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Movies / Jurassic World
« on: June 12, 2015, 07:51:11 am »
Second movie thread in two days...

Screw the haters. This movie was amazing.

Movies / FURY ROAD
« on: June 11, 2015, 02:04:59 pm »
So I know I'm a few weeks late, but how has no one posted about the newest Mad Max!? It was awesome. Probably already my favorite movie of the yeat. The only thing I see topping it is possibly Star Wars. But seriously. Absolutely loved it. Probably gonna go see it for a third time.

Movies / The Losers
« on: April 30, 2010, 09:46:27 am »
this movie was pretty damn entertaining, I highly recommend it!
please tell me I'm not the only one who's seen it...  ;D

TV / Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers!
« on: February 09, 2010, 04:37:55 pm »
I really hope I'm not the only one who grew up on this awesome show...the reason I bring it up is that ABC has been rebroadcasting it on saturday mornings!  ;D So everyone watch and bask in the glory of nostalgia and japanese fight scenes!

Art / A Short Story About Giant Monsters
« on: August 03, 2009, 06:28:01 pm »
(that's the title) enjoy.  ;D

       As gears and motors whirred to life for the first time, its creators looked on in awe. Spanning multiple stories, the mech looked like something out of a cheap sci-fi movie. Then again, so did the Monster that attacked Atlanta. Two massive legs provided support for an equally massive body. One of its arms ended in clawed talons, and the other, from the elbow down, sported a massive cannon. The head atop its shoulders held an expressionless face, and extended backwards like a dagger. Christened Robo-1, it was built to save the world.
       Massive hangar doors slid open, and Robo-1 stepped into the sunlight. A blinding glare reflected off of its head, and onlookers shielded their eyes. One after another, each foot landed on the pavement, and Robo-1 began walking towards downtown Atlanta with an unnatural gait. The very fact that the hastily-built machine could move inspired hope that the rest of its components would work.
       A group of tanks and helicopters trailed behind Robo-1. They had been no threat to the Monster by themselves, but they were ready to provide any support they could. Approaching the towers that formed Atlanta's skyline, the devastation left in the Monster's wake could already be seen. Fires burned through buildings that had been torn apart like paper, and bodies lay in the streets. Shocked survivors ran past the approaching tanks, pleading for help, but Robo-1 continued forward emotionlessly.
       All of a sudden, a helicopter over Robo-1's left shoulder exploded into flames and debris. A second spiked projectile, originating from downtown, shot into the air, and another helicopter was destroyed. The explosions washed over Robo-1's chassis, but, as it emerged from the smoke, it's armor was unscathed. The remaining artillery launched a volley of explosive rounds and missiles into the general area of the Monster, and a flurry of spikes were fired in return. By the time Robo-1 had traveled the next three blocks, all of its support vehicles had been destroyed.
       Shrugging off an endless barrage of spikes, Robo-1 continued down a final block, before coming face to face with the Monster himself. A prehistoric abomination, the Monster seemed to consist entirely of claws, spikes and fangs. The Monster lowered his reptilian head and bellowed. A pair of spikes shot from the Monster's head towards Robo-1, hitting it in the chest and knocking it backwards. Removing a spike that had embedded itself in its armor, Robo-1 advanced towards the Monster.
       The Monster charged forward with the power of a space shuttle launch, exploding towards Robo-1 with enough force to launch into space. Moving one foot back, Robo-1 braced for impact. Time stood still as the Monster and Robo-1 collided. Robo-1 held its ground, but the Monster's strength gradually pushed Robo-1's body backward, cutting deep furrows into the pavement. Pneumatic motors hissed as Robo-1 pushed the Monster back with a single, powerful exertion. Following through on its assault, Robo-1 launched its clawed hand into a masterful uppercut. The Monster, however, had maintained his focus, and jumped backward to avoid the blow.
       Springing forward, the Monster clamped his powerful jaws onto Robo-1's arm. He began turning his head, trying to bring Robo-1 to the ground, but neither seemed capable of moving the other. Slowly, painstakingly, Robo-1 began moving its arm to the left of its body. Suddenly, before the Monster had a chance to react, Robo-1 whipped its arm in the other direction, taking his head with it. The explosive force jerked the Monster off of his feet, and sent him careening into the buildings behind him.
       As the Monster regained his composure, Robo-1 moved forward, delivering a bone-crushing left hook to the Monster's jaw. After letting out a cry of pain, the Monster lunged forward with surprising ferocity, knocking Robo-1 to the ground. Standing over his oppenent, the Monster brought down a clawed foot onto its chest. Raising his leg again, he delivered another powerful kick. As he raised his leg a third time, Robo-1 grabbed hold of it and pulled, throwing him to the ground.
       Both the Monster and Robo-1 rose to their feet, and within seconds the Monster was again tackling Robo-1. This time, however, Robo-1 grabbed the Monster by the shoulder, and with a colossal effort pushed the Monster off-balance. With a downward strike the Monster was knocked onto the ground. Robo-1 stood in silence as the Monster lay motionless. Detecting movement to its right, Robo-1 turned just in time to see a blur of color. Visual sensors were temporarily overloaded with static as the Monster's heavy tail landed a concussive blow on Robo-1's head, temporarily stunning it.
       Using this to his advantage, the Monster acted quickly, rising to his feet and head-butting Robo-1 in the chest. The Monster lifted his head into the air and opened his mouth, revealing a collection of massive knife-like teeth. In the time it took the Monster to ready himself for a strike, Robo-1 had recovered and, faster than the Monster could react, grabbed him by the throat.
       A small hum of generators grew to a roar, and steam poured out of vents all over Robo-1's body. With an impossibly large effort, Robo-1 lifted the Monster off his feet and hurled him backwards into the air. At the same time, it aimed the cannon that hung in the place of one arm and, for the first time, fired. A massive iron harpoon shot out of the barrel, impaling the airborne Monster. The impact of the harpoon carried the Monster with it, sending him colliding into the building behind him. The Monster hung in the air, pinned to the building by the harpoon running through his chest. He tried to raise his head, managing to hold it in place for a moment, but the Monster's body quickly went limp.
       As floor after floor weakened, the building holding up the Monster collapsed downward, taking him down with it. Seconds later, nothing was left except for a smoke-obscured mountain of rubble. Robo-1 moved slowly, walking towards the debris and scanning for signs of life. Digging into the wreckage, Robo-1's hand soon emerged clutching a thick tail. After pulling the rest of his lifeless body from the rubble, it was clear that the Monster was dead.
       Clouds had begun to form overhead, and Robo-1, having fulfilled its purpose, finally made its way out of the city. By the time it had returned to the military base where it was created, the sun had almost disappeared below the horizon. And in Atlanta, it began to rain.

