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MisterBibs has made some Adventures that he's actually proud of!


First off, the one I'm really proud of:

The Last One's Redemption

"The Last One waited. It was all he could do. He did not require sleep, or exercise, nor nutrition. So, he waited. Just when he expected it to, a flash of light and a hiss of noise arose nearby. It was not a familiar one, but the mind behind it was. It was time.

The Last One chuckled to himself. Time? Time isn't the problem. Time is the solution."

Spent a lot of time on this one.


This one is, if memory serves, my first one. It's dead simple but there's a twist if you don't follow a certain comic.

The Search For Gomo

"Some people call me a criminal. Some call me a murderer. Some call me a monster. You know what? Guilty as charged. I'll slay anyone just for the fun of it, but I perfet to get some clink in my pocket for the deal. There's one person I've heard whispers about named Gomo. Everyone says he's tough. Real tough. I've hunted for him for years, and every lead I've found leads me to this backwater planet. Of course, finding a single person on a whole planet without a frakkin minimap is... oh, hello Space Captain. Want to help me find a guy named Gomo?

Hopefully this isn't a necro, since I haven't updated this thread in a while and it seems others do similarly.

Here are a few Adventures I've worked on quite a bit, and proud of how they turn out.

The Seven Gems

Regardless of the race or its evolution, one legend has consistently sprung up. That legend (adjusting for minor differences) is that seven Gems exist somewhere in the galaxy, waiting for someone to find them. One such explorer has done just that, but he needs your help to complete his collection.
Note: As I explain in the Adventure's blurb, this Adventure suffers from a case of the minimap's goal doesn't exactly work right. I've tried to minimize and mitigate this, but often you'll have to assume that if a goalpoint is seemingly over the ocean, it's not actually that direction.

The Simple Job

(Yeah, this mission was the one in which I learned to put a non-world image first...)

Being a Captain has its perks. You don't have a lot of management breathing down your neck, you're your own sentient... the ladies in the colonies tend to be lonely... *chuckle* but one downside to it is the missions. Oh sure, most of them you land in the right spot, but sometimes you land in the middle of some po-dunk stone-age tribe that has no idea about why you're there. Finding why you're there is usually harder than the mission itself!

Nice stuff!

Lush City:
Played a few, mad wicked!


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