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Hi all, I'm BioCat as some of you know, and my main usage of this forum was for a long time RPing in the spore OG RPs that were once common here. I've got to say that with no connection to the actual game I enjoyed spore a lot in the 2.5 years I waited for it to come out.

And now that I finally got the game I enjoyed it for a while but soon found the actual gameplay rather lacking. I found myself spending about 75% of the time in the editors instead of in the game and barely got the spore addict badge just today. Than I remembered what Will Wright once said: "Spore lets you be the George Lucas of your own movie". So I started to form my own little story a while back. I created my race called the Noblar and played the game as usuall through all the stages to space. On the way I tried to use all available game-features to actually make my experience personal an suiting to the story I wanted to tell, while trying to explain experiences I had in game (like being almost defeated in civ stage :)... ) with in-story content. Personally I found it a lot of fun.

And now I come here hoping to share it with you guys if you are interested. I have opened a sporecast called the Noblar Universe that contains all the content relavant to my Noblar game. In the descriptions you could find the story behind my creations and bring the pieces of the puzzle together and learn about the story of the Noblars and keep up to date with it. If I'll see enough people are interested I might even write short stories that will tell this history, though as things are going in this forum I doubt it will happen...

Anyway first here's the link:

And here are a few examples like the races:


Delegon: Miners Guild: Grallo:

And spaceships:
Delegon Shuriken: Grallo Destroyer: Acenar (Noblar Spaceship):

So first and most important Enjoy :)! I would love some comments and requests if there are any.

Next: A look behind the scenes. Which in play races I met and inspired the races I actually post the sporecast, What game actions lead to some of the stories in the descriptions (like the crimson empire and the rebel-punks), and anything else you want to know!

I wonder how to start this discussion, I will start with a general discreption of how I play spore.

Spore to me is basically what Will said at the beginning it wants it to be, a way to create my own whole universe and play it as I wish, being the George Lucas of my own movie and writing my own plot.

I find it fun therefore to sometimes limit myself to get the plot right. Some examples of how I do so is when playing an amphibious race I plan to always stay near the sea an lakes, or meeting another race that looks exactly like mine because the computer loaded my tribal version as one of my rivals I excuse it to myself as a split colony and do all I can to ally with them and eventually buy their systems.

So my first question to you is how you limit yourself? What kind of stories you make?

And speaking about stories I remember will saying something about spore-story logs much like the ones there are in Sims. What happened to that feature? I think it could be awesome to read other peoples' stories online. Do you think they should add this feature as well?

Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / BioCat’s Taxonomic Sporepedia
« on: July 02, 2008, 06:11:18 am »
BioCat’s Taxonomic Sporepedia:
(Now that my account was validated I decided once and for all to organize it all. Style of organization influenced by Hydromancerx)

Classic GS RP Universe Creations:

Real Earth Animals:

Mythological, Legendry, Fairytales, Humanoid, Cultural Influenced, and such:
Big Bad Wolf
King of the Nile


Unique Sapient Aliens:

Unique None Sapient Aliens:


Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / BioCat's Expanded Spore Universe
« on: June 16, 2008, 02:27:39 am »
Well what can I say? I guess it's my turn to give it a go :). Here are some of my creations, expect creatures from the full version once it will be available for purshuce.

The Thoon:



concept art:




My lame attempt for an Urshan:

I would love to see a better version of an Urshan made by someone.

The last solely-Urshan cultural reserve was sadly not even on Urshan soil. The Reg conquered territories, also known as the new-territories, were the only place Urshans still saw themselves as Urshans and not as members of the union multi-culture. Once ruled by the hated fanatical Regs, later conquered in a great crusade, these territories were never the center of Urshan culture. Instead generations of different refugees came to this area each looking for their own salvation. First were the troopers that were left behind after the war, then came the rise fanatics and missionaries the majority of the Urshan population in the area, then came the political Urshan refugees leaded by the once banished emperor, and finally came the HC refugees fleeing their own homes. The new territories could be seen as the last heaven in this dark war-torn part of the galaxy. For years they lacked the pollution and political rivalries that were so common among the union planets. Huge open plains covered with ruins of Reg buildings and new rise temples built upon them with an abundant of food, planets with no poverty whatsoever, and a general sense of freedom where government control was truly lacking yet crime was just unneeded.

But not all is perfect in heaven. Since the rise of the high command millions of refugees fled to the this new heaven bringing the new union culture with them. Values of racial equality that the fanatical rise church fought against started merging in. New gods to prey for, new languages to speak, new types of food and entrainment, all torn the very fabric of the old society. Will this last haven for old faiths survive? This last field of battle was seen by many as the one that will truly predict the future of the union as a united or separated nation or nations.