(and the picture that inspired the story)


I haven't gotten round to making the torpals in-game yet, but here are some random things:

Movies / Curious Case of Benjamin Button
« on: December 26, 2008, 04:50:47 pm »
I got to see this last night. Overall, I thought it was pretty good. It was interesting, although a lot of elements were reminiscent of Forest Gump. Also, the love story seemed a bit forced. Other than than, it was really a fun movie. Anyone else see it?

Movies / Waxwork/Waxwork II
« on: November 22, 2008, 09:21:41 pm »
alright, has ANYONE seen these?

I saw bits of these 2 movies years ago on sci-fi channel, and I rewatched them both tonight (they were free on demand...hell yeah!) to see how they compared to what I remembered, and omg...I LOVE these movies. They are about, respectively, a wax museum whose exhibits come to life when people go in them, and a time/space/dimension-traversing battle of good vs evil. The first one has homages basically to old horror movies, and the second one just references every horror movie under the sun. They are just so much fun. Not to mention the second one has both David Carradine and Bruce Campbell.

and you gotta love the quote 'God's nintendo game'  :D

if any of you guys can get your hands on these movies, DEFINITELY watch them

Art / Singin' the blues
« on: November 02, 2008, 06:41:13 pm »
'pocalypse Blues
by Mississippi Jelly Stick Johnson (aka moi)

I woke up to some screamin', and my baby was nowhere to be found.
I woke up to some God-awful screamin', and my baby was nowhere to be found.
I went out to find my baby and I found her face-down on the ground.

I went down to look at my baby, but she was already dead.
I said I went down to look at my baby, but she was already dead.
She got up and attacked me, so I had to put a round in her head.

I've had to hit the road, since the dead started turnin' to ghouls.
I've been riding down the highway, since the dead started turnin' to ghouls.
Yeah I've seen some survivors, but they're the exception, not the rule.

