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Somewhere in the background, a klaxon cried out into the hull of the ship. Vakir awoke with a start at the shrill wails, smelling smoke. But not through his own nostrils. Through his host's.

Damn engine must've choked on something again... I told those swabs to keep outta there! he thought, muttering incoherently as his tentacles wriggled inside his deceased host, stirring its carcass into action. His host's arm reached out and scratched the bony surface of its face as Vakir recovered from the daze of sleep.

"Critical malfunction detected, fires on decks three through seven detected, engine five structural damage detected, plasma vat one destabilization detected, fuel line two..." The computer droned on about various errors it had detected over the intercom.

AI must be on the fritz too... So many credits, gone because of those fools! Captain can't even get a wink o' sleep 'round here, having to babysit the crew all the time!

"Shut up, ya piece o' ****, I'm gettin' to fixin' things!" Vakir yelled at the computer. His host grabbed a plasma cutter in one hand and an old-fashioned wrench in another, dragging them through the door with it and stumbling down the corridor, still half asleep. Vakir should've listened to the computer; the problem was with the engines, but he was going toward the bridge. Not that any of that would matter in, oh, five seconds.


Vakir had never felt such pain in his life. Necrobain are very sensitive to vibration, and three industrial-grade engines and five plasma tanks exploding was enough to kill most Necrobain. But Vakir, seasoned and salted through years of space-travel, was not most Necrobain. The violence of the impact may have shaken him from his host, but he would find a way to survive.

"System failure imminent, dispatching distress signal," spoke the computer, its voice running the gamut of high to low throughout the phrase.

"Of course!" muttered Vakir aloud, to no one in particular. "No host, no crew, no supplies all on a wrecked ship, but at least the distress signal is sent out! Tell me, oh omnipotent one, how long can I expect to wait here, huh? Go on!" No reply. The power flickered, then shutdown. "That'd be why," Vakir sighed, contented to his death.

If only some passerby would discover him. Someone brave enough to set foot in an unknown zone, inhabited by an unknown species - The Necrobain!

Spore: Creation Corner / The Necrobain - Peaceful Parasites
« on: April 10, 2009, 10:59:48 am »
Ahhh the Necrobain, a species ancient in form but (relatively) recent in intelligence! Having just recently claimed a small portion of space as their own, the Necrobain would like to make themselves known.

The Necrobain are a race of small skittering parasites; their natural forms possess eight spidercrab-like legs, a lobster-like tail and a thin fin shaped body with three round eyes. It's tough to describe, I know; I have a picture but the scanner is busted. If anyone wants to take a crack at drawing them, I could post some MS Paint mockups.

The normal Necrobain only lives about 72 hours. That is, without a host. You see, the Necrobain, being parasites, need a host body to survive having no way to carry out chemical exchange naturally. The major difference between the Necrobain and normal parasites, however, is that their host most be dead! While able to "hitch a ride" on the respiratory systems of living beings, they cannot overpower the mind. They have thus adapted to "reanimate" necrotic flesh through a series of nervous tentacles dispensed through their natural mouth.

There are just three Necrobain organs; the brain, stomach, and controller. The brain, obviously, does the thinking. It is located behind the eyes and above the mouth. The stomach is directly attached to the mouth, digesting and then dispersing nutrients throughout the Necrobain. The controller is a special organ in the tail, which is essentially a coil of nervous tentacles. These go through a small opening in the stomach and out through the mouth so as to burrow into the host and take control. Males have four tentacles, females three (the extra tentacles is for sparring, and is capable of delivering powerful electric jolts capable of dislodging a rival from his host; females lack this capability).

The host's necrotic flesh is slowly digested from the inside out by the Necrobain, and so must occasionally be replaced. This is a natural process thought to encourage genetic variation, as the Necrobain pass on bits of their hosts' DNA during mating. Mating is accomplished by the female releasing eggs into a special cavity in the tail, which inhales a small cloud of sperm ejected in a gaseous form by the male. The female lays her eggs inside the host, and then attaches herself to a new host; this allows both parent and child to eat.

In summary:
-Cannot live more than 72 hours without a host, living or otherwise.
-Can only control dead hosts; the living can support the Necrobain, but not controlled. Attaching to a living being is painful for both.
-Cannot attach to plants or plant-like beings; needs a respiratory system in host.
-Hosts are slowly digested over time.
-Males can send powerful jolts of electricity through a whip-like tentacle.

There was once a time where Necrobain society consisted of many forms of undead "life" but developments in genetic engineering have produced a two caste system; the Citizenry, normal Necrobain who are given a standard form (explained below) and the Leaders, given a special form made for their extravagant lifestyle.

