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Storytelling and Roleplaying / Ontological Mystery
« on: March 15, 2011, 07:30:59 pm »
Yes, I know I haven't been around here in ages. College does that, apparently... Yes, I know Containment Leak is still hanging. Unfortunately, I feel I've been on hiatus far too long to properly drum up a voting base again, especially now that the thread is well over 10 pages long. I don't want anyone to have to reread that much to get back into the story. Hence, I've decided to start fresh this time with a classic ontological mystery. Onward, ho!

All you remember is pain from the missing time. Pain and abject horror. The first thing you notice is the overpowering scent of sweat and body odor, so strong you can taste it, causing you to cough and gag. Dazed and disoriented, you struggle to open your eyes, only to find them seemingly paralyzed, unable to even move your eyeballs under the lids. You panic for a brief instant before you fight it down and begin to take stock of the situation. Carefully feeling about, you find yourself in your bed, the familiar nightstand nearby, with the same clock and lamp as always. You aren't in your clothes, though, as the shirt you are wearing is easily two sizes too small, while the pants are long and baggy. Taking a deep breath to steady yourself, you hear and feel several of the seams and buttons on the shirt give way. At least it wasn't strangling you anymore. The room is otherwise completely silent, save for the ragged sounds of your breathing and the faint whistling breaths of someone else nearby, presumably your roommate still asleep.

You know there's a clinic on the grounds, not too far from your room, but you worry about making your way there blind. Rolling over, you manage to sit up on the bed, wincing as your entire body protests the movement. You hold onto the nightstand for support until the wave of dizziness passes. Feeling something in your pockets, you search them for any sort of clue to what had happened. You pull out a familiar-feeling pocket knife, cell phone, keyring, and wallet, along with several wadded up papers that could have been anything from napkins to notes to dollars. Fumbling the wallet open, you find a host of cards and dollar bills, but who the former belonged to and the denominations of the latter were a mystery. Now that you feel you've assessed the situation as well as you can, you try to calmly think of what to do next.

(1) Pocket knife with (4) attachments: Knife, Scissors, Corkscrew, Screwdriver
(1) Cellphone
(1) Wallet with ( 8 ) cards and (20) bills of unknown value
(1) Keyring with (5) keys and (1) bottle opener

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / [AC] Cascade of Reason OOC
« on: January 09, 2010, 03:39:01 pm »
RP is Here

A bit too soon? I don't know. I want to make it official. I'm less likely to back out if there's already a thread.  :D

If anyone else is in the area of Sector Alpha 1,1 (see map), I suppose you could join to make this a three-participant RP.

So far what's the plan? Depending on how far the systems are apart, radio broadcasts from Tuul may or may not have reached Kota yet. If they have FTL, then perhaps the generation ship could pick it up as it was traveling?

Spore: Creation Corner / [AC] Phaaruun
« on: January 04, 2010, 07:49:10 pm »

((Rough Sketch, proper art comming later))


Like most of their homeworld's inhabitants, the Phaaruun posses six limbs. The first pair have evolved into massive taloned hands. For the most part, these are used for locomotion, but can be turned into vicious bludgeons if needed. The second, smallest pair, have developed long fingers and reach forward to manipulate objects and bring them to the "mouth". The third, final pair are moderately strong and again used for locomotion. These end in a foot with three toes with large nails.

Their skin is generally tough and slightly rubbery in texture, protected by a layer of subcutaneous fat. Except for the "head", the vocal sacks, and the palms/soles of the hands and feet, the entirety of the Phaaruun body is covered with downy, hair-like feathers. Above this soft layer is a sparse scattering of stiff, quill-like guard hairs.

The "head" of the Phaaruun does not contain any structures beyond an opening for the tongue and feeding apparatus to enter and exit. The brain and main sensory organs are contained within the massive hump on the shoulders, as well as the nostrils and vocal sacks.

Phaaruun have four senses; taste-smell, touch, hearing, and electric. The long tongue is flicked in and out of the "mouth" to taste the air, much the same way a snake does. Like the vast majority of carbon-based life forms, they react to direct touch. Their electrical sense works much the same as echolocation. They will generate a magnetic pulse, then wait for it to generate a current in anything metallic. They then sense this change in electrical charge as a fluctuation in the small field they generate themselves, like a knifefish on Earth. This only works at short range, though, and was evolved to determine whether an object was food or not. The vast majority of lifeforms on Uunaam reconstitute electrically conductive metals to assist in making their envois connections more efficient, like wires.

Despite their love for loud music, Phaaruun actually have excellent hearing within a short range of high-pitched frequencies, which they use for echolocation. The clicks and squeals are produced within the vocal sacks themselves, then focused by an oil-filled melon contained in the shoulder hump. Unfortunately for any crystalline races susceptible to shattering from resonance, these noises are of considerable volume and piercing quality. Phaaruun can quite easily induce resonance in many crystal structures without even realizing it. Lower range sounds, produced by expelling air out of the six nostril flaps on the flanks, are used for communication, and are of average volume.

The path of air for the breathing Phaaruun is as follows; From the large intake nostril at the top of the shoulder hump, the air is sucked into the single, central lung. From there, it is expelled into the vocal sacks and can either be used to produce echolocation clicks, "speech", or simply exhaled out of the flapped nostrils on the flanks. Most Phaaruun are capable of "speaking" with one sack while echolocating with the other.

Phaaruun reproduce sexually, with a male and a female. At first glance, there is little outward difference between the two, but on closer inspection it is noted that the males possess a pouch on their chest area, opening forward. The female has no such opening. Phaaruun lay up to four eggs at a time, which are then incubated in the father's pouch for several months. The young stay within the pouch for nearly a month after as they develop a coat of fur to survive the cold.

Phaaruun are liquivores, much like spiders. After taking down a prey item, (or ordering their meal), a pair of long, hollow tubes are inserted into the flesh, assisted by several sharp, blade-like structures that also emerge from the "mouth". Once the tubes are in place, one injects an enzyme into the food, while the other sucks the liquified material into the stomach. The enzyme works best when the meal is at just below the average body temperature for a Uunaam lifeform, but can work even in frozen carcasses. Water is ingested the same way, just without the digestive enzyme.


Main Star: Tuul
A variable, pulsing star, it has of late become relatively stable due to a massive release of energy in the form of a coronal mass ejection. Other than this, it is a general, main sequence star, ranging from 80% to 60% the size/luminosity of our sun over the course of several Earth months.

