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Storytelling and Roleplaying / My story Darkened World
« on: February 08, 2008, 11:12:13 pm »
Hello this is a story i have been writing for couple days now, it's not finished yet this is just a snippet of it.

WARNING: contains...gore

The world was such a happy place to be; it seemed that nothing could happen to the planet or the people that inhabited it. That was until a day that no one will ever forget. The day the world plunged in to darkness. The day where demons and creatures of the darkness and nightmares were no longer myth but reality. The day light shriveled away and darkness thrived. War was upon earth not by man but by mans fears. The dead rose and ghastly beasts thrived in the streets, spirits with no limit to their rage roamed the city’s. What was once a beautiful planet was now a wasteland that smelt of decay and death.

Nothing could have prepared Joe and his girlfriend, Anna, for this as they ran down the street, sweat dripping from their faces as it seemed the row of burning houses and corpse littered streets had no end to it. They finally reached a corner when they herd a blood-curdling scream. They stopped dead in there tracks and slowly hid behind a tree, panting and exhausted. They poked there weary heads around the tree to see what had made the sound. It was Amy and Jessica. Anna ran out to meet them but Joe tried to pull her down but her boney hands slipped from his grip. Amy and Jessica saw Anna and started running towards her, but before they could say anything there was a huge crash that startled the girls. Joe yelled, “RUN!! Darn it Anna”.
Anna gasped as a hulking shadow jumped from a burning building spreading fiery wood all over the streets and landing on a car. The beasts force was so great that when it landed it seemed to have snapped the car in two, sending the doors flying off there hinges and glass littering the ground like deadly sprinkles. The beast roared in anger and stepped off the car, grabbing it by the boot end, crushing the metal like it was paper and then flinging the car in to a burning house.

Anna, Jessica and Amy all watched in terror as this ‘thing’ stepped out of the shadows and in to the burning light. Its grotesque appearance startled the four, as it did not walk on its hind legs, it moved like a gorilla with two muscular arms supporting a muscular torso. The beast growled and slowly headed towards them Anna screamed in horror as it did not have a head. Instead replacing it was a gaping mouth with rows and rows of needle sharp teeth, the teeth shone in the fires eerie light it’s hulking body rising as it tumbled down, beating the ground with its fists it’s claws piercing through the ground like a hot knife through butter.
The beast turned and ran with amazing speed, considering it was running on it’s fists, it lunged up and jumped on a house, growling as it smashed a hole in the roof. While it was occupied; Anna, Jessica and Amy snuck to where Joe was. Once they were there they herd a scream. They quickly turned to see the hulking, skinless brute holding up what seemed like a girl. Joe gasped in horror.

“We have to help her!” said Jessica with a shaky voice.
“What can we do against something like that?!” snapped Joe.
As Joe and Jessica argued they herd a roar of anger. They turned there were now two of those skinless abominations. They were fighting over the girl throwing her around like a rag doll and fighting each other over her. They watched in horror as one of them grabbed her by the head the other grabbed her by the legs and were tugging violently. The four sat there trembling, blocking their ears from the agonizing screams of the young teenage girl and then the scream turned to gurgles as the girls head was almost completely torn off, her throat ripped open by the long claws. Blood was gushing from her throat and mouth as her eyes rolled back in to her head.
The movement turned to twitching as the beasts tore her in half. Blood gushed down on to the street, intestines flopping out of the now motionless torso as the beasts flung their share high up in the air and engulfing it hole.

The gurgling screams stuck in Joe's head. He cringed as the three girls sat there trying not to scream and cry in panic. They herd a screech as they looked ahead. The two beasts ran to the other end of street as something landed in the middle of the big puddle of blood.

Joe, still shaken, got up and ran to the middle of the street. Anna, Jessica and Amy clumsily following. All they could see was a spinney back bent over the puddle of blood cringing as it slurped the blood up. Amy stepped back and stepped on a peace of rotten wood. The creature looked up and turned around as Amy screamed and ran. The remaining three gasping in horror. The creature had no eyes but two holes where its eyes were meant to be, and within the holes two slimy tubes were poking out, blood dripping down the tubes mouths. The creature had no hands or feet, only stumps. As Joe turned to run an ear splitting screech killed the silence. He looked around as more of these ‘things’ jumped near the blood puddle. There had to be at least five of them now. They nodded their heads back and forth, then to Joe's surprise the creatures turned around and started to slurp the puddle of blood again. Joe ran with Jessica and Anna not far behind him.

