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 Welcome to my new thread where I will try to tell the story of my creature the Gessel along with any other random things I find my self drawing.

 So here is the star of the show, the Gessel. The Gessel is a peaceful diplomat still new to the space scene on Planet Lachesis. Recently they have discovered Short Range Mag Warp. Now they wander to nearby planets to discover new horizons and seek out paradise!

here is small run down of the peaceful Gessel

Size: Average 4 feet
Weight: About 100 Ib
lifespan: Around 90 years
Difference Between Male and Female: Style of clothing, special markings, and facial features, a thick patch of fur covers their chest and the obvious tipoff.
Tech level: Space Newcomer
Favorite food: homeland Fruit, grasses, and flowers
Favorite pastime: town meetings and ceremonies
Leading Bodies: The Lachesis Council, The Congress

 The Gessel find that the best way to handle an issue is through diplomatic means, they abhor fighting and would really prefer any method over violence. They are also fans of mother nature and usually stay away from polluting sources of energy. Where do they get energy from? On Lachesis is a highly magnetic mineral and so called Mag. Using Mag to run machines the Gessel live in a pure environment of flowing magnetism.

 Bio: The Gessel comes with basic mammalian characteristics. In regard to anatomy, you could liken them to a centaur. They have four legs with three stubby toes. Two hands with three fingers and prehensile tail. On four legs they can gallop to a nice brisk pace but are sometime prone to falling over themselves. They also don't have any upper body worth mentioning but have decent kicking power, front or back. On their head is a small appendage they can wave around like an antenna but serves no major purpose but to be decorated with ornaments and markings.

I'll go deeper into their culture but I'll leave it there for now

Here are some other natives to Lachesis, I have not named them though so i'll just leave them here for you to admire.

Console Games / Metal gear solid 4, Hideo's final masterpiece
« on: July 25, 2007, 07:50:00 pm »
i didn't see a thread for it so BAM! The final installation to the Metal gear series, new info has been comming up and i'm siked, your thoughts?

this thread is to get you up to speed on the Rp, Leba's attack.
Leba is the current anubian general and is part robotic as his constant warfare as a soldier. HE has a way of thinking that all species  that he find inferior should be slaves so he has sent fleets to conquer the planets of the species he finds weak, now me personally don't think you weak not the Zygians and even though i don't really know much on the Iinknii Josasa says they are good at space combat so i take his word. the omic though are special they will be defeated as previously agreed. now that you know the purpose of the attack lets get something else going, this thread is also to discuss about the effects and outcomes of the RP, this RP is fully planed and is not much of a Battle as it is mostly just a story and you are just characters only replace the characters with entire nations. If you have any doubt in you minds where the story is going just ask in the OOC and i'll assure what will happen, preferably in a PM. now the last part here is to get some weapons info, as sated in the previous OOC, you can explain your weapons and technology here and the Anubians or other species will not know it, it is just to avoid any confusion. now that that's done any questions you may have i'll gladly answer to the best of my ability.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Leba's attack-no longer in service
« on: January 15, 2007, 08:38:09 am »
Since the last was a dud i'm starting it again, the new species are the omic, Zygian, and the Iinknii. so let's get this started.

*In a Military Station located near New Omix*
Commander"we have received orders from LEba to unleash an armada towards the omic species"
*the soldiers start talking within thier ranks*
Commander"quiet!, this is an order from the general himself, if you have problem you should report to him"
Commander"now, i have heard little of his intentions but i have no doubt it is for our good, Man your ships, we'll make it quick..."

*near the Zygian home world, a fleet looms closer*
Commander"this is it, the zygian hordes, we'll crush them like the bugs they are, man prepare for battle, it's gonna get messy"

*near the a Iinknii city Ship*
Commander"all right troops, we have orders from the general himself to capture the Iinknii and conquer that planet, now suit up for combat, we have word off the Iinknii's space combat skills.