The world's gone to hell, and I ain't got nothin' to lose
The whole world's gone to hell, and I ain't got nothin' more to lose.
All I got is my 12-gauge and the zombie 'pocalypse blues.


TV / Secret Saturdays
« on: October 03, 2008, 06:23:35 pm »
did anyone see this? A boy and his family travel the globe tracking cryptids, to prevent them from being discovered by humans, all while fighting a rival cryptozoologist/mercenary and a megalomaniacal evil genius...
I didn't care for some of the pesudo-magical influences in such a sci-fi oriented show, but it's a small complaint...and I absolutely love the villain always entering with his "Hello and beinvenue" (even if he does sound like the guy from Kim Possible)
overal I gotta say, for such a recent show it's pretty entertaining

Storytelling and Roleplaying / QUARANTINE
« on: September 01, 2007, 04:39:15 am »
Alright, I've never really started one of these meta-games before, or even played one for long (so, you could fail spectacularly), but I figured I'd give this a shot, and hopefully keep up a fun game.  :)  I'll try to update this as much as I can, but with school and all, that might only be once (or twice) a week. Also, the poll options will be my own, but if there are good suggestions I'll probably add them.  :)

With that being said, welcome to Freemont High School (click for full view so you can read everything)!

FHS is where our story takes place (for now, at least). It's your average, American, high school, and it happens to be where YOU attend school.

Today has started out like any other day. It's still mid-morning, and you're sitting in history class. The teacher is lecturing about Theodore Roosevelt, when she is interrupted by the intercom. It lasts only a moment, mostly static, but you could have sworn that you heard a muffled scream in the background. The teacher quickly continues her lecture, though, and you quickly dismiss the interruption.

About ten minutes later, a shadow falls over the doorway. A tall thin man, apparently drunk, staggers toward the door. His ragged clothes are covered in blood, and your first though is that he was some bum who got into a fight. When your teacher rushes over to help him, she is rewarded with a set of rotten teeth clamping around her neck. The captain of the football team, and another teammate, jump out of their seats and tackle the man, getting him away from your teacher. At this point, you notice several more figures standing in the hallway.

As your teacher's assailant is pushed out into the hallway, your two classmates follow him out. At the same time, the other figures standing in the hallway begin closing in on the two, arms outstretched, trying to grab and devour your friends. You look around and realize that the rest of your class is frozen in shock, unsure what to do.

-Close, lock, and barricade the door - Whatever those things are, you can't let them get into the class, and hurt anyone else!
-Help your classmates fight - You may be unarmed, and only mildly strong, but your friends will need help eventually
-Panic! - There are ZOMBIES in the school! Ahhhhh!!!

This is the current map. It will show your location, as well as additional information in the future.

-There is currently no one in your group
-You currently have nothing useful

P.S. - I wanted a realistic map, so I based it off of my high school. Just thought you'd like to know that.
P.S.S. - There aren't JUST zombies. Just thought you'd like to know that, too.

Everything Else / Which do you think will get more coverage in the news?
« on: August 27, 2007, 08:31:31 am »
Alberto Gonzales resigning as Attorney General, or Owen Wilson rushed to the hospital?

knowing the way that the media covers celebrities nowadays, I'd say it's a tough call...

Console Games / Favorite video game moments?
« on: August 13, 2007, 02:02:57 am »
okay, so this is totally ripped off of Pat's thread, but...with video games. and I already searched for an older topic like this, so forgive me if I missed it

anyway...what are your favorite moments from video games? (warning in advance...this thread will probably contain spoilers)

I have one for now...In Resident Evil 4, it's near the end of the game. I just fought Krauser, I'm running low on supplies, and I come to a compound. With LOTS of ganados. Heavily armed. (oh, SH%T! how am I gonna take them all?) When all of a sudden, who should appear? Some dude in a chopper (one of my favorite kinds of choppers, too)! The cavalry has arrived!  ;D Some awesome music starts, the helicopter begins blasting away, and we move in for the kill...good times.

I would also probably add something from God of War...but I haven't played in a while, so I don't remember the good parts  :D

Movies / I think I'm going to have to kill myself...
« on: May 15, 2007, 12:12:46 pm »
Bratz: The Movie

And if you don't happen to know what Bratz are...just thank whatever god you pray to, and run as far away as you can...

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