Asteroid belt: Remains of a planet that wandered too close to Tuul and was torn apart by the gravitational forces. No interest beyond possible mining expeditions.

Planet 1: Pheh
Small, rocky world with no atmosphere. Irradiated from close exposure to Tuul. Deemed inhospitable. Has three captured asteroids for moons.

Phaaruun Homeworld: Uunaam
About 150% Earth's size, with a gravity field to match. The standard Nitrogen/Oxygen atmosphere has been thinned considerably by the CME, but is still breathable by Phaaruun near sea level. The majority of the planet's water is locked up in the form of ice, and few large bodies of water exist. Thus, the planet can be considered a single supercontinent. Due to Tuul's variable nature, the planet experiences an ice age once every few months. This, more so than the planet's negligible tilt, is what causes seasons on Uunaam.

What little of the planet that remains unfrozen even in the "winter" teems with life, covered with vast grasslands that often flood during the "summer". The rest of the planet, though, is mostly ice-covered. That is not to say that it is lifeless, though. Various plants have developed extremely efficient life cycles that allow them to survive on what little nutrients they can gather, usually only growing and reproducing during the "summer". Phaaruun are native to this habitat, and occupy a similar niche to Earth wolves, hunting in packs to take down most prey, save larger carnivores.

Large portions of the planet are now covered in urban sprawl, both from the pre and post-CME era. It's usually obvious which is which, but in many places the two have melded together, the new imitating the old instead of just adding onto it or replacing it. About half of the planet is still slightly irradiated from the CME, but life is starting to finally return after thousands of years.

Uunaam has four moons, but all but one are too small to be of any real use, merely captured asteroids. The largest moon, Nuu, is about a quarter of Uunaam's size and possesses a very thin atmosphere of mostly heavier, exotic gases such as Neon and Chlorine. It was quickly skipped over for colonization.

Planet 3: Aamuure
Generally considered to be Uunaam's twin of sorts, possesses a much thicker atmosphere and stronger magnetic field due to its somewhat larger size and rapid spin. These both protected it from the CME, and basic life has continued to survive here. The thick atmosphere also acts like a blanket, keeping the planet's temperature relatively constant despite Tuul's fluctuations. Was originally targeted for colonization even before Uunaam's moons, and has once again gained that status. First preliminary colonies are being set down, but they are still heavily reliant on Uunaam for supplies.

Planet 4: Druun
Massive gas giant, tinted blue by the presence of methane. Has hundreds of moons, but none large enough to be of any significance. Effectively sweeps up any stray comets and asteroids in the system.

Personality and History

Many peacemakers across the galaxy insist that tolerance of other cultures is the key to the continued state of peace in the universe. The Phaaruun couldn't agree more. It's too bad that the opposite isn't usually true. It's not that they have a grating personality; indeed, they are quite friendly towards foreigners. It's that they never seem to take anything seriously. They will continue their celebration of life come war, disease, famine, or threats of apocalyptic destruction. Nothing, absolutely nothing will get between a Phaaruun and his enjoyment of himself and others. Even in the face of certain death, they remain giddy and positively chipper.

The majority of Phaaruun history has been lost to the ages due to a catastrophic event that nearly ended their civilization several hundred years ago. The species had nearly made it to space, and was desperately seeking to colonize other worlds, as their homeworld was running dangerously low on living space. They reached for the stars, unknowing that their local star was in a turbulent state. It was already a variable star, pulsing larger and smaller over the course of several months. One day, the sun finally released all its pent up energy in a coronal mass ejection the likes of which no being had seen in millions of years. All equipment failed, all sensors were fried, all life on the day side was instantly killed by the radiation. Auroras could be seen almost all the way to the equator as energized particles bombarded the atmosphere. To this day, life on the planet is still recovering, and the half of the planet that happened to be facing the sun is only just now becoming safe to inhabit again.

With half their population wiped out and all their technological advances reduced to nothing more than scrap metal, the remaining Phaaruun struggled to survive on what little was left. The largest problem was how to get food. In their thousands of years of civilization, they had gotten to the point where almost the entire food production system was automated. The only place the average Phaaruun saw the creatures they ate was either in a zoo or in an informational text. Needless to say, millions starved to death by the end of the year. By the end of the decade, they had been reduced to near tribal levels.

The once unified planet split into various factions, warring over what little farmland and livestock was left. Slowly, though, the technological infrastructure was rebuilt, starting with salvaging what little was left. One nation in particular advanced at breakneck speed, returning its citizens to the pre-apocalyptic standard of living after only 500 years of steady work. Its head of state, in an unusually compassionate move (or a deviously clever one), moved to accept all Phaaruun into her country. Those few who didn't jump at the chance due to nationalism, religious intolerance, or simple stubbornness soon found themselves the vast minority, a tiny portion of the population. They were quickly eliminated.

From this experience, the primarily religion of the Phaaruun developed. Simply put, its messages are "Party hard while you still can, because you or your companions may not wake up tomorrow," and, branching off of that, "Don't waste your time on the negative, because it will always be there. Instead, focus on the positive, and take comfort that it'll always be there, too. Both may change their faces, but they are always present."


The fist thing one notices about a Phaaruun is his unbelievably happy state of mind. Not necessarily optimistic, as he acknowledges that the negative exists, but all in all having a good time. Giddy is the word often used. It is often mistaken that Phaaruun simply don't understand the gravity of the situation they're in. They fully know that their state is dire, it's that they just don't care. They don't give a darn that they're going to die a long, horrible death, since they know they've gotten all the pleasure out of life that they could have. Typical interrogation techniques simply don't work on them. If the Phaaruun mindset were to be summed up in three words, it would be "I REGRET NOTHING!"

Though the Phaaruun technically have a military force, it is almost entirely useless for actual war. The "soldiers" often have absolutely no combat experience, even in simulation, and for the most part act as an emergency relief team, aiding those in danger from disease or natural disasters. Outside of this, they really have no purpose. Phaaruun communities tend to police themselves, with all individuals highly concerned with how he or she is viewed by the others. Actual punishments are rarely delivered, but when they are, it is almost always either indefinite solitary confinement, physical torture, or death. Few other things affect the Phaaruun mindset enough to be considered punishment.

