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The all new and powerful Giganommoth

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The Terminator:
The Garganommoths were pretty cool, but they we're just for my spore creature (Plus they lacked of originality) here's my creature that I will use in RPGs (I modified there culture and interactivity so that I can be more sociable and involved into Spore RPGs) although if possible, it will be used for my creature in spore.

The Giganommoths

(Full grown Male) Full sized and much clearer image here: http://img154.imageshack.us/img154/8758/giganommothjf0.png

Name: Giganommoth
Nickname: Gigan
Type: Reptilian
Blood type: Warm
Gender ratio: 55% Females 45% Males
Average Height (Male): 15 feet
Average Height (Female): 9 feet
Average Weight (Male): 10000 pounds
Average Weight (Female): 800 pounds (Might change it)
Diet: Meat
Average Clutche: 2 eggs
Gestation Period: 6 months
Period before they hatch: a week
Period before female can lay eggs again: 5 years
Age of Maturity: 25 years
Average Lifespan: 150 years
Habitat: Warm, boreal forests
Home planet: Giganathia
Home Planet Population: 3 billion
Armor: Very thick skin and muscles and an almost unbreakable grey shell on their backs
Weapons: Extremely powerful "Anvil fists", jaws, powerful hands, tail
Average Strenght (Male): Can lift 2 tons
Average Strenght (Female): Can lift half a ton (Might change it)
Average Speed (Male): 50 Km/h
Average Speed (Female): 60 Km/h
Senses: excellent vision, Very strong sense of smell, decent hearing, fast reflexes
Average IQ (Male): 100
Average IQ (Female): 130
Behavior (Male): Irritateable, Hunt alone
Behavior (Female): Calm, carring of their young and mate, May hunt with a few other females
Abilities (Male): Can break ultra-hard material such as Borazon with their "Anvil fists" which instantly absorbs almost any shock, can hold their breaths for 10 minutes and are very adaptable to pressure changes. Male Giganommoths have an excellent immune system. When in battle, they can litteraly rip apart most of there foes.
Abilities (Female): Can break ultra-hard material with their "Anvil fists" but they have to put alot more effort in it then the males and can hold their breaths for 8 minutes and are pretty adaptable to pressure changes. Female Giganommoths have an excellent immune system.

Brief History
Giganommoths (Especially the males) were not always big muscular benemoths. Their species discovered "genetic engineering" which was used to enhence their strenghts and abilities. This was made with the help of extreme ammounts of radiation which in the first try-outs ended as monstrosities and failures. A couple of centuries later, they mastered it. They are still trying to find a way to go further with genetic enhancements. They also had a war over it. There were groups of Giganommoths who were against the WGEP (World-wide Genetic Enhancement Program. Giganommoths have also researched in cybernetics which later allowed them to make mechanical implants to people who had lost body parts or had poor organs. War veterants usually end up with 65% of their bodies becoming mechanical.

The gender ratio of scientists is more then 80% female and the gender ration of soldiers is usually around 75% male (This is obviously caused by the fact that most female are smarter then males and that all males are stronger then females)

More info to come soon..

i like 'em :)


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Well you would Opera :P

Dude... that thing looks like its on steroids. Did it take tips from Jose Conseco? haha

Seriously... owwness when that beast hits you.

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