As they ran through the once silent streets, looking over their shoulder all around them every chance they got, Joe, Anna, Jessica and Amy were horrified at what had become of their once peaceful town.
“What are we going to do!” Jessica demanded.
Amy Sighed, “there’s nothing we can do.”
“Yes there is.” Anna said in a surprised voice. “We have to go to my brothers house. He doesn’t live that far from here, he can help us he has guns and supplies in his bomb shelter.”
They ran and ran hiding from every lone skinless brute that was randomly searching for more life to take.
“What if your brothers house and his bomb shelter have already been attacked and destroyed along with the supplies by these things?” Joe said bluntly.
“That’s a risk we have to take. We have no other plan.”

As they searched the area around them to see if the cost was clear, they realised that they were on the street where Anna’s brother lived.
“This is the street.” Anna said softly. “It’s right over there.”
As they were about to get up and run towards the back of the burning house, they noticed something moving. “Oh ****,” Joe gasped and ran for the bushes. Anna, Jessica and Amy all followed as they peered through the cracks of the leaves panting with watery eyes of tiredness and bright flames that seemed to light the dark haunting sky.

“What is it?” Amy asked in a confused yet frightened voice, as Anna’s lips opened she herd a meowing and peered through the bushes looking at the fence. Sitting there was a ginger cat. Feeling stupid, the four stood up and walked towards the cat.
“Aw, poor thing it must be so scared.” Amy said in a kind voice
“Anna I don’t remember your brother ever having a cat.” Joe said, surprised he didn’t sneeze since he was allergic.
“But look at this place. It probably wondered in to his yard out of fear.” As Amy bent down to pick the cat up she screamed in horror and fell backwards on to her bum as Joe, Anna and Jessica both swung around. They all almost tripped over each other as the adorable cats face split open revealing ugly bloody snapping jaws. Blood dripping from it’s mouth, the eyes on the side of it’s head rolled back and two more seemed to open on its head, and then more and more. Soon the little creatures head was covered in tiny dead white eyes, as spinney legs began to burst from within the cat’s body, its little legs dangling.

As the four watched in horror, Amy quickly got up and started running towards Joe, Anna and Jessica but before she knew it a tongue was wrapped around her throat. She turned around and tugged at the long whip like tongue. Joe, Anna and Jessica all ran to help her but then they looked around, as the streets seemed to swarm with these little creatures. The street was littered with these cat/spider creatures, all with snapping jaws and tongues hanging out ready to grasp and pull them in to its ugly jaws.

There had to be at least twenty or thirty of these things skittering towards them. Anna looked in terror as Amy had stopped pulling. She was completely still as she thudded to the ground whimpering and moaning. “NOO!!” Jessica ran towards Amy to help her up but it was no use, her body was completely paralyzed.
“RUN, COME ON!!” Yelled Joe.
“I’m not leaving Amy here!” Jessica snapped.
“There’s nothing we can do!” Hey shouted again, as his horrified eyes gazed upon the closing in creatures, tongues at the ready. Joe quickly ran and grabbed Jessica and ran off carrying her, Anna following close behind.

Amy’s cry’s for help seemed to fall on death ears as the skittering mass crowded around her, the dead eyes gazing at her warm flesh, ripping into her. Screaming in agony, Amy laid there paralyzed with fear, Jessica watched as the skittering mass crawled over Amy screaming for help and screaming in agonizing pain. Amy kicked and kicked but it was no use tears streamed down Joe’s, Jessica’s and Anna’s faces as they watched their friend helplessly get eaten alive. The little skittering creatures were ripping at her face, some tearing her eyes out and then tearing at the muscular cords that held her eyes, and ripping them out. Others were tearing at her stomach, trying to get in. Some then crawled to her neck, tearing it open, turning Amy’s cry’s into high pitched gurgles as her vocals cords got ripped to shreds and then…silence.
The skittering creatures were crawling inside of her, ripping at her, lungs and insides getting ripped apart inside out. Blood drenched the once normal cat’s body, jaws dripping with blood and screeching with hunger. The three watched shaking, tears streaming down their faces as they watched the creatures carry their friend away piece by piece like ants.

Joe, Anna and Jessica all ran in to the bomb shelter, closing the door behind them, the screaming and the screeching had stopped. Silence haunted the air once more. Where their friend had been was now a bloody puddle and clothes, and was left over innards. As the blood drenched ground attracted the stumpy tube face creatures that leaped to the blood, drinking with pleasure. The short silence broken by the slurps and screeches of the creatures.

Everything Else / Pitbulls
« on: September 22, 2006, 11:32:56 pm »
if you think pitbulls are evil your wrong >:( pitbulls are not evil in the USA a pitbull was left to die in a freezer because he lost a fight and was used for drug trafficking when the police done a rade they found the poor thing starveing and almost dead luckily they got him to the vet and he made a full recovery now he is one of the best sniffer.