Phaaruun do not have holidays in the traditional sense. Each day, a topic is selected to be thought about and celebrated as the individual sees fit. Phaaruun are basically given the excuse to party daily. Occasionally, there will be a "Free Topic Day", at which point Phaaruun celebrate for the sake of celebration. Common topics include the existence of various things, such as food, air, steel, electricity, or even Phaaruun themselves.

Phaaruun communal celebrations are noteworthy for their musical accompaniment. Anyone with the willingness to do so composes the soundtrack to the party, often with at least 10 artists contributing to the project. Phaaruun music is created by layering various patterns of beats to create highly complex, thumping rhythms, nearly fractal in nature. Some races find it highly relaxing… as long as it is played at levels other than the usual ear-shattering, lung-collapsing thumps of the average Phaaruun celebration. A few more fragile beings have lost their lives to the rave.

Can't post much more now, kind of tied up at the moment. Proper scanned image due Thrusday at the earliest.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Containment Leak -- A poll game
« on: December 07, 2009, 08:40:51 pm »
Inspired by Boswell's recent thread and Snork's ever-awesome Octopus Theory, here comes the tale of Julia Vega.

Day 1

You are walking home from work along your usual route. The sun is setting, and you quicken your pace so you can get home before it gets too dark. You pass the same small park, the same bus stop, the same brick buildings you always do. Just another boring, monotonous day. You hope there will at least be something interesting on the TV once you get home.

As you near your apartment building, you notice three men arguing near the front entrance. You can't make out what they are saying, and can't remember seeing any of them before, though one of them is vaguely familiar, likely a neighbor. As you walk closer, their debate grows more heated, going on about stocks, government, paychecks, research grants, who owes what to whom. You figure it's nothing more than typical workplace squabble, and continue on, not taking notice.

You have your hand on the building's front door when you feel a hand roughly grab you by the back of your shirt. You try to yell out but your mouth is quickly covered with a gloved hand. In a panic, you struggle and try to bite down on the hand, but can't get free. As you are dragged back into the alley beside your building, you can see two of the three arguing men looking shocked. Apparently, the third had grabbed you.

What happened next was a blur. You heard a gun cock near your ear, saw one of the other men pull out one of his own. His hand shook badly from fright, though. There were cries of "Don't do this! Listen to me!" and assurances that they could work this out without violence if he let you go. Your captor yelled in rage and fear, claiming that this was the only way to get his just share. Threats were exchanged, and before long you felt the cold touch of your captor's gun against your head. That was when three shots were fired. You felt a stabbing, burning pain streak across your side. Both you and your captor shouted in pain and surprise. The last thing you can clearly remember was collapsing to the pavement, hitting your head on the concrete, then a fuzzy blur until you awoke in the hospital bed.

Day 2

You learn it's been nearly a day since the shooting. The police are still piecing together the details, but the three men have been apprehended based on witness accounts. You'll probably be called in eventually to confirm their identities. The doctor says that you were only grazed by one of the bullets, and that he was more worried about the minor concussion you received when you hit the pavement. He gives you the standard test, checking your eyes and grip, and finds that you're getting better and should be able to leave by tomorrow.

"Is the burning in my side normal? It also kind of itches," you tell him.
"You should be fine in a few days. Don't scratch at it though, you'll ruin the stitches."

You're satisfied with the answer, but GOD, your side hurts! You hope it will be gone by the time they release you tomorrow.

Thoughts, comments, suggestions? The story sucks? You can see it from a mile away? Just shut up and get to the point?

Updates on weekdays or when the poll hits 5 votes, whichever comes first. when there's a clear majority in the poll. As this is winding back up, I'll take as few as two votes for an option as the winner.

EDIT: Confrimed Abilities:

  • Consume Living Organisms
  • Consume Latex
  • Strength (200 lbs)
  • Attack and Grab at range (20 feet)
  • Heal moderate wounds
  • Harden? (Untested)

  • Basic Parasite Control (Retract and extend tentacles)
  • Consumption Control (Stop consuming and Start consuming)
  • Parasite Manipulation (Grab and lift objects)
  • Increased Speed (Much Faster than Olympic runner)
  • Increased Jumping Ability (Leap over 8 foot wall)
  • Reduced pain reception (Torso, lower body, and arms)
  • Strength (Legs and arms, able to break bones with a kick, arms slightly weaker)
  • Survive fall (at least 5 stories)

EDIT2: Character Pieces
The Source

Art / Eclectic: A Webcomic by Guilmon
« on: November 24, 2009, 09:08:03 pm »

Welcome to Eclectic, a webcomic by my sister, Guilmon. The name is pretty apt; this comic's characters come from a variety of sources (mostly video games though :P). Most of the humor is going to be rather spontaneous, bizarre, and occasionally a little dark... Just like a good portion of the "funny" pictures in the Random Image Bonanza.

A quick note though: Since most of these characters are coming from video games, I'm getting the copyrights out of the way now before we get a case of mistaken origin.

Gordon Freeman and the Half-Life series -- Valve
Hunters and the Left 4 Dead series -- Valve
Jack Ryan (Rand) and Bioshock -- 2k (some artistic license taken)
Cole MacGrath and InFamous -- Suckerpunch Studios
Alex Mercer and [Prototype] -- Radical Entertainment

(Note: Clicking on any image will bring you to it's DeviantArt page to view full size and to add comments (for those with DeviantArt accounts, anyway). If for some reason you can't access DeviantArt, the comics are also hosted at Photobucket.)

Guilmon's DeviantArt Page
Photobucket Gallery


Character Profiles

Chapter 1: Parkour
Chapter 2: 3 Seconds
Chapter 3: Curse You, Bacteria
Chapter 4: Heeere's Jack!

Holiday Comics
Friday the 13th -- 2009
Thanksgiving -- 2009

Other Comics
Pilot/Concept art
Testing out Art Styles: Part 1

Forum Games / Video Game "Guess Who" Round 7!
« on: October 15, 2009, 04:20:24 pm »
Welcome to Video Game "Guess Who"! Here you are tested on your knowledge of video game characters by guessing the Mystery Character from only 4 clues. The one who answers with the correct answer first gets to post up the next Mystery Character, and anyone who guesses correctly gets points. Detailed rules below:

Rules for Playing:

1. Post your guess at the mystery character here. You get a total of 3 guesses in each round
2. Your guess can either be the name of the character or a general description of his/her position relative to the game/other characters. (For The Joker, for example, I would accept, "The Joker", "Batman's insane enemy", or "The insane villain in Batman" ("insane" needed because Batman had many major villains))
3. Correct answers will score you points (see below)
4. The first person to post a correct answer will post the next Mystery Character Quiz. This new Quiz, with answer, must be PM'ed to me within 48 hours of winning, so I can approve it. It will then be posted here by either me or the winner.
5. If a Mystery Character remains unguessed after 2 weeks, or if the winner does not want to post up a new Mystery Character, I will post up the new one.
6. If the answer is guessed within 24 hours or 5 posts of the Mystery Character being posted up, we will wait untill either condition is met.