* Everyone can join!

* Create a character. Must play a union or former union member race or the local Regs. There are generally two factions in this RP, the uni-cultural and multi-cultural supporters. Uni-cultural are supporters of a united union with a united culture and values while the multi-cultural will be those who follow the old cultural ways of their races wishing to make the union something more of an alliance again where all races live in their own societies in their own worlds.     

* For more information on the scene for those of you who aren’t that familiar with the union please PM me and I’ll do my best to help you get to know the basics. It’s really important for me that others could join this RP as well, I hate that we are always seen as eltists and I really see it as a mission to change that helping others join our beautiful galaxy as well,

More will be revealed if I’ll see enough people are interested in joining.

Spore: Creation Corner / The Luminitars (BioCatia)
« on: January 08, 2008, 11:24:56 am »
The Luminitars:
Part 1.

The Luminitars are referred as the oldest of the younger races, and are de facto the rulers of Biocatia though they have no real interest in using their power to manage it in any way. These small creatures have changed current Biocatia so greatly one cannot imagine how life would look without them. From the wormhole gates, to the massive upliftings, and even most of the galactic technology around, it is all the work of Luminitarian scientists.

Home Planet:
AACC, an 85% water filled moist world with extreme tides due to a huge moon. Its sun went supernova ages ago and AACC was lost. The Luminitars attempted to use a wormhole gate to move the planet to a new star system yet due to “miscalculations” they have driven their whole star system into the gate and when the two stars met they created a massive supernova that killed life in many nearby systems and AACC was lost forever. Their new home world ACABA is an artificial water filled planet with a unique system of rising boards that sink and rise according to an artificially created tide mimicking mechanism in order to make it feel like home for the Luminitars. Most Luminitarian colonies though aren’t terraformed and their inhibitors live on dry land with watery baths pools and cannels for their other needs.   

Diet: Omnivores.
Age average: natural 55, modern 220.
Natural atmosphere: Oxygen rich.
These small amphibian 1.2 meters tall creatures are a small threat to anyone physically. They can stretch their legs though and rise up to 1.7 meters though its harder and unnatural for them to walk that way. They have three single joint legs with soft paws that have a limited ability to grasp things, mainly for better grasping of rigid ground. They have two muscular hands with 4 thin long fingers with great flexibility. They have rather large skulls to contain their massive brains that grow longer behind their backs and two fin like thick muscle based organs at both sides of their necks that are used for better swimming. They can draw their neck back until the end of their heads and back meets almost enabling them to see things behind them. They have a single pair of eyes with no pupils and a wonderful sense of sight enabling them to almost 30 times the number of movements the human eye can. Between their eyes there is an organ called the Luminator. This organ produces rapid luminescence the Luminitars use as a form of communication language and speech. The Luminators have long mouths filled with tiny sharp teeth that have a very limited vocal ability and therefore have no natural language.

Because their home planet is a watery one with extreme tides that on a daily bases turn seas into plains and flood whole territories amphibian creatures succeeded greatly there. The Luminators like many of the creatures in their home world are amphibians as well and therefore are able both to walk on dry land and to swim quite efficiency as well. Their swimming technique looks much like earth squids use by “wiping” the water with all their limbs at once.

Body Structure:
The Luminitars have a rather primitive skeletal system with very few bones and almost no caging bones like ribs and a very nonflexible skull. In order to cover for this they have evolved an inner system of pressure bladders filled with jelly like matter mainly covering their head and lower torso (where their vital organs residence). When an organ is damaged the bladders next to it often harden and increase in size something that can be seen even by looking at the wounded Luminitar. When a Luminitar dies these bladders often fill up almost to the point of bursting and the corpse gets very deformed and by a gentle wound can brake apart releasing the inner fluids.

