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OK so i got inspiration from Sagan 4 to make my own planet and system, and I'm presenting! JANNORA!
OK now to the solar system Facts:

The System*-Ikon: The star
 type: A red drawf 0.5 the size of the sun
-Ikon 2: The 2ND star
 type: the same as ikon, only its 0.7 times the size of the sun
 type: a world basked in radiation, heat and light. It is tidally locked with ikon and ikon 2, making it a hell world.
 atmosphere: a tiny one of 67% methane, 24% hydrogen and 9% other gasses
 life: nope, the world couldn't make it before it moved closer to the star`s
 description: akoon would of been a nice planet. if only it didn't move closer to the 2 star`s, because of this the planet became a living hell of a world. Filled with volcano's, canyons, craters and lakes and oceans of lava. no one will want to live here!
 type: a Gas giant 12 times the size of the earth.
 atmosphere:71% hydrogen, 21% helium and the rest are just random gasses
 life: tiny plant`s and small filter feeders, most life here is too small for the naked eye.
 Description: Kimon is a fascinating world! Its gasses make it look like Jupiter's`s cousin, and its lifeform`s are amazing. there are currently around 10500 species on the planet. about 10 are found living on the core! the rest spent their day`s floating in the atmosphere. All life came later during the formation of the system, making it quite young compared to Jannora.
 type: A world 2 times the size of the earth, it consists of 2 oceans and a continent, both oceans are separated by the continent that encircles the entire span of the planet.
 atmosphere: 63% Nitrogen, 36% Oxygen and 1% of other gasses.
 Life: Complex plants, animals, and bacteria. Even though life on Finon has been around longer than the earth no civilization has arised... yet!
 description: The continent of Finon cuts the ocean in half, making the upper finon ocean and the lower finon ocean. the continent itself is called gino and the middle of gino is a massive desert.
 type: the main planet we will be focusing on! it is 1.5x the size of the earth and has 5 continents (all separated by ocean). it is unique in the system not because of its life (as most planets have it) but because of the civilization that arised on it!
 atmosphere: 65% nitrogen, 34% oxygen and 1% other gasses
 Life: Complex plants, animals and bacteria. And it has a civilization growing on it!
 description: the planet is beautiful, the continent`s make the world amazing and its warm temperatures is found everywhere on the planet, also the most amazing feature is that jannora isn't alone, Finon is with it as well! both planets orbit over a central point of gravity and they will do the same for all their life.the civilization has tech higher than modern day earth, much much higher. but this is achieved in the FUTURE so humanity Will be more advance by then as well.
  type: a barren moon that was bombarbed by millions of asteroids during the formation of the Jannorian system.
  atmosphere: None
  Life: None
  Description: Although Kim is barren, it did save jannora and finon from countless asteroids in the past, around 2000000 crators cover its surface, it is about the same size of the moon.

Colour Code:
Green: Star
Yellow: Lifeless
Orange: Life
Pink: Civilization and life
red: Lifeless Moon

VianThe vian is Jannora`s sentient species. Their tech consists of wormholes, nano-bots, black-hole creation machines, Mech planets (planets made into massive motherships) and much, much more!
Link to the topic:http://www.gamingsteve.com/blab/index.php?topic=18799.msg886889

*this wont be all the data, I'm just tired of putting more in, so expect more planets and stuff soon!

NOTE: this isnt just about the vian, they will have thier own topic soon. this is mainly about the animals and thier evolution (similar to Sagan IV)

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