*note this war is started with older ANubian tech so no bio soldiers and no advance weapons..yet ;)

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Elemental war
« on: December 05, 2006, 03:03:03 pm »
*some where is middle Asia*
Scientist"general Deon, we have come to tell you of the progress of the newly developed technology"
Deon"hmm..oh yes, the Advance combat soldier"
Scientist"all preparations are completly for the first one but..."
Scientist"we are missing the most importent piece to finish of the project"
Deon"and what would this piece be?"
Scientist"we require one of the Dark matter genarators"
Deon"...*sigh* of all things"
Scientist" i see you remembered that the Americans took them all"
Deon"you might as well call of the project"
Scientist"SIR! but all we need is one,if we can just snatch it, it will be the first step to getting back in th war"
Deon" now are you cirtain this will work, it will surely be heavily gaurded"
Scientist"I'm sure you could think of something"
Deon".........hmm, where is the closest one"
Scientist"we've located it in italy, 50 miles south of the Alps"
Deon"we'll need our best men, call for Lionel and TJ, tell them to meet me in the Eastern Base"

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Elemental War (OOC thread)
« on: December 03, 2006, 07:41:40 pm »
  An Rp based on a book i made for Spanish class, it features most of my comic characters also so those who play won't say "huh?" when i mention Scorch or Aero.
as this is the OoC the Rp is not here. first the setting to get you started.

The year is 2249, the world is divided into 2 halves. The Americas which is the north and south American continents and the EAA (Eurasian Alliance) which is Europe and Asia. Both Australia and Antarctica are barren area decimated by war, they are uninhibitedly of traps, and of radiation. the two halves are now in war which has spanned so far 43 years in a quest for planetary power. The Americans so far are winning and the EAA look as though they don't have much time but in this moment of defeat, light shine as new technology has been found.

now before we start here is info, each side had soldiers but participants will e in the second highest level which varies for each side. each side has it's ups and downs.

Foe the EAA you are a Commander and you receive orders from General Deon
Commanders have the own ships, now both sides has thier own fighters but commanders have Flag ships

For the Americas you are an Elite and get orders from General Abel and the President
Elites have Personal super weapons such as heavy tanks and modified weapons.

a bio sheet would look like this for those wanting to join.

Ship Name:(commanders only)
Super weapon:(Elites only)

as for me I'll take over main characters and generals.

Forum Games / comic character creation(CCC for short)
« on: July 31, 2006, 02:19:34 pm »
not sure where to put this but the point of the game is to create a comic character,if you already have a comic turn them in,you give bios and other things,powers if they have them, and at the end of the week you vote for the best one within 48 hours,it's Monday here so have five days,even on the weekends you can turn something in but it gets put on the poll on the next,no rules on how to vote just whichever you like the best even if it's your own character.
to start off my 15th comic creation.

time:in times of knights and wizards.
Story:a knight banished far away for crimes to of treason and plans to murder the king that he did not do or have and was punished with a cursed stone of powerful magic which copies his spirit into two other forms.these spirits dwell in his body and come out during certain conditions against his will and have heir own separate his is helped by a female companion named Miko on a guest to find a mysterious wizard to remove the curse.

powers:great skill with a sword,when angered or in extreme combat conditions is turn into his demon form with higher strength,this form wants control of the entire body and to wreak havoc upon the land and forfill his most evil desires like killing the king for banishing him,the other form releases a wise sorcerer who rather stay in the knight head but does help when he is endagered.This could be a great thread to gather ideas for future RPs.

Edit:put in names.

Spore: Creation Corner / Mind Torture(rp)
« on: July 15, 2006, 01:29:06 pm »
my first RP....well might as well start,jump in when you want.

a lone anubian attack craft zooms through space,inside 2 are in the pilot seat while 8 other soldiers and a captain walk around,
captain//alright troops,Neod personally sent me to examine some weird signals in this new space,chrocs whata ya got//
Chrocs//just a small system//
male captain//what about you Auqa//
Auqa//it's a small system,only one planet,but it has life//
captain//bring us in//
male soldier//hey Orae,any guesses on what we find//
Orae//bet my gun,just some plants and fish Ermoob//
Ermoob//i bet we fine something bigger,deal//
female soldier//would you two shut up//
Orae and Ermoob//hey!//
another female soldier//oh just let them have their fun Yvi//
Yvi//your always to soft Aria//
Chrocs//Quiet people,we're closing in//
Auqa//hey whats that//
as the ship closes in om the planet,a small metal rock looms above the planet
captain//the signal must be comming from that,Chrocs get us in//
Chrocs//no prob//
the ship flies around the station,and looks for a way in

P.S.the ship is a costom attack ship here is a pic of it
it has advanced features,like better maneuverability,more energy cannons,and the guns have a higher rate of fire against a regular attack ship.