Waste release and Reproduction:
As Amphibians the Luminitars need water to survive. Their skin for example hardness and cracks if it doesn’t get in full contact with water at least once a month. They can only release liquid waste when they are in a watery environment for when they release it (about once in a few days) their waste releasing organ that residences below their back leg opens and their inside environment gets in contact with the water. They can also release some of the waste from their skins only when in water and use this method mainly if they have consumed a substance hard to digest or a poison. They can also release solid waste instead of all this in dry land though they rarely do so as in the long run it damages their digestion organs. The Luminitars can also reproduce only in the water. They do so usually when they hold their partner in their neck fins (sometimes more than one partner, though this is done only in relatively close tribes and communities) and while the male releases the sperm into the water from its reproduction organ behind his fins the female opens her reproduction hatches that residence above each of her legs and can only be seen when opened (the males have those as well for evolutionary reasons and can use them in the same way though they have no reproductive use) and releases a set of chemicals that attract the sperm (using hydrogen bonds). Because this activity gives great pleasure the Luminitars they use it as a way to form tribal social bonds though it is considered something private between the partners and not something that should be spoken of. The Luminitars give birth to live larvae like babies, often 1-3 at each birth. They have a pregnancy of 5 months and get pregnant about once every three years in “nature”. The larvae grow into young capable children in the age of 4 and grow into adults in the age of 10.

Child Rising:
The child rising in the Luminitar society is considered the role of the whole tribe. The female parent often feels related to her young and takes care of them much like earth mothers do for most of their lives. The male parent on the other hand rarely does so, and often doesn’t even know which of the offspring are his. Still the tribe takes care of its members as equals. Members of the tribe, even in modern times, often choose to take the children even in the larvae stage with them to expose them to new experiences. 

Evolutionary the Luminators were omnivore scavengers that lived mainly in the shore caves of AACC, which were flooded on a daily basis. Because vocal communication in the water is a much trickier business they evolved the sight base communication method. Even their early ancestors were group based creatures that used their numbers to avoid being preyed, to assist each other in the gathering and hunting, and warn each other from coming waves of deadly floods that will smash those unprepared into the deadly rocky shores. All those unique conditions were perfect for the evolving of intelligence for only those who worked in groups and studied their always-changing environments survived. It is a known fact the Luminitarian brain works rather differently than those of most species. Their whole way of thinking is based on two main unique mechanisms, the need to understand all, and that guessed and random information is better than no information at least at first. All Luminitars has a basic need to understand anything they come across with making them naturally a race thriving for knowledge. As such they have made massive experiments, research and studies, exploration and mapping and data storing about almost anything they could think of. In a way all Luminitars are scientists eager to learn about the unknown. The other unique feature they have for random assumption, as a temporary solution was quite useful to satisfy their first need and stop them from going crazy from the lust for knowledge. On the other hand it also caused a very bizarre form of behavior. When a Luminitar comes across with something he or she doesn’t know or recognize their initial behavior is simply unpredictable. This affects various fields of life from racial diplomacy to science and even war. Still the Luminitars are considered one of the most intelligent species in Biocatia.

Inner organs:
In many ways the Luminitars are very familiar to our earthly vertebrates. They have a spine, a blood system and pumps, inner organs, a neural center, a digestion system a skeleton (though primitive), a reproduction system, and muscles which are based on similar techniques using different chemical compounds. On the other hand they have a different array and form of this very basic way of organization. First they have the mentioned pressure bladders that are used to support their skeleton and protect their inner organs and could be found all around their body in different sizes and locations. They also have their reproduction organs in very unique areas, above their legs (female) and behind their fins (males). Their waste releasing organs are above their back leg and are very much like the earth rectum but protected by a skin tissue that opens only when releasing the waste. They have three “hearts”: A main heart in their lower belly under all the other organs, and two smaller pumps in their muscular hands for better spread and supply of oxygen to this critical area. Above their main hear the inner digestion and waste release organs lay. They fill the whole lower belly and left side of the torso. In the right side of the torso a string based breathing organ evolved enabling them to breath both in the water and air. Their pharynx is rather narrow but filled with muscles enabling them to swallow wholly hard crusted organisms and digest them for up to hours in it before they would release the broken fully digestible shards into the rest of their systems. They have no tongues but instead have a very flexible end of mouth, which can stretch and grasp things easily. They taste and partly smell from that part.

Explanation of the surgery picture:
A – post-death tumors that are caused by the swallowing of the pressure bladders.
B – the hearts\blood pumps.
C – The stringy lungs.
D – digestion system.
E – the brain, neural center.
F – A head pressure bladder.
G – reproduction hatches.
H – male reproduction organs.

Spore: Creation Corner / Biocatia, a story of a galaxy (updated 8 january)
« on: December 26, 2007, 03:04:36 pm »
Side note: It seems our small community lately and some would say for the past half year even is quite inactive and while some creature makers RPed most of the ancient races were left for dead, and most of the new ones didn’t make it past few months and were left for the pages of history as well. Don’t get me wrong, I have no intention of leaving the Urshans or Thoons behind and I will still contribute my share to our small galaxy, even making a new post-war RP sometimes so the story could go on. Until the activity will regrow though meanwhile I have this creative urge to keep on creating and telling new stories, hoping people out there are interesting in reading them. Therefore I have decided to start a new project, a galaxy I shall create on my own (perhaps in the future let others join as well), a new galaxy, with new interesting races, creatures, planets, cultures, religions, technologies, ideologies and tales of adventures and wars. I truly hope this project will grow large and interesting and will attract a lot of fans. If you’ll be interested I could even add some voting method and ask the fans as well what they would like to see and how do they think each story and race should go. Interaction is important for the creation of a true master-piece.