Rules for Posting Mystery Characters:

1. Each quiz must have 4 clues.
2. Clues must not be obscure, easter eggs, speculation, or specific to only one gameplay path (good vs. bad)
3. Clues must not refer to any other character or event by name, as this would be too easy
4. Only main characters are eligible. This includes player characters, sidekicks/party members, and main villains. You may not use nameless enemies, minor allies/villains, or other minor NPC's.
5. You may not use any of the characters listed below, as they have been used within the last 2 months.
6. As far as video games go, please select from commercial games that are no older than about 10 years old, but no newer than 6 months old. (The original Half-life, for example, is about 10 years old, to give you an idea). You can use characters from older games, as long as they have a sequel that is less than 10 years old, such as Sonic.
7. You can use movie games.
8. Finally, please select a character of a game you have either played personally, or know very well (ie. you watched a complete walkthrough w/ cutscenes on youtube)

Correct guess: Specific name and first correct guess +5 points and post next Character
Correct guess: Non-specific and first correct guess +3 points and post next Character
Correct guess: Specific name, but not first +3 points
Correct guess: Non-specific, but not first +1 point
Mystery Character remains unguessed for 2 weeks +5 points
Incorrect Guess: Wrong character, right game +1 point
Incorrect Guess: Wrong game alltogether 0 points

Recent Characters:
Mario (Super Mario Series)
Glados (Portal)
Gordon Freeman (Half-LIfe Series)
Dr. Wright (Sim City)
Mr. Resetti (Animal Crossing: Wild World)
Nomad (Crysis)

Storytelling and Roleplaying / The TestDrive RP
« on: October 11, 2009, 10:33:31 am »
((OOC is here, General Rules are here. Enjoy, and have fun!))

Welcome to the town! Population... 0, but not for long. This small village has been abandoned, the former inhabitants fleeing from the strange portals that now plague the outskirts. While the origins of these rips in the fabric of reality are a mystery, they seem to connect to an infinite number of other realities. Every so often, something will come through one of them. Sometimes, it's nothing but trinkets; cups, pots, rocks, tiny skittering horrors from other worlds. Many times though, an intellegent being will come through. Some remember the trip, some don't... either way, they are now forced together in this town...

What will you do? Will you band together with your fellow castaways? Try to find a way back home? Perhaps even attempt to bring this forsaken place under your control? Choose wisely...

Jaden awoke with a start in a strange room. He didn't remember how he'd gotten here, and only barely recalled what he was doing last. Bewildered and a little bit frightened, he got up, and stumbled around the strange house he'd found himself in.

I must have been brought here... he thought to himself as he explored the building's rooms. But by who? There isn't a soul in sight! The small house he'd found himself in seemed to be rather rustic, but from what time period, he couldn't tell... The place was cleaned out, and only the bed and some other large pieces of furniture were left, along with a piano (badly in need of a tune) in what he guessed was once a living room. It was chilling to see all the empty rooms... especially when they gave him no clues as to where he was, or even when he was...

Tired, and a touch frightened, from looking through the empty rooms, Jaden found the front door and walked out into the sunlight...

The RP itself is here.

As I posted in the RP Planning Thread, I feel we need a thread for both newbies and vets to try out new characters and hone their RPing skills. The goal here is to create a place that will allow any character to exist, from mage, to half-alien hybrids, to your Spore Creature, to Joe Average. Thus, plot will be minimal, and the story, if any, will be driven by character interaction. Though there are no official "villains", your character doesn't have to play nice. The more "heroic" characters will likely try to thwart you if you try to make everyone miserable, though, so be warned! :)

Basically, this RP is for you if you...

a) Are relatively new to RPing and want to practice or prove your skill.
b) Have a new character you want to play as a bit before you enter him/her in a more "serious" RP
c) Just want to have some RPing fun without having to slot your character into a certain "ruleset" (steampunk, sci-fi, fantasy, spore, etc.) or read a bunch of backstory.

NOTE: This thread also services the Spore RP section. Spore races are allowed, but only as long as they have a thread in the Spore Creation Corner.

Now, on to the rules:

Characters: You can have any character you want in this RP, including Non-humans (cats, dragons, spore races, etc). Just make sure they are able to communicate with the others.

Rules: In general, refer to the General Guidelines for Role Playing at Gaming Steve. Other than that, you can post multiple characters, but you can only play as one, maybe two at a time. When you are ready to switch characters, please don't leave them hanging. Some suggestions include: passing him/her off onto another player, making him/her a minor character that anyone can control (like a shopkeeper or a guard), killing him/her, or having him/her leave the town.

Setting: Planet Earth, a small town, time period unknown. Strange portals have been opening nearby, rips in the fabric of reality. Occasionally, an intelligent being will be ejected. Sometimes, they remember comming through, sometimes they don't... Either way, the portals and newcomers have scared off the original inhabitants, leaving the town deserted. You are one of these newcomers. Will you try to escape back through the portals? Band together with the others? Or maybe try to rule them all?

Character sheet:

Name: Your character's name. If he/she has a nickname or alias, put them here as well.
Age: Your character's age. If he/she happens to look much older/younger than they actually are, make a note here.
Species: If your character isn't human, please use this section to say what they are.
Bio: Anything important about your character. Post backstory, personality, or anything else you want the other players to know here.
Abilities: List and explain the skills/powers of your character. For any character that isn't perfectly human, such as a superhero, mutant, or a wizard. If your character has no abilities, you can either put "none" or omit the section all together.

Character list:

Active Characters:
Darth Grievi: Jaden Talbot
Pie: Tevir Arvornei (a Zorikanian (Guard))
Detoxicated: Schnippendip Loopalope
Badger Man 22: Fenrir (With minions)
Neoadept: Augustus Waverly (native to timeline)
Gorman Cornall: Cain
SerenityGrace: Gabriella Glimermont
Snork: Drara Mak'rala (a Traeponis)

Minor Characters: (You can mention the actions of these)
Kenotai: Xure (a Vykusi)
Guilmon: Featherdream (A.K.A "Fluffy")

Inactive/Unplayed Characters: (Do not mention these)
Tesla: Oscar Foxtrot

The story so far...

