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Comprehensive Civilization PDF
Dark Grievi's Classifications List
Fanfic Scales [Relative Sizes]

Creating Your Creature
[+]Subject Ideas for Creature Drawings
[+]Creature Part Ideas
[+]Creature Editor 3.0
[+]Creature Coloring in Photoshop Tutorial
[+]The Associated Artists (Request)[/list]
Creating Their Planet
[+]How to Create and Earth-like Planet
[+]Planet Feature Generator
[+]Planet Information Generator
[+]Gimp Planet Making Tutorial
[+]Photoshop Planet Making Tutorial
[+]Astrosythesis 2.0 (For Planet Terrain Generation)
[+]Bryce 5.5 (Terrain & Model Rendering)
[+]Destroying Their Planet[/list]
Architecture & Ships
[+]Google Sketchup (Modeling Ships and Structures)
[+]Endorphin (Modeling Ships and Physics)
[+]Bryce 5.5 (Terrain & Model Rendering)[/list]
Creating Their Culture
[+]Creature Attribute System
[+]Font Creator
[+]Model Language Creation[/list]
Home Planet
[+]Map & Picture
[+]Average Temperature
[+]Distance From Star
[+]Rotation Period
[+]Revolution Period[/list]
[+]Ship Picture
[+]Architecture Example
[+]Creature Picture[/list]
Basic Biology
[+]Breathing Method
[+]Eating Method
[+]Limb Use[/list]
[+]Method of Communication
[+]Writing System

Government Types

--- Quote from: Kcronos on September 07, 2007, 07:38:18 pm ---Pretty much, on research of my own, I broke down gov types to these:

Mobarchic (Rule by mob) NOT YET TRIED
Capitalist (Private enterprise provides for everything) NOT YET TRIED
Communist (Rule by unions) NOT YET TRIED

Despostic (Leader is a dictator/despot - NOT HEREDITARY) ROMAN EMPIRE AFTER CAESAR
Monarchic (Leader is a king - HEREDITARY) OLD ENGLISH EMPIRE

Aristocratic (Elite family groups control government.  HEREDITARY) ENGISH HOUSE OF LORDS
Plutocratic  (Elite group determined by social standing) NOT YET TRIED
Timocratic  (Elite group determined by money) NOT YET TRIED

Representative (People vote for representatives to make laws) AMERICA
Direct (People vote on laws directly) SWITZERLAND
Monarchic (Ceremonial king/queen) MODERN ENGLAND

Ecclesiocracegatic (Rule by Church or anologous religious leader) JESUS AND HIS FOLLOWERS BEFORE HIS DEATH
Caesaropapic (Rule by those who claim to rule for their church) THE VATICAN

--- End quote ---

If enough people request it, I may possibly in the future make a map-making tutorial, maybe.

This looks like it'll be a good list.

Nice list. Many of these i was not aware of! This should be stickied!

Oh, I was wondering when someone was going to come around with this. Nice research Brandon.

Good work.


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