Spore: Creation Corner / the peoples drawings
« on: June 28, 2006, 08:39:30 pm »
welcome all,yes i'm making another entertaining thread,you all know how people like hydro and huggs and a long time ago red fish,you all remember how they had a thread where they would dump all of thier ideas for cretures,well this is that exept fot everyone not just the extreamly talented,even if your the worst drawer you know,don't worry,this thread is also a place to practice on your drawing and see what others think,and if it really bad i'll take from my time to draw it for you,all ideas are accepted,your insparation can come from anything,video games,clouds,gum wrappers(hey i'v done it).no explaination needed,not even a name.

to start it off here are my random ideas

the angry bird as i call it,has a good grip and a long forked tounge

a tusked fish

one of my favriots

i call it forest scuttle,small and armored,has a mouth that has a six wix way jaw and on its back has two large pincers,and it also shoots web the capture prey.

not one of my best creations

last my favriot of all

a satienent creature,has four legs with suction feet to easily scale walls,three fingered hands with oposable thumbs,thre eyes,the works.

now lets see what lurks in the minds of the little people.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / the ion-games
« on: May 23, 2006, 03:54:43 pm »
Well folks I give you a partly new game and the name isn't very original as it is something you all know, welcome to planet Ion
and I'm about to start with neonlares help hopfully the Ion-games(the name isn't original i know already)

 This is a competition of five games putting teams against others in hope of being the galaxies ultimate creature.

 These are the games

1. You know it you kinda like it and you've been waiting to start it I give you the Ion games Grand Prix
2.Battling it out but not by hands, I'm talking Topal style with mechs.
3. A strenuous survival challenge in a deadly forest and to cap it off other competitor are waiting to take you out.
4. Get those egg smoothies going cause this brain game is going to leave you boilled in frustration
5. Competetors take to the skies in the most high tech blasting dog fights.

 Winner of most events walks out with the galaxies master trophy
1 billion credits and a solar system of their choice
 second place gets three planets this
and 500 million credit
third gets
100 million credits and two planets

1. Game one: High speed racing through three tracks of different difficulties. Winner will be decide by PMing a number from 1 through the amount of competetors. Since winning is decided by guessing no stats are needed If two winners are chosen they choose a number from one to ten whoever is closest win. when winners have been chosen they in one post their part of the whole race, quick and doesn't clog the thread(not that i didn't enjoy the stories but this shows different views), depending on the place you get points are given, after three races whoever has the most points gets
a really shiny trophy
 200 million credits and a planet.
second gets a trophy,a moon, and 100 million credits
third gets a plaque, and 25 million credits, and... some dignity i guess.

2.Bashing and smashing,blasting and whatnot through enemies in this tournament style brawl with mechs.
matches are chosen by virtual dice and winner's are chosen Pokemon style by a coin flip.matches are also posted Pokemon battle style. winner gets
a great trophy
 250 million credits and a planet
second, 125 million with a moon and trophy
and third 75 million, a plaque, and a bashed up bot

3.your stuck in a forest,no food,no water,just you,your gun,and a catalog,and yea other are out to kill ya.An RP a the deadly ion forest in a hunt game that'll have your blood of the land,battle deadly monsters,and try and stay alive.survive and get a trophy modeled after you creature, a whopping 200 million,and a thriving planet to call your own,
the runner up,gets a trophy and 150 million,and a moon(life may vary)
their get a plaque,50 milion and a free pass to the hospital

1.Team Torpal:operaghost21 :members: Tark(event 2), Knat(event 2),Epth(event 3),Tepp(event 4), Paw(event 5)

2.Team Zrithig:Detoxicated: members: The Zrithig Eye AKA the Racer (event 1), The Zrithig Hands AKA Zrithilik the First Zrithig(event 2) Ender/Zrithig(event 3), The Zrithig Mouth AKA The Blob-Animal Thing(event 4),The Zrithig Nose AKA the Bloodshot Spaceship (event 5)

3. team Head Hound(Anubian):a13gt: Team Head Hound(Anubian): members:Aca Speet(event 1),Merec Veny(event 2)Hype Tosh(event 3)Dr. Kanel Gor(event 4)Olety Eca(event5)