The first few characters find themselves in an abandoned town, initially alone and confused. As they explore, they gradually group together to try to figure out why they are here. Many remember what they were doing prior to their teleportation, but a few draw blanks about the event. Some suspect that they were hand-picked, brought here for a reason. They're quite the eclectic group, but they decide to band together for now, which is fortunate, because not all of the town's new inhabitants feel like playing nice...

Besides the main group, two other beings have entered the town. One is an agent native to this timeline, Waverly, and the other is a demon-like being who calls himself Derav (realy by the name of Fenrir). Just as the Newcomers have started to organize themselves and plan for survival, they encounter Derav. He demands that they bow to him, but only a few comply. This is when the agent, Waverly, finally shows himself, dealing with the entity with an air of experience. A skirmish seems inevitable, but Derav dissappears in a column of flame, leaving the Newcomers in peace for now...

Having some time to themselves, the group begins to plan for the night. While Waverly and Schnippendip investigate the house Derav had appeared in, a small group led by Jaden decides to search for a place to sleep for the night. They think they've found it in a two-story house, but soon discover it is a trap laid by Derav. While Jaden and Cain fight off the ambushing zombie hoard, Drara comes to assist. They try their best to help defend the others trapped inside the house...

This has realy been bugging me lately. I've taken an intrest in gait simulation, things like Framsticks and Sodaplay. What I'm looking for is kind of an advanced Hybrid of the two.

I'm looking for a program that can take a skeleton and make it move, taking into account joint range and contact with a "floor" to propel itself forward. It needn't find the most efficient gait, or change the skeleton to make it more efficient, or anything like that. Heck, it doesn't even need to account for body weight or other, non-locomotive limbs.

Am I several years early, or does something like this exist?

Console Games / "Epic Mickey"
« on: September 28, 2009, 06:32:39 pm »
Link below.

Its still only in the concept stage now, but realy, the concept art is a treat in itself. Think Disney heavily mixed with a demented steampunk vibe... Can't wait to see what it turns into.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / The Arel Biosystem: Update 9
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Welcome to Arel. Population: Quite a few, none intelligent, though.

Its not much to look at now, but you, yes YOU, will guide one of the many primitive species here to become the head honcho, the galactic god, all that and a bag of chips. This isn't just Spore, this is Spore done right! But first, though, we need to start small...


1. Vote for your action in the Poll (options decided by situation)
2. Vote for your evolution in the Poll (Costs decided by "evolutionary effort" and actions preformed)
3. The winning action(s) will be played out in the next update, earning evopoints and other consequences
4. The winning evolution will be added to the list of suggested evolutions
5. If Mating Call is the winning action, we will enter the editor and evolve to the next generation
6. Evolutions will be added in order of cost. If the most expensive evolution costs more than our current evopoints, it will be skipped and added to the poll next generation at a reduced cost.
7. If an evolution is selected twice, it gets added twice, but at half power ad half cost. For example, if Increase HP won once, we'd increase HP by 2 points. If it won twice, it would increase by 3 (2+1).

Our Species
Panspermia terrilibis (Arrelata)

Population: 1/10
Diet: Omnivore (Liquivore, generalist)
Prefered Habitat: Swamp
Size: Tiny (4 in)
Speed: 1
Intelligence: 0/10
Senses: Sight (Black/White, basic images, depth)
Abilities: Suck (1 DP), Pierce (2 DP), Toxic Spit (Poison), Toxic Skin (Poison)

Suggested Evolutions: Increase Size (10 EP), Improve Intelligence (16 EP), Improve Sight (18 EP), Adapt to Swamp x2 (45 EP), Improve Attack (Suck) (3 EP), Adapt to Coast (30 EP)

Only two main series so far... I have more planned (Including a remake of the Elbeasts on... story arc), but since they all take place in the same timeline, I want to introduce their main characters (captains) via Strange New Worlds first, to help tie things together. Besides the fact that no one will play any of my missions besdes Strange New Worlds anyway, since they're all locked captain... :-\

Strange New Worlds -- Open Captain, Epic, 81 missions planned (6 created) (See Below)
Night Wraith -- Locked Captain, Epic, (In Development)

Strange New Worlds

Now, I'll admit, I'm not in this to make challenging adventures. There are usually only one or two spots in these games where you can actually die, more often than not from an ill-thrown grenade. That's fine with me. It's open captain, so I don't want those captains who decided to specialize in social to feel left out. Can't fight, you don't have to! Can't social, you don't have to. My philosophy is to offer a chance for the warmongers to shine, while not alienating the social butterflies, all set to an epic story. Any danger is merely an illusion designed to enhance your playing experience [/glados]  :D

With that, I present Strange New Worlds!


Chapter 1 -- Jaris
You've been called in to help some scientists examine a rare spatial phenomenon, even though you're likely the least qualified person they could have hired. What could possibly go wrong?

Chapter 2 -- Flurn
Your search for a way back home has... stopped abruptly. Apparently there's border guards in space. Who knew? Now longer and more epic! (Note, playing through this with a Speed 5 captain is quite fun!)

Book 1 -- The Doldrums...

Chapter 1 -- Hyla
A planetary survey. Fun and useless education for the whole family...

Chapter 2 -- Rostren
Another survey? At least this one is more exciting! Beware the Hunter!

Chapter 3 -- Vee
A wildlife sanctuary has had its warden mysteriously dissapear... Who could be responsible. (Warning, this one's a bit more mature than most, and does make reference to murder)

Chapter 4 -- Mesela
A distress signal has been recieved from a Civilized planet. Repairs, adventure, and government cover-ups ahoy!


Also, if you catch all my references, you're either my new best friend or me from an alternate universe. :D

Born out of my frustration with the utter shallowness and grind-ness of Spore's Space Stage, I've been blocking out ideas for a game of my own. Obsidian Void is a sprite-based 2D strategy game set in randomly generated sectors of space. To give an idea of how it would play out, I'll walk you through a typical play through...

Start game, Menu screen comes up (New, Load, Options, Exit). Choose "New Game". "Select Race" screen comes up.