A man invaded a persons house and held the person by gun point the pet pitbull attackted the gunmen and chased him down the street and bit his aiming arm.The gunmen picked up the gun with his spaire hand and shot the dog betwen the shoulder blades the dog Died in the owners arms.

A pitbull saved his owner by wacking him up when there was a fire the dog though didnt make it and they found the little heros body near the bedroom door.

A pitbull saved a man from bleeding to death by wakeing the man up he relised his bandige was soaked and his girlfriend took him to the hospital.

V all pitballs

Neville a police dog

Cheyenne,Dakota, and Tahoe helped to find the astronauts from the 2003
space shuttle disaster.

A pitbull was hard at work as a handicapped assistance dog.

Buddy saved his elderly owner from a fire.

A pitbull served as a elderly therapy dog.

Sgt.Stubby the USA's 1st official war dog.

Some people say only ghetto scum,white trash, and people who want to act and look tough get pit balls.

Jack Dempsy,Fred Astaire,Thomas Edison,Helen Keller,President Theodore Roosevelt,Michael J.Fox all owned pitbulls.

So if you think pitbulls are evil and im makeing you feel bad good because your scum when it all comes down to it pitbulls arnt the evil ones WE are.If you dont belive me with any of this watch the video.

vvvv i couldnt stop crying when i saw this video.

Console Games / Good games
« on: September 10, 2006, 02:24:13 am »
While we all wait for spore what other games are there that will keep us busy till spore's release for me at the moment its-City of Villans,Dead Rising,EQ2 expanshien,Jaws:Unleashed and WoW thats all i can think at the moment but if any one else can name a few games to kill time it would be great.

Everything Else / Fears
« on: May 17, 2006, 05:34:13 am »
Has any body got fear's that are silly and probley wont happen but you still worry about them i got one alway's worry about wakeing up and being blind and death it just freak's the helll out of me :'(.

Console Games / Dead rising
« on: May 15, 2006, 01:05:50 am »
This zombie gore fest look's awsome if your the type of person who like's smasheing zombie's with basicly anything you can get your hand's on.

Here's a article about it

There isn't much to the gameplay of Dead Rising, just get weapons and kill lots of zombies. You start off the game as Frank, a photojournalist who ran into a town infested with zombies. The level we played had spawned Frank on top of a vendor's cart in the middle of a mall. The area was circular with a tree in the center, and absolutely overflowing with zombies. Seriously there had to be over one hundred zombies shambling around in there, and they were all onscreen at once with no noticeable slowdown.

You're given the task of going to save Rachel, a girl who may know something about the zombies that could help you. Since Rachel was not in the same room we were, it became apparent we would have to drop down into the sea of undead that groaned and slowly writhed beneath us. Armed with a baseball bat we were able to effectively cut a large swatch through the zombies. The bat was particularly effective at clearing out five or six zombies at a time in front of us, and its quick recovery time made it easy to bash the ones behind shortly thereafter.

The zombies we were smashing didn't die immediately but they were at least on the ground for a little while. When a zombie did catch up to us, they would either try to eat our face or just take a swing. The face eating could be disrupted by rapidly jamming on the face buttons. These attacks only brought our power bar down a little bit, and we were able to regenerate life by eating various food power ups strewn about like cookies, potato chips, and jugs of milk.

We smashed our way to the door of a store and went inside. After a loading screen we saw we had more zombie to deal with but Rachel was on the other side of the cash register counter. We picked up a chainsaw in front of us and revved it to life. This was by far the best weapon because although it did have a swing function, we could just run with it on in front of us and it would attack automatically. This didn't last very long as the chainsaw ran out of gas quickly and we had to discard it.

All weapons in the game had a limited use, including the bat and the less effective lead pipe. We were also able to use a pistol which could be fired from the standard third person view or switched to a first person aiming system which was ideal for splattering brains. Yes heads do explode in this game in quite a loud, gooey fashion. Once we got to Rachel she told us we had to get her out of there. By pressing Y we were able to issue move orders to her. This way, we could clear out a group of zombies ahead of us and call her when ready without having to worry about her getting injured.

On our way out we were able to use the awesome shotgun. This weapon cleared out groups of zombies much like the bat did but much deadlier and from a longer range. Up close, of course, it was devastating. We also decided to pick up a cash register, which was on of the more hilarious weapons we saw, especially because when you hit a zombie with it you heard the sound of loose change shuffling around. Stay tuned as more details on this undead kill fest emerge.