And now after this long and way too narcissistic speech, I give you my new project:

Biocatia, a story of a galaxy and its inhibitors.

“The Biocatia galaxy, a galaxy far away from any others standing almost lonely in space greatly apart from its cluster of neighbors. This spiral galaxy inhabits millions of different species, and life can be found here in abundance. While none of its inhibitors know who were the first races to evolve sapience, relics of past civilizations have been discovered in many planets scattered all around Biocatia. It is said that in an age long ago when the first planets of the outer ring were born an alliance of races rose and ruled the stars. Some races even trace their evolutionary background to those ancient races that are commonly known now as the “Predwellers”. No one is sure what happened to those races. One theory speaks of a galactic total war that used devastating weapons, that is supported by the fact that in the area where most of these artifacts are found indeed there is a very thin scatter of stars, perhaps some of the races that survived are among the current races and have evolved greatly since that day. Another theory speaks of a great technological wonder that allowed the alliance to leave the stars and become self-relayed enabling them to leave the galaxy and float around in the vast universe. A theory that states the “Predwellers” are have left for the inner clusters and are still inspecting the current races as some kind of a massive experiment is also common though most scientists regard this as nonsense and based on no real data. Whatever happened to the “Predwellers” they have left Biocatia for the younger races that evolved in the middle ring and inherited it. Though it is unclear which of the races evolved sapience first all regard the ‘Luminitars” as the first as they have evolved a scientific level greatly above others and have altered this part of the galaxy greatly before any other races had stepped over and challenged them. As everybody knows the stars resident quite far away from each other, making it impossible to travel from one system to its neighbor in less than a few years. Luckily for the new inhibitors the Luminitars have built a great number of “wormhole gates” in every system they have visited making travel in known space much easier and faster. The Luminitars are also responsible for the uplifting of some races, though not all of them on purpose… Praise the gods the Luminitars are a friendly bunch or we were all doomed from the beginning. This is Biocatia, which we Kantonians call home… “

- Taken from a speech by professor Jajaran in the arch-university of Kmolk.

I would love to get any comments on the project or more importantly suggestions.

Coming soon: More general information and the first races.

Spore: Creation Corner / The Regs, now has their own thread.
« on: December 05, 2007, 04:41:47 am »
I decided to open a new thread for the Regs due to interest in them and mainly for their galactic activity:

So first of all, the old stuff:

The Regs (Warning lots of Information! Take your time reading)

This race is one of the unique races living in our fanfic universe, the same world that houses the Urshans, the Thoons, the Nauceans, the Auyuecliads, the Torpals and many others.

Home planet: Quef  - A cool 50% water planet with many swamps, lakes rivers tundra and mountains. No deserts what so ever.


A primitive Mudin priest.

This race of tripods evolved from a scavenger’s race of carnivores. They only eat rare meat as cooked meat has fewer nutrients and tastes horrible to them. Their graspers are in fact two long flexible fingers that can either circle the caught object or catch it with the tips of the fingers. They developed in the great marshes of Quef and learned to feed on the corpses of drawn animals. Their antennas detect both what we human call smell and hearing. They have very developed eyes that can see quite good underwater and a very weak sense of taste. Their reproduction organs are hidden inside their chests and they only reveal them during mating. They give birth to a single offspring. In nature they live up to 50 years but modern Regs can live up to 240 years (As they try to avoid death, one of the most horrible things as they see it).