4.Team ViS:Krakow Sam: Members:Pilot-1.(event 1), Mechfighter-1.(event ),Mister-16.(event 3),
Bioscientist 132-a.(event 4), Lietenant-6(event 5)

5.The Icthian Delegation:Daxx: members: Eidothikia-smaki (event 1), Alaemoncys-ylla(event 2)
 Halassilian-fiske (event 3), Kolenyadd-delie (event 4) Leucotanelus-ula(event 5)

single event contestants:
event in place: 3rd event

Also note that more teams can join

Spore: Creation Corner / The Imagination Game
« on: May 12, 2006, 05:45:29 pm »
I'm back from my absence and made up a new game to enjoy. First since its a game i don't know if belongs here since its entirely about creatures or if it goes to the games section since it well a game so you moderators check up on that.

 Now to the game, i got the idea from an old pikmin 2 game and from the card sporepedia, this is a game where you draw up a creature and turn it in to the raters who now is only me  ;D where they will rate them on a scale of one to one-hundred,
1-20= this is so unimaginative it make the humans look good
21-40= could use much improvement, add an arm with 7 fingers or something
41-50- eh its different but not too different
51- 60= okay
61-70= pretty imaginative but you could do better
71-80=wow who would of tought of that
81-89= awesome, near perfection
90-100= this is the shiz, no one could dare think this up, now that is using you brain

on the event that you get a score of 95 and up you get the choice of becoming a rater
right now there are people who have this invitation and thats
Gaming Steve for he has power over all and on the slim chance he wants to rate he gets full fledged rating powers

Hydromanerx you to get rating addmision but have to tell me first
also every moderator can get rating powers but have to inform me
these are rules

1. you cannot use something already made even if its a work of art so now neuceans, torpals, or any of that. as imaginative as you can be but your creature must make sense.
3. when you show a creature you must show info, here is a simple example:

name: Jarckroc

 and last you give a summery of you creature

 the jackroc is a medium sized creature that camouflages as a rock and when you get near it grabs you with its long flexible tentacles into its mouth. its nose and ears are camouflaged as leaves to make it seem more like a rock. it has six arms with two of them with claws. it uses its flinging arms to push its self across but it prefers standing in one place. the clawed arms are camouflaged as vines

the rating system is like this
the pic is 30 points
the name is 1 points and the summery is 40
and overall imagination 30 points

there sweet and simple, make something up and give your brain an exercise.

Spore: Creation Corner / The one and only Anubian
« on: March 15, 2006, 06:03:56 pm »
I give you the top predator from the planet tupma( i chaned the name but there is still a fishstick from Mr.wizard for anyone who gets the secret behind the name) the Anubian.
It's amazing what you can do with piant and allot of patience which I don't have.

 The Anubian race are hunters on a desolate and dense world where anything is hard to find. Because of scarce food, nature has fine tuned their senses (basically a dog with color vision only better  ;D) to hunt down food to the optimal efficiency( and by efficiency I don't mean the Vis's definition of efficiency (no disrespect to th owner)

 This dog like animal has brute force with effective tactics (checkout those abs) the Anubians have captured (and eaten) everytype of animal on their planet and they got bored ;D and they have set out to the galaxies for food and to enjoy the trill of a good hunt. During there time of departure to the vast space of blackness other sentient species have seen them as professional bounty hunters (Not to put a smudge on Jango Fett's reputation). Now I have no idea what to draw next so whenever I give a picture someone give me a request and if time permits I will do my best with my imagination, paint program, and what little patience that remains :'(.

 Now to the photo, Anubians come in different color ranging Brown, Black, and rarely Grey. Only males have wings but both sexes can hunt with more or less equality. Their wing are very dextericle, so much that with practice they can be use as extra hands. They have a temper (most at least, but not at a look at them funny and they'll kill you slowly and painfully in a maniacal Way level. The armor he is wearing is standard hunting armor and in the center is one of two gods,here the god of death,Anubis (yes I know not very creative but it fits  :-\). the symbol varies depending on what the situation is or what he's doing. Last and least is the diamond(well sorta). Basically it's just a rock, nothing special, no powers, nothing, it's just shiny. Now give me your thoughts and what you want to know. :)

Edit: I forgot to say this but on his back are spikes but you can't see them on this side.

Edit: Thanks Vivec


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