And here's a link to a downloadable trailer

Spore: General / Mouth part's
« on: May 14, 2006, 05:38:54 am »
Wouldnt it be good if say some mouth part's had diffrent taste bud's and there were serten creature's that the creature liked eating and then serten one's that it didnt like to eat and the one's that it didnt like to eat it skinned and made clothing out of it or something.

Spore: General / Demo
« on: May 14, 2006, 12:00:24 am »
Does any body know if they are planning on releaseing a demo vershion of the editre or a demo vershion of the cell stage,if so when,if not would any one kindly email and ask.

Spore: General / Spore at Christmas
« on: April 28, 2006, 06:32:34 pm »
OMG OMG my dad went to EB to get me a new copy of FF10 coz my old one broke.He asked the person at the counter when spore MIGHT be coming out and she said round Christmas time this year.Now i don't know bout you but that make's me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy even if it is only a MAYBE it's good enough for me ;D.

P.S-I live in australia

Spore: General / Spore push back
« on: April 27, 2006, 09:58:25 am »
It's a consern of mine,i hope that no one steal's some of the spore game and make's it in to a demo because that mean's that we will have to wait longer it happend with DOOM3 some one stole some codeing or something and made it in to a demo and the release date for DOOM3 was pushed back am i the only one worried about this?

Spore: Creation Corner / My new race the dockolongs
« on: April 21, 2006, 05:25:03 am »
Name of race: dockolong

Planet name: durkala

Description: They have got beak like mouth's that have got hand's with razor sharp claw's for digging and hunting.The arm's are about the size of 2 normal full grown men’s arm's, they have got 2 short sharp spikes on top of there head that are used for combat with other males for a female. They have got long muscular bodie's which are about 10-9 ft long.They have got dark ring's around there neck that glow a fire red when it's angry or when it feel's threatened.It has got 5 sturdy leg's on each side of it's body the bone's in the leg's are very strong because of the weight they have to hold up.They have got long antenna like eye's that are on there back and around these eye's are breathing socket's so the dockolong can keep stable.The dockolong have no teeth but very hard jaw muscles and bone which can easly crush a human skull in second's.

Feeding habits: The dockolong's aren'tfussy eaters at all anything they can take down and kill they will eat some times they resort to eating each other if they want to they grab the victim with there long hand like tongues and grab the prey they have got extremely tight grips strong enough to brake every bone where they are holding and then in a blink of an eye *snap* they get crushed there bones nothing but little bits of white dust the dockolongs sliver and stomach acid are the same thing so the tissue and the muscle and the bone break down quickly.

Mating: The male dockolong attract females by standing on there toes and make there rings around there neck shine a bright red if a female is pleased her ring will shine a bright pink first there eyes shrink like a snails eyes when they are touched and entwine them selves around each other and pump up sperm through there lungs and up to there mouth and spit it in each others mouth after that the untangle them selves and the female walks off it takes 2 to 3 days for the female gives birth they don’t lay eggs they give birth to live young 1 female can give birth to about 10 young it takes them 2 years to reach maturity dockolongs have a very big life span they can live up to 800 to 900 years the mother stays with her young until maturity.

Homes: The dockolong live in caves, holes any where where its nice and dark dockolong are nocturnal so they only come out at night to hunt you can tell where a dockolong is living because it has slime covering the entrance they mostly like curling up between rocks some times dockolong fight over caves or any where dark they are very territorial so if a intruder walks in they will be gored by the dockolong with its horns on its head and then grabs the intruder and throws him or her out.

Spore: Creation Corner / my first monster the headladongs
« on: April 19, 2006, 08:44:33 am »
the headladongs are odd and very hostile they have a massive arm with a hand with giant claws where the head should be then where the arms are they got long arms and at the ends they got there heads they have got big reptile like eyes so they can see very and far distances for prey and also have rather medium sized mouths with rows of sharp teeth and in the middle of the chest is a massive mouth with rows and rows of knife like teeth they are very muscular monsters they have massive muscular legs to hold there body up and curved raptore like claws where the joint of the toe is they are scaly they are 14-5 ft.

they come in 4 diffrent coloures fire red blackhole black dark blue and rarely light green.

they have 4 diffrent tribes the pain tribe the death tribe the killing tribe and the suffering tribe the death tribe are the ones that go out and hunt other races and rob them of all they are worth the killing tribe are the hunters i don't know what the other tribes are used for yet and as you can see headladongs are carnivores.

P.S.if any of you can draw pretty good pictures could you maybe try and draw a picture of a headladong it would be most appreciated

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