In a human point of view we might think the Reg’s history is tragic as certain events brought the Regs into their modern unique yet bizarre culture. The early Reg tribes were very spiritual, leaded by wise shamans and practiced powerful gods. Religions were a very important part of their lives but religious wars were rare, as almost every nation and Reg believed in every god. One of the most known wonders of the Reg’s ancient world was (And when I say was, I mean it was destroyed in the future) a huge monument made of stone that looked like a huge castle and on every part of it’s walls a head of another god was carved. It was called: “The house of beyond” and no one could ever fight even 5 km near it. When the Regs reached the copper age religion was neglected and became third in importance after pleasure and nation. Though the Regs weren’t extremely violent nor a group of warmongers’ wars were pretty common and empires rose and fell. Finally in the Iron Age a great empire called “Dashak” rose and took control of about 20% of Quef. Though this nation only lasted 250 years their legacy carried on and in its area and beyond new more civilized and organized nations rose. Education emerged quite early in their history and in a very early age wars became quite rare and only common in the tribal far areas of the planet. For those tribes religion was still very important and ruled their life. And then one day it all changed, a religion that was quite weak until then called Mudinity, or in Reg language “Suffering until Freedom” started becoming more popular among a few tribes in the south. This very extreme religion didn’t hurt anybody those days until the imperialism began. The “civilized” nations started taking control over areas hosted by primitive tribes. One of the bigger nations called “Regak” gave more rights to the natives and even learned about their culture and adopted their gods (as the Regs believed in many gods this wasn’t that rare). The Mudinity became very successful in its new nation and awakened early primitive needs for control power and war in the people of Regak. In the name of that religion “Regak” started attacking all its neighbor nations and “unfortunately” took control over all of them eventually. This huge powerful nation practiced the religion in an extreme way and executed anyone who didn’t believe in it. Eventually after about a hundred years they took control over 65% of the planet, their entire “known world”. The religion that promised they will be saved and a great miracle will occur once everyone will be religious made the Regs even more extreme. As they thought they controled every Reg in Quef and no miracle happened they assumed that there are many Regs not telling the truth about their religion. Therefore they destroyed every “pagan” building and writings and killed millions of innocent Regs that they only suspected practiced other religions. Finally they “found” the “solution” to their problem. There was another smaller continent beyond the sea. They spent the next 150 years burning every religious item or building, killing millions and forcing their religion on hundreds of millions. Finally in their modern age after creating a very strict education system that denied the existence of every other religion, the Regs again were caught in their own paradox. How can this be? All Regs are religious and yet we are not saved. Then they discovered space. An old theory that was considered once a bad joke of an ancient astronomer that said there are other none religious aliens out there was considered seriously again. When the Regs finally reached their galactic age the first race they came across with completely destroyed by them. Then when they discovered there are many(!) Races out there they changed strategy and started converting anyone they could. Until this day the Reg missionaries can be found all around the galaxy, both in places there is the freedom to do so, in places they are welcomed and in places they are hated and very not welcomed.


The Mudinity Symbol, the Mudan.

The name Reg means Prisoners of god, thier god who they simply call god as we humans do. Their religion Mudinitiy is a very weird religion that might seem to some races as horrible, fanatic and violent but for the modern Regs it is the most important thing in their lives. This religion talks about a single all mighty god that created a floating space of happiness. Then as he was thinking whether or not to create other things he decided he would like to add sapient creatures but he feared they will think too much of themselves and will not know about its powers. Therefore he created another universe of suffering and horrors such as needs and death, our universe. Then he created all none sapient creatures that has no meaning what so ever and after that he created all the sapient creatures. He decided only if ALL of them would believe in him and practiced his teachings he will bring them to its world of happiness. He knew it would be too easy just to appear before every race and therefore decided to appear before a totally random race, the Regs. Their mission was to spread their religion universe wide, all live sapient being must believe in the great god. The religion’s symbol is a circle and inside it a another circle. This represents the sapient creatures as prisoners in this horrible universe. One of the most important things in the religion is death. Death is a horrible thing according to Mudinity. When you die, you die. There is no way back. Therefore any religious creature that died is a saint as he fought for the spreading of the religion but didn’t get to enjoy its fruits. Therefore suicide is a deed that must never be done by any Mudin and funerals are extremely sad rituals where you chop down the dead body, blast and it and bomb it to pieces to show how meaningless the body is. Birth is a mixed feelings event as the soul is both brought to a horrible world but has a chance to save the Mudins.

One last important fact about the Mudinity: The Mudins don’t see Mudinity as a religion in the same matter everybody else sees it. They believe they have proves for the fact it is true and therefore there is no place for believe. The proof god really exists is the fact sapient creature dies. What other races call death for none sapient creature has a different word in the Reg language that merely means “change of body” as they believe that when the creatures are eaten by microorganisms their material is passed on the “cycle of life” and no individual creature has any meaning by itself without sapience.
Another way to show their god’s existence is the fact sapience even exists. The way they see it sapience is very unnatural and only exists because of their god’s cruel joke. 