Options here are Species (Changes your voice (if sound is included) appearance, sets "preferred environment", and slightly influences stats), Primary Personality (Largest influence on stats, gives a racial "superpower"), and Secondary Personality (Moderate influence on stats, may also give another superpower). Once the player hits "Next", the stats become editable. The player is given X points to spend to finalize the stats. The player is also able to select their first five "upgrades" on the tech trees. Player hits "Next" to continue or "Back" to undo their selection and return to editing the race.

Next screen has options for Star Density (# of stars in the sector), Habitability (% of planets that are habitable for your race. 5%-75%), and NPC Races (Either "random" with a slider for #, or "manually select" with checkboxes for each race. Player's race will not be pollinated). Hit "Next" and the map is generated, along with the NPC home systems. Either hit "refresh to generate a new map, or "OK" to enter the game.

You start off with one planet in one system. Over time, the planet increases in population, produces pollution, and produces money. Pollution slowly makes the planet uninhabitable, but can be negated with either genetics or colony upgrades. Money is used to buy ships, upgrades, and colonies. When your population is high enough, you can lay down a new colony, which subtracts X population from the nearest planet and places it with the new colony.

The action is divided between two screens: the main starmap screen (Showing the stars, basic info on those stars, and the extent of the NPC and your empires) and the system screen (Shows planets, basic info on those planets, ships in the system, and is where most functions, like buying ships, will take place). Hopefully, I can make it so that multiple system screens can be opened at once, bypassing the starmap whenever possible to keep things simple.

From here, it's mostly free form, like Spore, but without all those goddamned pirate raids. You can camp out for an insanely long time with just your home system and slowly work your way towards more upgrades, but beware of opportunistic races that won't think twice about crushing you. To conquer new planets, you can choose one of four options: colonize an unclaimed system, conquer another race's system, become allies with another race to let you place colonies in their systems, or outright buy a system.

Some planets can be occupied by multiple races, especially those along borders. The race with more than 50% of the population is the technical owner of the planet, and all their allies are welcome on it. Placing your race on these planets is identical to placing a colony. Through some luck, bribing, or devious terraforming, you can make your way to the 50% mark. Once there, you can leave the planet as is, producing like any other planet in your empire but at risk of the population shifting against you, or close off its borders, turning it into a standard colony, but damaging the relationships of whatever races you kicked out.

Combat is simple. Any ships left within your systems will defend that system instantly and any others nearby after several seconds (time depends on speed and drive upgrades). To launch an attack, select the ships you want with either Left mouse + drag or Left mouse + Ctrl, then select the target with Right mouse or Left mouse + option for the mac guys. To move to a system to defend it, Right Mouse + shift or Left Mouse + Shift + Option. If a system is selected, the ships will attack all occupied planets. If a planet is selected, they will attack that specific planet. Ships themselves may be selected. From there, the ships do the job, and the outcome is determined by the attacker's Attack stat and weapons upgrades vs. the opponent's Defense stat and shield upgrades (determined by the race). The captured planet starts with base population, but the fee for a new colony is waived.

Trade isn't necessary, but it can be a useful boost to your funds. You can either manually sell goods using the Galactic Senate communication screen, or use the planet screen to set up a trade route. Trade routes function automatically, generating money the same way that planets do. You can also purchase ships with the race's stats/upgrades and upgrades from friends and allies at lower costs than from yourself. If you gather enough money, you can even buy out an ally's system, fully outfitted and ready to produce. The act of trade itself adds bonuses to your relationship with the race.

Diplomacy is the third facet of the game. Through your Charisma, gifts, Diplomacy upgrades, and various other tactics, you can improve your relationship with the NPC empires, gaining allies. These will come to your aid when you are in danger, will allow you to colonize planets in their systems (profiting from whatever defenses they have in place), and purchase their ships. The higher your population gets, the more seats you hold on the Galactic Senate, and the more likely the NPC races will follow your lead or submit to your will. For example, if you declare war on race X, races W, Y, and Z will too. Instead of dealing with enemies yourself, the skilled Diplomat will make others deal with them for him.

There is only one way to lose the game, and that is by having all your planets captured. There are several ways to win, though; Conquer all NPC empires, Control a large enough portion of the population to take over the Galactic Senate, Increase your production/money to the cap, Ally with all NPC empires and have a presence in every occupied system without conquering any, or buy the "Time Travel" upgrade (unlocked after x number of other upgrades have been purchased).

All stats range from 0-20. The Stats are:
  • Attack -- Increases the base power of your ship weapons. Lowest is 10, highest is 200.
  • Defense -- Increases the base power of your ship shielding and colony shields. Lowest is 25, highest is 500
  • Population -- Increases how fast your population grows. Lowest is a 1.01 multiplier, highest is a 4x multiplier (Your population quadruples every game year.)
  • Survival Range -- Increases how far planet environments can be from your "preferred environment" and still be able to be colonized. Lowest is a 2% window on each side, highest is a 40% window on either side
  • Production -- Increases the base production rate for money and excess goods. Lowest is 10 currency per second per planet, highest is 200.
  • Speed -- Increases the base speed of your ships. Lowest is .5 light years per second, highest is 20.
  • Charisma -- Increases how fast your relationship score with another race increases over time. Lowest is +1 per game year, highest is +20 per game year.
  • Influence -- Increases the base number of seats in the Galactic Senate you have. Lowest is 0.25 per 1 billion pop, highest is 4.

There are eight tech trees, completely separate from each other. Tech upgrades either add onto your base stats or grant you special abilities. They must be unlocked in order, for example, you must unlock "basic energy shields" before you unlock "moderate energy shield", then "Advanced energy shield." The tech trees are:
  • Weaponry -- Ship weaponry, adds to the Attack stat. Various types include lazers, mass drivers, plasma, explosives, and more, as well as specific advantages against certain targets.
  • Shields -- Ship shields, adds to the Defense stat. At least a partial block for every weapon type. "Basic" reduces damage, "moderate" halves damage, "advanced" eliminates most damage. The more "common" weapons may also have "perfect" shields that block all damage.
  • Drives -- Ship drive upgrades, adds to the Speed stat. Each has own advantages/disadvantages in range, speed, and efficiency, as only one drive can be equipped at any one time
  • Genetics -- Various effects related to colonization. Examples include increased "survival range", pollution-eating bacteria, unlock organic tech, or even completely changing your race's "Preferred environment"
  • Terraforming -- Various effects on planets. Once unlocked, are on a pay-per-use basis. Come in two types: tools that make planets more/less habitable, and tools that change the look of the planet (these cost very little)
  • Goods -- Unlocks various products to be sold for a profit, automatically generated by your planets. These must be sold manually. Trade routes do not deplete these goods.
  • Colony -- Various upgrades for your colonies to reduce pollution, increase maximum population, even to allow the building of space-stations.
  • Culture -- Sets certain characteristics, such as government and religion, which add various modifiers to stats, such as increased production or charisma. (Similar to the Civics menu in Civ 4)
  • Diplomacy -- Unlocks several diplomatic tools that either passively boost the charisma or influence stats, or give and instant boost to a relation with another race.

