining operations. After an explorer of this Tribe, Sansibro Kantrabi, had discovered a rich field of gems, and metals in the western mountains, they quickly set operations up there, disturbing the peace of the dwarves. As the local dwarves were humble and earnest they were quickly fooled to sell their lands. Drigbort Troubadix, the current Diplomat of Trentonx, who used to be a trador, bought their land for a shipment of ale... When the land was bought, and the dwarves didn't have a base to exist anymore, he "Hired" them as workers. Really he enslaved them, letting them exist on the lowest level. The dwarves that couldn't escape, now work in the mines, as smiths, and gemcutters, creating weaponry, tools, and jewelry for the richest of the rich family members.

Calypso: The Calypso Tribe has been and still is the only tribe exporting magicians of all kinds. The families all exercise the magical arts at one of the highest levels all around the planet, and the lesserlings work to supply them. Only those who are found to be talented amongst the lesserlings are raised to become family, but when a high level of talent is supplied they are accepted as full bloodbonded family members. They make their livings as alchemists, siege mages, and others all around the Union, but also are found in other countries.

Hmm, if you have an idea for a tribe just post it, illl check if its in the cameo (and im rather loose on the rules)

Furthermore, have fun creating;)

oooh this sounds interesting are there going to be other races other than dwarves? namely non human ones, here is my idea (also kantrabi? that sounds quite familiar ;) )

Chiroptera: the Chiroptera tribe is a motley group of exotic, mythical creatures who are slave traders. these slaves are rogues, pirates and the like found trying to steal massive amounts of treasures hidden under the ground from old victories over other, now destroyed, factions. the tribe has officially taken a more passive approach towards other tribes due to the large hatred that has been garnered towards Chiroptera and is attempting to make a clean slate. Chiropteran citizens dont rely too much on other tribes(they only sell slaves to get rid of greedy peoples which are in surplus) because they harvest all of their supplies from the surroundings and not from other tribes, because of this the tribe is very territorial. Chiroptera is ruled by a Council of Dragons for their knowledge, everlasting life, and judgement. if a member of the council is found to be corrupt he or she would be immediately removed from his place of power, keeping the peace of the tribe. The Chiropteran tribe resides in a small island to thewest on a large mountain(at least thats what i assume it is) where the tribes grand vault is underground.the mountain provides ensorceled crystals that the Chiropteran smiths embedded into armor and weapons enhancing certain aspects depending on the type of crystal speed, strength, eyesight, accuracy, and other abilities.the crystals are impervious and the weapons and armor are stored in the vault along with other possesions. the Council believes that these crystals were the success of the ancient Chiropterans, the Council also believes the crystals were granted to their ancestors by a great mage by the name of Ravin, who favored the ancient tribe. he died long ago and yet the crystals still reside. they are no longer mined because of the peaceful turn the Council took to avoid an eventual destruction.

this is my first RP and you can see i'm very into it, ill probably only make one tribe because im not going to be able to keep track of any others

Well first i'd like to welcome you in this thread, and yea i like your tribe...
yes there's other slaves i guess, just remember that the tribes only make up one nation on an entire planet, there's still many other things, nations, phenomena, deities, weapons, etc to create... so go on and become as detailed as you want...;) Kantrabi was just an invention, any resemblance to possibly existing is completely coincidental...

i hope more people get into this

Nice to have you back. Sounds like a good idea, I'll see what I can come up with.

The Junkalzung are a mix of species who make up a single tribe.
They live near a Kin mine, (kin is a type of ultimately hard metal, they use it alot.)
Using the Kin, they create powerful Weapons, and even stronger armour.
They usually kill all the tribes that have something they want, and only rarely take survivors.
However when bearing armor and weapons made of Kin, there is one problem: The Fact that it can change heats easily.
When entering cold places (snowy mountains etc), the kin can freeze in less than 5 minutes, and when in hot places (magma baths etc) it can become lavaishly hot in 3 minutes.
They do not ally anyone, and would rather destroy everyone, than get a few possible traitors on their side.


The Velrang are a tribe consisted of only Magangg Elvez, a rare kind of Elvez (it's has body of an orc, the ears and face of an elf, and wings of a hawk, except way bigger) that is born with supreme magic. They are a peacefull race, and try to ally as many tribes as possible. They are a respected race, and do not believe in enslaving others, regardless of race. Their tribe is ruled by a person the villagers pick. Of course that person has the right to choose if he wants to or doesnt want to become king.  They are very social and as a race believe that racism should be punished with 1-5 years in jail. It's awkward, but apperantly makes the people happy.


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