Due to cultural taboo, however, Leaders are rarely seen by other species. Each Necrobain-ruled world has one elected dictator Leader, and they may never leave. Leaders may be impeached at any time through a majority vote by the populace, and any Leader impeached is immediately put to death. Leaders serve an everlasting term, only ending with impeachment.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Working on a fantasy setting, need advice...
« on: February 27, 2009, 08:37:08 pm »
Well, okay... Here's my spur of the moment idea that I'd like to develop. The setting interests me and seems like a good place for a game or story.

It's a terran, earth-like world with your basic fantasy staples such as dragons, mid evil humans and magic. The difference here is, whereas in most settings only a select few have the patience and wisdom to harness magic and becomes wizards (or witchs or warlocks or whatever), in this setting everyone has some magical ability.

Thousands of years before any stories/games would be set, there was a great and prosperous kingdom, Arcanikaz (working title). As you may have guessed, the inhabitants wielded Arcane magic, a very special school of magic that will be explained in more detail if y'all want. But you see, Arcanikaz had a problem; it was becoming less of a nation and more of a city as horrible urban sprawl set in (think Zul'Drak from warcraft).

As the great city began spreading further and further from its center, the focal point of all magic and the source of the population's arcane powers, the more far-flung citizens noticed bizarre changes in their magic. They were losing their mastery of the arcane, and began to develop the ability to warp the surrounding elements.

However, the so-called pureblood center dwellers, those that still practiced the arcane (and were also the wealthiest of citizens) did not take kindly to this, and enslaved these "lesser" peoples. Civil war broke out within Arcanikaz, and while the huge city was reduced to ruins, the various peoples fled far from each other, losing contact for hundreds of years, and eventually forgetting that the others had ever existed.

A few hundred years before the game/story/whatever is set, these scattered tribes have regrown into prosperous nations. While technologically primitive (think Vikings-era), they have mastered their respective fields of magic and, for the most part, have rediscovered each other. They now get along (again, for the most part) and trade flows freely. Everyone wins!

During the time period of the game/story... The great nations are at war! It has been discovered that someone has poisoned the Great World Tree, whose roots hold the very planet together; if it dies, the planet will collapse. Everyone is quick to accuse one nation or another of doing this deed, and they all hate each other. But now, military movement has begun. Rumors circulating throughout the world tell of a great artifact located in the (now lost) ruins of Arcanikaz that can cure the tree... And bring power to the wielder.

Now the nations are tearing at each other's throats, trying to cure the world tree but too bigoted to do so in a timely manor. To make matters worse, their powers are changing in new and unpredictable ways, branching out into more specialized fields within each element.


Everything Else / Help me out with a school project?
« on: February 09, 2009, 06:58:25 pm »
'Aight, I've been tasked with the awesome responsibility of creating a made-up beast from different pictures in Image Editing class.

Problem is, I can't find too many pictures. I'm going for flat out ridiculously beastly awesome pwnage here.

Some examples of my high standards of beastosity include (but are not limited to):

I don't know how to resize them, but I don't know if I would; they're raw pwnage is exhilarating.

Halp me? Gewd. Happy hunting.

Spore: Creation Corner / Back in Black (and Blue) - The Korul
« on: February 07, 2009, 08:28:56 pm »
Presenting a creation I love so much it actually thawed my frozen interest in RP... The Korul!!
(Anybody know how to resize that image? When they say TinyPic, they aren't kidding!)

These tripodal formics originate from the ice world of Koroth (roughly translated as Korul Home in the native language). It is there they evolved in glacial caverns toward the world's northern pole, slowly making their way south as civilization expanded.

Standing roughly seven feet tall and weighing several hundred pounds, the Korul have a very slow, deliberate style of movement. This is reflected psychologically; Korul are very calculating, thoughtful and cautious. Generous and kind, the Korul are always willing to lend a hand to their friends, but anyone who ever does anything negative to Korul is wanted throughout the entire empire. Simple as that. The Korul either love you or hate you; there is no middle ground.

Korul are completely blind, despite having four vestigial eyes. However, they have other senses to compensate; a lateral line-like system allows them to detect electrical muscle pulses in other organisms, and a sort of 'thermal sense' that allows them to naturally seek out heated areas. Their hearing is sharp and their sense of smell isn't terrible, but taste simply never evolved. The limbs are completely devoid of any sense of touch, while the spines across the back are very sensitive.

Most of the Korul's organs come in set of four to five, with their brain being spread evenly throughout the torso. This decentralized, redundant nature is meant to ensure resiliency. One may wonder how the Korul can calorically afford to keep so many organs alive in an environ so sparse in food. The answer? They don't! One organ is kept alive at a time, while the others are essentially necrotic! The backup organs are thawed and activated whenever the previous organ is rendered useless. This process takes days, however, leaving the Korul doubled over in pain and completely defenseless for the duration of the transition.