There are 81 races to choose from, as well as nine different personalities, to be combined in pairs. The Personalities are:

  • Shaman -- The moral centers of the galaxy. Primary stats are focused on Influence and Speed. Secondary stats add Charisma. Superpower allows them to label races as either "good" or "bad", causing other races to either help them grow or slowly starve them. Beware, a "bad" label can turn the race and its allies against you and yours, igniting war.
  • Diplomat -- The alliance-makers of the galaxy. Primary stats are focused on Charisma and Influence. Secondary stats add Charisma. Superpower gives them a +20 bonus to all relationships.
  • Ecologists -- The hippies of the galaxy. Primary stats are focused on Survival Range and Speed. Secondary stats add Defense. Superpower eliminates pollution from any planet they occupy.
  • Trader -- The merchants of the galaxy. Primary stats focus on Production and Speed.  Secondary stats add Production. Superpower allows them to sell goods at higher prices and buy at lower ones than normal.
  • Zealot -- The religious races of the galaxy. Primary stats focus on Charisma and Defense. Secondary stats add Defense. Superpower allows them to instantly convert any planet they have more than 20% of the population. Beware of the massive fallout of negative relation, though.
  • Bard -- They just don't give a darn. Primary stats focus on Charisma and Production. Secondary stats add Charisma. Superpower prevents them from being attacked unprovoked. (basically, if you want to camp out, play as a Bard-something)
  • Warrior -- The warmongers of the galaxy. Primary stats focus on Attack and Defense. Secondary stats add Attack. Superpower increases their damage when their ship's health is below 20%
  • Scientist -- The nerds of the galaxy. Primary stats focus on Defense and Survival Range. Secondary stats add Production. Superpower gives discounts to all upgrades.
  • Knight -- Protectors of the galaxy. Primary stats focus on Attack and Charisma. Secondary stats add Defense. Superpower boosts the power of allied ships during combat.

Finally, diplomacy functions like that in Spore, except with an automatic increase from your Charisma stat, and automatic decrease from the race's Xenophobia stat. Good actions add to the relationship score, bad actions subtract. Generally this will practically be ported from Spore, with a few new categories, such as "You showed us mercy" or "You demanded Tribute".

FInally, the NPC AI only requires a small set of variables (which are hardwired into the program or stored in a separate file). A list of allies (will form an alliance when these races are present), List of enemies (will attack these NPCs when present), Their dialogue set, a reference to their race and ship .pngs, ship data (attack and defense upgrades) And a few stats (xenophobia,population,attack,defense,ideal environment, and survivability range)

I've also outlined some flowcharts for the communications screen dialogue, the relationship meter, and the combat system. I'd post them, but I'm already pushing the character limit...

Unfortunately, while I have a good understanding of how a sprite-based game works, I have absolutely no idea how to build one. I'm not even sure whether I should start from scratch, use Flash, or pick up a pre-created game engine...

I need a way to impliment a:

Save game system to write data files containing map info, player status, and NPC status.
Support for sprite animation (Open screen -> play animation 1 -> play idle animation)
Player Editable Stat System
Data displays when mousing over an object
Menus and data screens as separate, movable "Windows"
A module that can be used to change stats (Such as "pollution" or "relationship score") over time, taking into account a slowing variable ("environment clean-up" or "Xenophobia")
Selectable player avatars
At least basic NPC AI, with relationships such as alliances.
A Data system to keep track of changing planet/ship information
Dialogue trees
A resource system that generates money based on status of planets in empire
A way to randomly generate a sector of space for a map, with player inputs for star density and habitable planet ratios.

I currently have Flash, and all the tools I need to create the assets for the game. Any suggestions to begin?


Concept Stage [85%] -- Hammering out first numbers and creating ideas for specific upgrades.
Programming [0%]
Bare-bones Alpha [0%]
Art creation [10%] -- Concepts for races, planets, backgrounds, and icons created
Playable Beta [0%]
Final [0%]

This thread is intended to help keep track of all relations between the races of the Novus Cluster, including wars and alliances. I will try to keep up as best I can, but if I forget something, let me know! :)

Current Hostilities

Klinch: Against the Nor, Akazi, Hexalso, Neo-Quasits, Vykusi, and any aggressors. Potential with Nor allies, Rayancei and Sanli.
Pfar-ngui: Against the Khre Aikurt.
Akazi: Against Klinch. Potential with Neo-Quasits and Vykusi.
Neo-Quasit: Against Klinch (not yet war). Potential with Vykusi.
Vykusi: Against Akazi, Klinch, Skirin, and Sanli.
Nor: Potential with Klinch (Applies only to Hech and crew)
Rayancei: Potential with Klinch, Photos, and Neo-Quasits
Hexalso: Against Klinch and Skirin. Potential against Vykusi.
Skirin: Against other Skirin. Potential against Neo-Quasits, Nor, and Rayancei
Casei: Potential against Vykusi and Klinch
Vacilion: Potential against Skirin and Klinch

Current Alliances

Khral'kh'shq: Informal with the Pfar-ngui.