A futuristic Mudin Missionary

Not much to say about their culture for they are totally influenced by the religion. All one call tell is the fact that about 15% of their population are missionaries traveling around the universe spreading their religion which has centers all over it. They invented mind reading devices and many other ways to discover if someone is a believer or not. They are also anti-uplifting as uplifting only brings more sapient creatures to the world.

Current Government:

Though the Reg’s empire isn’t one of the main forces in the universe they are heavily armed and extremely protective. Also 25% of their population is none Reg civilians that are Mudins from all around the universe.

And now some new stuff:

Reg Government and Rule:

The Holy Mudin Clusters flag.

The Regs’ government is a unique complex theocratic partly democratic oligarchy. The Reg nation is called by itself “The Holy Mudin Clusters”

Planetary and Cluster Rule:

A church elected governor-priest rules each Reg star system. This person must have at least 10 years of none-basic church training and 5 years of leadership and management training. The governor-priest has lots power. He\She elects the system’s “Councilor-Priest rank I” (see the Council of Mortals later). The governor-priest also has almost fully autonomy on his planet when it comes to finances, law and management.

Every section of Reg space, usually of between 8-16 star systems is called a cluster. A church elected Cluster-Priest rules each of these clusters. This person has full military rule over the cluster, the economy of the cluster, and the general relations between each governor in the cluster. Cluster priests are also automatically Councilor-Priests rank II. Councilor priests must have at least 15 years of none-basic church training including at least 5 years of missionary, and 10 years of leadership. Most Cluster-Priests are promoted Governor-Priests. 

United Racial Rule:
Two separate councils, “the council of god” and “the council of mortals” rule the Reg government. Though the Council of god is considered more respected and important de facto the council of Reg is the more influential council. Generally one can see the council of god as the legislators and the council of mortals the ruling party.

The Council of Mortals:
The council of Mortals is a council containing representatives from every system and cluster in Reg space. It also contains the members of the Holy Government (which are rank III councilors). Every important decision the government makes must be backed up with a majority in the council. Each member of the council gets a vote equivalent to the number of votes his\her rank is. Also for certain votes only rank II and rank III members get to vote.

The Council of God:
The legislator council of God is built up from democratically elected personals. Each of these personals must have at least 15 years of church-training, 5 years of law training, and 5 years of leadership training. Most members of this council of 140 are usually intellectuals, experts, high priests and missionaries, all from different fields of life. In fact when voting for your representative you vote for 5 different people you find most fitting to be council members. The council of god is the one that legislates in the “Holy Mudin Clusters” yet the “Council of Mortals” can always veto on the vote.

The Holy Government:
Elected by council of mortals every 14 years (also by the former government members) mostly from the Council of Mortal or Council of God the Holy Government is the real ruler of the “Holy Mudin Clusters” only supervised in a way by the other councils. The Church can also veto certain council members not be able to be chosen as members of the government. The government usually contains 10-16 members, all ministers of different areas. The Government is leaded by the “Holy Prime-Minster” that is chosen from the government members by the church to lead them.

Coming next: The Mudin Church.

Forum Games / Wish a Corrupt! (Opposite version of corrupt a wish)
« on: November 22, 2007, 07:03:55 am »
OK I don’t usually hang around this section of the forum but well, its fun and sometimes I am too lazy to do important things. So here I am!

Anyway, the game (hope it works):

The idea just got to me when Alwayswatching forgot to post his wish in the game thread, and I thought, that could be a great version of the game! And have lots of comical potential.

So I give you Corrupt a Wish, the opposite version:

Every poster first posts the wish that was corrupted by the fellow before him and then the granting of the corrupted version of the wish the fellow after him will state. Hope I explained well enough, here’s a simple example:

First poster: Granted, your hand falls off.

Second poster: You wish you’d use your time for better things…

Granted, though the earth now is in total darkness.

Ok, I shall post first:

Granted, though no one seems to care.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / The Delegation to Yrnia RP
« on: October 30, 2007, 01:00:24 pm »
The Delegation to Yrnia RP

The delegation was ready. The Thoonish spaceship the “Equality” was loaded with gifts data and lots of experts and ambassadors. All was ready for the meeting, set by the lately written union protocol for enlightening new races. Captain “Katarag the Thoon” set quietly in his command chamber waiting for a final report.

“Everything is check sir, we are ready to go”

The lights above the hulls lit as the spaceship started lifting above the ground getting ready to leave the spaceport. The Launching went smoothly and the spaceship left the atmosphere quite swiftly heading towards the Eyecon home-planet Yrnia.

Most residents of ship were quite exited. A difficult interesting task lied ahead. Would the Eyecons be united? Would they be friendly? Would they need our help? What values do they follow?