More on the way.

Spore: General / Unable to access cheat panel!!
« on: February 07, 2009, 06:35:58 pm »
I can't access the cheat panel anymore! I have a new creature, Smisk, and I really wanna just go ahead an play space with it in preparation for Galactic Adventures (anybody know when it's coming out?), so I figured I'd just shift+ctrl+c and use evoadvantage then play to space.

Anybody know a way to fix this? A more efficient way to jump directly to space? And what's the code to set your consequence traits again?


Spore: General / Creature Creator vs Spore?
« on: November 26, 2008, 07:05:55 pm »
I've been having trouble patching Spore, so I think I'm just going to go with the Creature Creator. But before I do, I must ask: In the CC, can I get the new graphics and animations updates? What about the new limbs?

I never really use Spore for anything but the occasional creature now, as I've experienced pretty much everything in the campaign. There just isn't any variety or depth to it, and I've played all walks of life throughout. I'm bored with it. The CC I can just run in the background while I do other things.

Any thoughts?

PC Games / Core Affinity and Priority Changes in WoW?
« on: November 24, 2008, 01:51:36 pm »
I have a dual-core system, running Vista Premium, and it seems like Core 2 is never used. So I got the bright idea to move my games over there and let everything else run on Core 1. I'm a little unsure if this will help, however. I also want to try altering resource priority, but whenever I'm about to, Windows pops an error about this causing system instability. What should I do? Will this help at all? The main game I'm looking at is WoW, but if it's possible with Spore that'd be nice.

Not like I really play much Spore anymore. I waited four years for it, but all I do is create creatures. The game's lack of depth really turned me off. Let the games begin. >=}

Spore: General / Patch .exe anywhere?
« on: November 23, 2008, 08:16:22 pm »
Is there a way to get the patches in .exe form? I know a couple people posted links to them when they first came out, but I can't find them anymore. I tried getting the EADM and installing them in-game, but when I tell it to install the patch, it just goes immediately to the installation failed message. I have no idea why. I have never been able to successfully patch Spore, not even with the first patch. But now I REALLY want those new parts.

Can someone either tell me how to fix the in-game installer or give me links to the .exe versions?

Spore: General / Sales am great, yes?
« on: November 03, 2008, 07:46:54 pm »

The yellow sticker means it gets a 40% discount.

PC Games / Back in WoW
« on: October 29, 2008, 08:29:17 pm »
After two years, my account has come out of suspended animation in preparation for Wrath of the Lich King. Though I'm only level 32 (Stop laughing!), I plan to buy Wotlk. Anyway, If you're messing around on the Elune server, gimme a ring: Geohevy, the gnome warrior.

Spore: General / A Proper Understanding of Spore's DRM
« on: October 25, 2008, 08:08:13 pm »
As demonstrated by the following, enlightening video, Spore's restrictive, invasive, and frustrating DRM system exists for the good of the human race and our continued technological progression as a species.

If it were not for this system, which has prevented all attempts at piracy thus far, and is so immaculate that it in fact stops many attempts at legitimate usage, the computer age would end.

Please view the following video in order to properly understand the importance of DRM:

(I swear this is not a rick roll.)

Spore: General / Spore refuses to install!
« on: October 15, 2008, 07:04:40 pm »
Spore will no longer install on my computer. I had it running today, and it was a fresh install so it wanted me to install the patch. So I do. I then fire up Spore again (after the patcher said it succeeded) and an error pops up: "Error 1004: The game cannot find data files needed to run!" Or something to that effect.

So I uninstall Spore, and then try to reinstall it. When it begins to install, the disc starts clicking wildly and a pop-up comes up saying that a certain file cannot be installed because the file and directory is corrupt and unreadable. I've tried to install three times now, and this pops up every time. It is listed as error 0x570.

Is this because I've used up all my SecuROM approved installs? I only installed it once before I reformatted, then once after that!

I'm really at a loss for words here...

PC Games / Looking for an Adventure
« on: October 10, 2008, 05:39:27 pm »
So I got bored recently and was falling into depression, so I decided to pull out the big guns of fun: Warcraft III (and Frozen Throne). Thing is, all this medieval tomfoolery, combined with my recent discovery of Unforgotten Realms, has me hankering for a good D&D style adventure. Anybody know of one?

Spore: General / Recovery Partition vs Spore - FIGHT!
« on: October 03, 2008, 07:50:19 pm »
So for various reasons, I need to reset my lappy with the built-in recovery partition. But I\'m a little afraid to, as I\'m not sure how this will affect Spore... Is there a way to back up my saves? What will this do to my account? Do you think it\'ll whine when I reinstall? I\'ll be down to three installs after this... I hate DRM.

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