Other Relations of Note:

Sanli: Isolationist, no contact with any outside races except for peaceful Nor, Robespierre, and Slorv. (Details)
Akazi: Generally Neutral or Cautious. Friendly with Nor and Robespierre. Isolationist, no admission without paperwork signed by both parties. (Does not apply to Nor) (Details)
Slorv: Neutral to all (Details)
Volmai: Cautious before continuing, generally distrustful. Currently watching other race's behavior before acting. Neutral towards Nor, Vykusi and Vacilions. (Details)
Khral'kh'shq: Currently subject to Khre Aikurt occupation and Pfar-ngui liberation attempts.
Rachak: Extremely kind and hospitable to any foreigners that may encounter them. Excessively pacifistic; will never perform any hostile actions towards anyone whatsoever.
Vacilion: Generally neutral, tense relations with Sanli, Sombreron, and Klinch. Friendly with Nor. (Details)
Klinch: Generally Neutral. Friendly with Skirin. (Details)
Neo-Quasit: Generally Neutral, friendly with Nor and Sombreron (Details)
Vykusi: Generally cautious. Tend to be hostile, friendly relationns are quite rare. Friendly with Nor, Tamarik Seperatists, Volmai and Vaciloons. (Details)
Nor: Generally Neutral. Friendly with Sanli, Sombreron, and Vacilion. Cautious with other Nor, Neo-Quasits, Rayancei, and Vykusi (Applies only to Hech and crew) (Details)
Rayancei: Generally Cautious. Friendly with Nor, Sombreron, Vacilion, and Vykusi (Details)
Hexalso: Generally Cautious. Friendly with Nor.
Skirin: Generally Neutral (uncaring). Friendly with Klinch. (Details)
Robespierre: Cautious/Undecided to all. (Details)
Casei Generallly neutral. (Details)

Overall: (Based on other race's opinions. "Baseline" is (4 Cau / 8 Neu) (Last Updated July 10, 2009)


Nor (I Hos / 1 Irr / 2 Cau / 2 Neu / 6 Fri)

Akazi (2 Hos / 4 Cau / 6 Neu)
Casei (5 Cau / 8 Neu)
Hexalso (1 Hos / 5 Cau / 6 Neu)
Kratair (4 Cau / 8 Neu)
Kuyrudam (4 Cau / 8 Neu)
Nessyc (4 Cau / 8 Neu)
Photos (3 Irr / 4 Cau / 6 Neu)
Rayancei (3 Irr / 3 Cau / 4 Neu / 1 Fri)
Robespierre (4 Cau / 6 Neu / 2 Fri)
Slorv (5 Cau / 6 Neu / 1 Fri)
Tamarik Seperatists (5 Cau / 7 Neu)
Vacilion (3 Cau / 5 Neu / 2 Fri)
Volmai (4 Cau / 7 Neu)

Sanli (1 Hos / 1 Irr / 7 Cau / 2 Neu / 1 Fri)
Skirin (1 Hos / 1 Irr / 5 Cau / 5 Neu / 1 Fri)
Sombreron (2 Irr / 6 Cau / 2 Neu / 3 Fri)

Neo-Quasit (1 Hos / 4 Irr / 4 Cau / 2 Neu / 1 Fri)
Vykusi (1 Hos / 4 Irr / 3 Cau / 3 Neu / 1 Fri)

Klinch (4 Hos / 3 Irr / 3 Cau / 1 Neu / 1 Fri)

The Database: (Links to all "Details" posts, in alphabetical order.)


Last Updated: August 7, 2009 (Updated various relationship changes from Flight and Fight)

I'm starting this now to avoid further confusion, and to nicely sort out the history of the Novus cluster. I've decided to use the Wormhole RP as a starting point, for clarity's sake.

(Click for full size)

Black dates represent RP'd events, Red dates represent events described in history posts. AW stands for "After Wormhole", BW stands for "Before Wormhole". Each mark represents 25 years. Finally, the grey bands signify a break in the timeline, to cut down on overly long blank periods.

RP Index:

First Contact - The Wormhole (Year 0 -- AW): A wormhole opens, temporarily joining the Novus Cluster with the old RP galaxy. Several races from the latter migrate through, and as ships from both sides gather around the anomaly, first contacts are made. (In Progress)

Historical Index:

Niath's reign ends (Year 27 -- BW): The Volmai homeworld is freed from their oppression under the despot Niath. The majority of the population was put into harsh slavery during his rule, leading to the Volmai hatred of any slave owner. Several of the modern Volmai technologies trace their roots back to this time.

Neo-Quasits enter the Novus Cluster (Year 100 -- BW): A splinter group of Quasits separates from the homeworld and eventually becoming the second foreign race to arrive in the Novus Cluster. Opposing the main body of Quasits on their practice of assimilating other races, they are often described as possessing the opposite of the Quasit mentality.

Klinch declare hostile intent against scattered Nor remnants (Year 408 -- BW): The Klinch officially declare war on the Nor remnant. Hostilities continue to this day, and the conflict is rooted in numerous atrocities committed by some Nor in an attempt to find a cure for the affliction.

First independent records of Klinch presence as spacefaring species (Year 422 -- BW): The Klinch develop spaceflight.

Sanli are created (Approx. 6000 -- BW): The Sanli, a race of worm-like parasites, are created. (By the Nor?)

Kratiar arrive in the Novus Cluster (Approx. 7200 -- BW): A faction of Kratiar enter the Novus cluster, separated from those that colonized the Old Galaxy in their trek away from their destroyed homeworld, becoming the first foreign race to arrive in the Novus Cluster. While OG Kratiar are strict atheists, the NC faction are quite religious.

Nor Empire Dissolves (Year 14968 -- BW): The once mighty Nor Empire, containing the entire Novus Cluster within it, dissolves. All that remain today are a few scattered remnants.

The Calamity strikes Nor Empire (Year 15011 -- BW): In an attempt to defeat death, the Nor inadvertently destroy their ability to reproduce. While existing Nor are able to grow a new body, they are unable to make more of themselves, dooming their population to never expand again.

Golden Age for Nor Empire (Approx. 30000 to Year 15011 -- BW): Having expanded across the Novus Cluster, the Nor Empire enters a Golden Age of peace and harmony. During this period, the Nor begin work on finding a way to circumvent death.

The Great Atonement (Approx. 40000 to 30000 -- BW): The Nor sweep across the Novus Cluster, righting the wrong they believed to have created when they made their homeworld a utopia. Some races submitted willingly, some fought back, and were destroyed.

The Nor unite Nov under one banner (Approx. 100000 -- BW): The Nor homeworld of Nov is united under one government after a generally peaceful history. Wars had been few and decisive.

Nor civilization begins to form (Approx. 120000 -- BW): The Nor, eventually to become the most extensive empire in recorded history, begin forming their civilization on the planet Nov.

It's very much a work in progress at this point, so feedback is welcomed. If you'd like a historical event added, please post it and it's date here. You can provide a description if you want.

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