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Title: Murdering your beloved pets.
Post by: PatMan33 on June 24, 2021, 02:07:51 pm
You know those moments when you want to murder your beloved pets? Like when you order a 1TB microSD and the little **** eats the packaging while you're at work because he thinks it's a bird or a mouse or something? And I mean he loves to eat those so why not eat this!? Of course!

Thankfully he didn't eat the microSD, I found it in the yard a short bit away from the main wreckage. It was in perfect shape. He was pretty upset when he saw how upset I was at seeing what he'd done. And after I found the card in the grass I held it up and said "hey do you know what this is?" and he did that slow turn away from me to stare at the wall so that his shame no longer existed in corporeal form. But I let him sniff it and told him it was alright and he perked back up a bit. And when I gave him an onion ring I'm pretty sure he forgot what happened because he ran out the door and into the farmer's fields next door, like he does.

Dogs, man. They eat everything.
Title: Re: Murdering your beloved pets.
Post by: PatMan33 on July 19, 2021, 07:11:21 pm
Good news! The dog, he still lives. For now.

He found a new friend out in the woods. A dead bird. He is a bird dog so I guess it would be wrong to stop him. Pretty sure he killed it, so good for him. There's these two birds in the yard that he likes to play with. Which is to say that he wanders too close to their nest and they spend several minutes dive-bombing him in the back of the head while he tries to bite them out of the air. It's pretty entertaining. One of these days he's going to catch one of those birds. That'll be the day.