General Info:

This RP will accompany the journey of the “Equality” in the Eyecon star-system, the meeting of the races, the negotiations between them, and the individual works of any interesting expert missionary or ambassador sent to the planet. The participants I assume would be myself – Biocat, Mr.Consideration, Daan, and Yannick though any others who have a reasonable reconnection to the affairs could join as well (like other union members).

The Meeting in Shonoharo:

As Yoa published the new order that lifted the closing over a single Urshan border system called Shonoharo, the commander of the first cargo ship containing all the things needed to make this meeting as official as possible entered the star system area.

Straight away on the ship’s main screen the following data flashed:

[[Star system official name: “Shonoharo” (peaceful tides).
Star calcification: G2.
Number of planets: 3, a single small colonized world and two gas giants.

Planet information:
Planet name: Shonoharo alpha.
Planet’s geological and physical status: Terraformed, gravity of 0.67 Niho G. 12% of the planet is covered with water.
Planet’s biological and civilization status: barely any wildlife. Population of 21.6 million, 94% of them Urshans, 3% Auyuelcliads, 1% other. Most of the population centered in a single colony city.
Planet’s official status: Property of the Urshan Empire and sovereignty of the New Union.


The small local population of mainly miners and traders were shocked to see all the assembly and the arrival of so many cargo ships. In a few days the lonely planet became a beautiful embassy with great negotiation halls decorated by union flags and galactic and Urshan art.

Soon the meeting shall begin, the residences for all the ambassadors and officials were set. Now they were all just waiting to see who’ll arrive.

Meetings rules:

-   No weaponry of any kind except ceremonial would be allowed into the negation room nor would be kept in the rooms by any delegation.
-   All members of the union are allowed to send their ambassador’s to all debating at any times they wish, and are even encouraged to take place.
-   Other none union nations may request to take place in this debating and if found worthy will be allowed to view and perhaps even join the discussions.
-   None recorded private conversations could only be attended in special rooms designed for it or in the residences. All the rest of the rooms will have recording devices in them.

May solutions rise from this meeting and new order would be restored in our union.
Long live the new union.

Famous galactic books, tales, songs, movies, plays, paintings, products and every such you can think of!

Project related:
I Just had an idea for a new small project that will expand our nice RP universe and give it new depths. Our universe has been through many ages and in fact personal racial culture is a very rare thing mainly in the age of unions and alliances. This thread will host and therefore here you can post famous influential or known books, tales, songs, movies, plays and such cultural works of art that were based or created in this galactic times. Write a small description of the cultural work you present, a little bit information about its creation and creator, and the time it was written it. Hope this shall go well.

Hopefully this could help all of the community’s users when they look for cultural references that could be made by characters in this universe.

My own example:
The journals of Gadiro the Thoon:
Written at: The Labor Age, the cold Urshan war.
Written by: Gadiro the Thoon, journalist and councilor of the Thoon council.
Description: This trilogy is in fact the journals and dairies of the famous Thoon reporter, Gadiro the Thoon, who was the first Thoon who met alien life when he was abducted by the Urshans at the meeting of the races. Barely edited, and solely by Gadiro itself these journals became one of the most famous books in the days it was written mainly by Thoons but also all around the related races. Though it is considered quite unfriendly for the common reader this book passed the test of time and stayed a rather famous book for the personal experience and the readers easily related to it. To this day this book is a very basic and well-known book in many xeno-sciences such as xeno-psychology and xeno-social sciences. The book ends a few years after Gadiro was appointed to become a council member of the new Thoon government. One of the juiciest parts in the book are Gadiro’s affairs with the Urshan scientist Liana though it seems many details were deleted later by the author, including the fate of their relations.

For more information:

Please share your own!

Chapter one: The Urshan Search – The Search for a father.

OOC: This is the Rp thread of "The Search for Shio Nihon", please try not to OOC here, instead use the OOC thread. Thank you.

While Fandion was still waiting for the Red-Stars’ response to his demands and Kato started gathering a small army in case he will enter a state of war with the Red-Star in another place a small meeting took place in the FFR HQ.

The FFR officials set around the table waiting in silence when suddenly the door opened and a cloaked figure accompanied by a few guards entered. “Greetings your highness” said the leader of the FFR, Sion. “Greetings friends, you know why I am here. I need your services tracking my father. I still believe he might be alive”, the cloaked figure removed his cap and his face was revealed, it was the Mon-Heir Fandion. “But your highness, where should we begin?”. “I do not know, it is up to you. Please do your best and do it as fast as possible, our empire’s destiny and the destiny of the union is in your hands as the Red-Star will keep gaining support until my father would be found”. “I trust you”.

