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Everything Else / Rant on Ohio's education system
« on: March 26, 2008, 09:58:26 am »
Theres no such thing as an ideal education system.
     That said the American college entrance system needs work. GPAs are inflated to the point that most colleges now require 3.75 GPA unless there is some kind of extraordinary circumstance.Today parents are offended if their children do not receive a 3.0. Correct me if I'm wrong but a 2.0 was intended to be average. The schools that give out these high GPAs to students who don't deserve them put other highschools into an odd position. If they don't increase their students' GPAs then colleges might not accept their graduates, but if they do they feed a never ending cycle.
    One could argue that the SATs/ACTs have been put into place to make this a non-issue. These tests are given out to all incoming college freshmen and rank them against their peers. This is an attempt to make an objective basis on which to judge the students because of the GPA inflation. It goes without saying that two tests really are not the best way to judge the worth of one's education over the course of 4 years. It has been proven time and again that the tests are somewhat biased. It is also hard to deny that some people are not good test takers.
  The newest attempt to discover the value of a student's education in Ohio is the OGT. (Ohio graduation test) Every 2nd year highschool student must take this test in order to graduate with a diploma senior year. When I took this test 2 years ago, the requirement to pass any section was around a 50%. If a student does not pass the test they may retake the test 5 times before the end of their senior year. After that they cannot graduate with a normal diploma. 2 of the top students in a school a few miles from my home did not receive a diploma this year due to the OGT. A sad testament to the school systems in my area.
  Without the OGT those two "top students" supposedly representing the top percentile of the school would have certainly gained some kind of sholarship to a college they were obviously not ready for.
The OGT has simply highlighted the weakness of the school systems. It has not repaired any of the damage. As a senior in Ohio's high school system, I wonder what the value of my diploma is.
And that is my 2 cents. ::)

PC Games / My continued anger at the makers of Bioshock...
« on: August 22, 2007, 10:56:30 am »
First the good news, those of us who want to play bioshock with 2.0 shader cards like my x850xt are gaining support from the modding community. Someone spent somewhere around 20min changing a few textures to make the demo playable. It doesnt look good, but its not bad for the amount of time he put into it. The link may not work because the forum post is being flooded.

The reason my anger continues is due to the fact that 1 man can spend 20min to open up a previously unplayable game to a very wide part of the PC gaming audience

Either this is the aftermath of a poor xbox360 port or Nividia/ Ati is trying to force upgrades I dont know, but somthing was done very poorly.

The Unreal engine does not force the developer to only allow 3.0, in fact it can support 2.0, but its up to the creator of the game to do this.

To put it into perspective crysis is predicted to allow 2.0

I do support bioshock because I think its a great game, Im just mad at the curcumstances surrounding it.

Needless to say, Im upset, but hopeful at this time.

Everything Else / Speaking of strange math...
« on: August 07, 2007, 03:28:54 pm »
I saw someone talking about dividing by zero and this little pattern jumped back into my head. I discovered it on a boring day in math class, but I assume its fairly well known, just curious

1x1=1   lets say we start with the number 0 and + 1 to it we get 1
2x2=4   now we take that 1 and add 3 more to it getting 4
3x3=9  next to take 4 and add 5
4x4=16  follow that up with 9 + 7
5x5=25 16+9
if you dont see what im doing, I take what we added to find the last number and add 2 more to find the next
0+1=1, 1+3=4, 4+5=9, 9+7=16 16+9=25 ect....

I have no idea how this neat little thing could be used, but it amused me in a very boring math class lol. thoughts?

Everything Else / You know what makes me laugh? (semi rant)
« on: September 02, 2006, 11:35:52 am »
People get all up in each other's faces simply because they don't like the definition of guild wars. Why is it such a big deal to define this game? How many treads have we seen (including mine) trying to define GW that just get turned into flame wars? I suppose this stems from the fanaticism between WOW and GW. This argument alone is stupid, because comparing GW and WOW are two completely different games.

   If you like GW you don't have to like WOW, and vice versa, but try to explain why you like one over the other in your own OPINION and there is an issue because people who play the opposing game will for some reason, feel offended. They feel offended that someone else who they don't know thinks that game they play is not quite as fun another completely different game. Am I the only one confused by the sheer premise of this? And yet it happens everyday. Is the core of this argument the fear that there could be something else out there you could spend your money on? And so the only way to keep yourself from investing in another game is to tear down the new one so it doesn't succeed? If I made any sense to you, please discuss.

   This is not in the PC section, because you can apply this concept to many things in the world of video games. Just add the names of whatever 2 opposing forces in video games into the rant and you could get the idea. (kinda)

Everything Else / People still blame games on violence?
« on: August 30, 2006, 04:00:53 pm »
I hadn't heard poiticions blame games on violence in several months and I had assumed that some of the negative PR had diminished since games like GTA have not come out recently. Of course, I wouldn't be bringing this up unless I saw it again now would I? On NBC Nightly News today, there was a 3-4 minute story on how people in Las Vegas were killing each other for insignificant stuff like a "disrespectful look" among other things. Then, after showing this story they tell the audience that a Milwaukee politician blames a "culture of violence" which I assumed could be anything. The annoying part was the fact that they show a 2 second clip of Doom while saying this. I suppose video games are not out of the woods yet, and I was a bit too hopeful to assume that they were, but its quick little things like that on national television that annoy me. I suppose I would not have been annoyed if they had showed a clip of Mission Impossible or the TV show 24, so I might just be a bit sensitive to games, but it did annoy me