After the emperor left the FFR leader gathered his best men for the job to a meeting.

He sat alone waiting for them to come in while smoking from an Urshan pipe. One by one they came and sat down. First came his second in command, commander Nanio an ex-GUM commander. He sat next to him and whispered to him a few words about his last actions in the remote outer-rim planet Tasko. After him a female Thoon entered dressed in black clothes and walked elegantly towards her sit. Then after a short pause an Urshan cyborg entered the room. His face scarred from a war long forgotten, dragging himself with his rarely fixed old tech mechanical legs. After them three alien characters entered the room, each with a different past and a different motive for helping the FFR, but all with a single goal to help the union gain its former glory.

The FFR leader said silently but firmly: “Introduce yourselves”.

While Fandion was still waiting for the Red-Stars’ response to his demands and Kato started gathering a small army in case he will enter a state of war with the Red-Star in another place a small meeting took place in the FFR HQ.

The FFR officials set around the table waiting in silence when suddenly the door opened and a cloaked figure accompanied by a few guards entered. “Greetings your highness” said the leader of the FFR, Sion. “Greetings friends, you know why I am here. I need your services tracking my father. I still believe he might be alive”, the cloaked figure removed his cap and his face was revealed, it was the Mon-Heir Fandion. “But your highness, where should we begin?”. “I do not know, it is up to you. Please do your best and do it as fast as possible, our empire’s destiny and the destiny of the union is in your hands as the Red-Star will keep gaining support until my father would be found”. “I trust you”.

In this short RP the players (Not necessarily players playing the members of the axis, as you may choose to play an Urshan or a Thoon or even an other race member that decided to be a member of this group) would play as members of the FFR (Fighters for Freedom of all Races), a small rebel group who originated in the Urshan empire and later grew and currently has members from all races (about 60% Urshan, 40% other races currently). You will play as one of the few secretly hired by the Mon-Heir Fandion in order to track the location and discover what happened to the Urshan Emperor Shio Nihon. The fate of the Urshan Empire, the Union and the galaxy is in your hands. In your way you will find yourselves in different locations, trying to investigate the disappearance of the emperor while trying to stay alive.

Current Characters:
FFR leader Sion (BioCat)
Commander Nanio (BioCat)
Agent Satia the Female Thoon (BioCat)
Commander Jarto The Urshan Cyborg (BioCat)
Lanth the Arkibal (Munchkin5)
Marnammesj the Yunimui (Daan)
Maqu Nai Sormulia (Mr. Consideration aka Balthamael)

Please create your characters write about their ideologies background and so on in the RP Characters thread and try to OOC as less as possible.

If you need any more information please ask.

OK I need to close the day so I leave this to you Daan and Jack :). Try and make the story interesting, realistic and balanced factionaly at the same time :). Take your time debate about this and then write the final version of what happened.

Basic Conditions:
Emperor Shio Nihon mustn’t be harmed
President Casha mustn’t be harmed.
Emperor Shio Nihon must stab his young brother Kowa before Kowa will be taken (not necessarily means Kowa will die).
Don’t kill too many guards or make total chaos. Do it secretly.
Both sides must have a few loses.
It is better that one of the prisoners would die, but not necessary.

The Set (And how things would have gone without interfering):
The execution will be held in the Urshans capitol, Nihon. Many formal guests will arrive including the new president of the Thoons Casha. The ceremony won’t be too grand but will be covered by GNN with a few reporters. Armed JusticeBringers and Thoon troopers will bring the two prisoners into the stage. Kowa will be much more guarded.
First Jago will be set down; he will then give the following speech:
“Members of this universe, members of my race, of my union I first would like to apologies to you. I sacrificed my relatives for strangers, but I did it without hesitation. I am guilty for this crime and therefore my punishment is just. But please understand I did it because I care for this universe and seek peace. I hope the next generations would see my actions were right and my name will be mentioned as one that fought for peace”
Then he will be injected with the lethal poison and die in about 10 seconds silently.
Next Kowa will be brought in front of the Emperor. The Emperor will step before him and say: “Dear brother, you have betrayed you empire and your brother. With the intensions of diplomacy and peace you have brought havoc and damage in times of war. I must sentence you to death. Kowa won’t even have the chance to speak as the Emperor will pierce though his chest with his lengthened spear-claw. He will then weep silently for a few second and say “Victory for the Empire! Victory for the Union!”

Good luck guys :). Any questions?

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