PC Games / What games would you reccomend?
« on: August 18, 2006, 10:51:30 am »
I am buying my first real "gaming" computer, and I am curious what games you guys would reccomend for it. I am of course going to buy oblivion, and upgrade my counterstrike from 1.6 to source, but I would appreciate anyone's opinion. Thanks in advance

Spore: General / Just a few random thoughts.
« on: April 20, 2006, 03:47:03 pm »
 When your in the village level I wounder if you can fish for somone else's animal?
I wounder if you could give a disease to another culture or your own that was based in somone else's microb stage?
when you blow up a planet I wounder how many different kinds of creatures you just killed beyond the intellegent ones?
 Could your outer colonys rebel and become their own entity if they were left alone too long? Civil war?

 Most of this is highly doubtful but it is fun to think isnt it. Of course if anyone has heard of such a thing please fill me in.

 Has anyone else thought of some interesting concepts they dont think will actualy be put into this game, but maybe an expansion?

Portable Games / Interesting DS game release on April 25th
« on: April 16, 2006, 03:01:54 pm »
  The games called LostMagic. Its an RPG where you play as a young spellcaster who has to save the world. (Not to origonal a story line I know) The interesting thing is that the battles are in real time and the spells are cast with the stylis. (think Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow spellcast system) You can also capture monsters too fight along side of you. Finaly it is Wi/Fi enabled, that means 2 players can battle each other without needing a friend code. The game looks promising and I am looking into it.

PC Games / Just thinking about a new kind of game...
« on: April 05, 2006, 03:35:18 pm »
  One might say that I wasnt paying much attention in Biology class today. We were learning about the body's ability to fight off infections through its different defences. I had heard all this before in previous years, and jotted down some things that I might want to reveiw, then I began to think about the first level of the spore game. I thought about how I had never heard about a video game set only in the cellular level. I thought that it would be pretty cool to piolot a white blood cell around the human body too defend from illness in a 3D envirement. There could be several possibilities from a MMORPG type setup where players act as white blood cells, and the immune system, or it could be a single player game like spore, but your trying to become the dominant cell in a petri dish. Heck, you could be a virus or bacteria if you wanted too. I could also see a cell being controled like a ship in the FreeLancer game. All of this is fairly rough, and I dont know wether it would even interest the average person, but when you see the same old fantasy/futuristic gaming elements recycled in slightly different ways, it might be cool to try somthen different. I was curious wether anyone else out there had ever thought of a pretty cool game idea they would like to see. I was also curious about what you would think about such a game like the one I was thinking about. Without new ideas, it will be difficult to keep the video game industry fresh ya know?

PC Games / Fun, free, and multiplayer war based MMOGs
« on: January 22, 2006, 05:05:05 pm » I havent played the game yet, but It seems to be a tank version of this next game

In Navyfield, up to 128 players may join others and create fleets and engage in naval battles. Teamwork is essential for victory. Aircraft carriers will need a destroyer escort while the carrier launches aircrafts to scout and bomb enemy fleets. Carriers can help cornered destroyers from distances. Operating a warship is not an easy task in order to improve player’s skill, many training missions are included. Navyfield provides diversified battle modes including a capture-the-flag style “Operation Convoy”. D-day style “Harbor Assault” will be implemented soon

  YOu can join serveral different countrys and each country has a different tec tree for their boats. Im currently lvl 20 in my ship, and you begin to notice a slight grind after lvl 17 but if you like to play a bit each day then this is for you.

 I am going to wait for all three systems to be released becuase

1. Price- Once all three are out there will be some good deals out there (not to mention bundle packs)
2. Hype- after we are removed from the hype of the release, I will be able to make a choice based on what matters
3. Compare- I can truly compare which system is best for me.
4. Games- After I wait a while I can see what games a system seems to be leaning too. (ie PSP leans sports and racing, while DS leans platformer, rpg, and creative things.)

  Good luck in your console choosing


 I challenge you to watch this and not laugh, (even if you have seen it a few times) I love it  :)

PC Games / Free MMO game list links
« on: December 18, 2005, 03:25:11 pm »
  In the past year or so I have looked on and off for a good MMO game that you could play for free. I have played a few good games, (runescape, conqueronline, ect.) and a few bad ones, but these 2 sites have pretty good lists that you might want to try out. I havnt had the time too look through and download them all yet, though.

and the 2nd site

PC Games / Fable the lost chapters Might have been leaked
« on: September 20, 2005, 06:20:35 pm »
I dont know if this is new news or what, but I was looking around the net for new info about FLC and I noticed many sites that claim to have Fable the lost chapters fully downloadable. Its quite sad that people have to play it for free and cant play a few bucks to play it leagly. I just wounder how the heck it got leaked in the first place.  ???

PC Games / Pretty cool game
« on: September 13, 2005, 07:30:58 pm »
 I just found out about this game called freelancer. It came out in 2003 and is an arcade style space simulator with rpg elements.

Gamestop reviews it here

And there is a free trial here

It as multiplayer and open ended gameplay elements in it as well. the gprahics are very good for the low system requirements even my dell 2400 can play it.

 Since it came out in 2003, and wasnt very popular it sells at a bargan price. Just thought youd like to know  ;D

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