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Site News / Well... This is Odd...
« on: April 06, 2017, 08:32:43 pm »
My scroll wheel no longer seems to work here... except that it works everywhere else. All other applications and every other website works fine, but not this one. It's such a bizarre bug, I don't even know where to begin... Hopefully it'll sort itself out?

Storytelling and Roleplaying / MOVED: The GS Nomic
« on: June 03, 2014, 04:51:22 pm »

The basics:

First off, unlike the previous two PCPs, which were cylindrical, this one would be spherical. To achieve that, we start with a blank map with the outlines of the continents on it (e.g. The map would is 5000 x 2500 pixels, with one equatorial pixel being ~5 mi (~8 km). We achieve sphericality via an overlay on Google Earth. This makes it quite easy to see the true shape of the world we will build. Changes made to the base map would be updated in the overlay properties, so as not to move the overlay once it's in place. Also, any cities or places on interest added as placemarks within Google Earth instead of being directly placed on the map. All these things can be shared via the exportation of .KMZ files.

Now, to the actual game. We start out with a blank continental map (see above). This removes the player from trying to figure out hoe the heck to make the map look right on a sphere using a equirectangular projection. Before we actually start playing I would assign regions of the map to have organisms from a specific continent. This makes it show whever people end up, we'll know basically what organisms live in the region and we can easily keep it consistent. For example, on the above map, the bigger continent on the left  could be Afro-Eurasian organisms (in roughly the same orientation), the smaller continent South of it could be Oceanian organisms (including Australia), the continents on the right could be North and South American organisms (probably with the small isthmus at the equator bring the rough boundary line), and the poles could be their respective Arctic and Antarctic organisms. The by product of this approach is that humans would have evolved on the South-Western portion of the large continent on the left, and spread out from there.

Now, the game would be played in a series of "snapshots." Each snap shot is basically a glimpse of the world during a given period. The first snap shot is the one where we fill in the biomes and topography. The second snapshot could possibly be dealing with the migration of prehistoric peoples to fill out where people have migrated and what races are where. The third snapshot could be the startings of civilization, etc. How much time passes on each snap shot is up for debate, but basically each snapshot shows the world during the era we choose for it to be.

The players would be given a certain number of points each snapshot and would purchase the area they wish to work in that round. Areas would be determined before the round started and would be different every round. Players would have to purchase land from scratch every round. This is done to allow people to come and go from playing as they choose, so the game never gets bogged down waiting for people to play.

Things we need to decide before we start:
  • Figure out who's playing in the Biome Generation round!

    I want your opinions!

Everything Else / PAX East 2013
« on: March 21, 2013, 01:52:27 pm »
I'm on my way there in a few minutes!

PC Games / LEGO Digital Designer
« on: December 08, 2012, 01:37:39 pm »
Say goodbye to all your free time.

Art / Childhood Stories
« on: June 21, 2011, 07:08:26 am »
Okay, so I had this idea in another thread. This is a place for you to place stories you wrote as a child. Preferably, you should leave all grammatical and spelling errors and copy then as-written.

Well, I already have this one:

Unnamed Story

And here is one I will transcribe right now:

This one is from a book called "Write Your Own Story Coloring Book." I wrote this when I was real young, can't remember the exact age. Anyway, here it is:

A Visit to the Desert

Once apon a time Penny and mMark visited a desert. Mark wanted to see the other side. So did Penny. So they decided head off on Their way they saw tons of neat plants and animals, including a herd of super-poisoness scorpions. They decided to take a closer look. WHEn the got there the scorpions stung them all over. Soon after the died. The cyotes enjoyed eating their rotting carcaces. THE END!

I have a few more, but I'll wait for those. They aren't as amusing as the one above.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / SimMaze
« on: May 09, 2009, 05:26:39 pm »
You are trapped in a house and you don't know the way out. You are in a bedroom with no windows and three doors.

The room.

The blue door.

The red door.

The peacock door.

Which way should you go?

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Oviraptor's Government Game
« on: February 21, 2009, 12:42:28 pm »
I thought of this the other day. This is basically a game where any and all rule (including the ones to win) are decided by the players. Initially, i wasn't sure how to accomplish it, but then I thought it would work if I had a forum for it. So I asked LadyM, and she was nice enough to host it for me. Although the actual game is played on another (dedicated) forum, I want to keep it linked to GS. This will be the segway between the two. Anyone is allowed to join and there is no limit. Feel free to ask questions or leave comments about the game in this thread. All the rules and how to play are on there already.

Oviraptor's Government Game

I hope you enjoy it! :)

Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / Oviraptor's Sporepedia
« on: June 14, 2008, 11:06:02 am »
Sporepedia profile:

Woo, I finally got the Creature Creator to download! Anyway, here is my first creation!


<a href="" target="_blank"></a>


Forum Games / Oviraptor's Forum Mafia Game -- Game Thread -- Trolls Win
« on: January 03, 2008, 02:56:52 pm »
Day 1Night 1
Day 2Night 2
Day 3Night 3
Day 4Night 4
Day 5Night 5


The players will be split into Forum Members (Townsfolk) and Trolls (Mafia) on a 2 to 1 ratio. How you win the game is dependent on which team you're in. There is one player designated as the 1337 Hacker. He is out to turn every into Hackers.

Forum Members
Forum Members are the uninformed majority. Their main advantage is that they have twice as many people as the Trolls do - Forum Members do not know the identity of other players, which means they have to rely on logic and observance of other players during the day to determine what their affiliation could be. This makes them open to manipulation by the Trolls who mingle with them during the day and influence the burning. The Forum Members are at a disadvantage in the early game, but get potentially stronger as the game continues.

The Trolls are the informed minority. They are fewer in number than the Forum Members so deaths of their kind are much more costly, but their defining advantage is that they know who each other are, and are allowed to communicate with each other in secret to plan their strategy - who to delete, how to use their powers towards a common goal, and how to manipulate the Forum Members into deleteing themselves.

Unlike the Forum Members, they are a centralized faction and have a leader, the Godfather, who is responsible for communicating the Trolls' desires to the game moderator (Oviraptor). Each night they are allowed to delete one Forum Member, this is reached via popular decision. The Trolls are strong at the beginning of the game but their strength level does not have as much capacity for growth as the Forum Members.

The game progresses in phases, each being a minimum of 12 hours in length at the beginning and shortening as necessary as the game goes on. The two phases are DAY and NIGHT.

The 1337 Hacker's goal is to make sure everyone else is a Hacker. The original 1337 Hacker is the only one that can turn others into Hackers. The other Hackers would function exactly the same as their original roles, only now they would be on the 1337 Hacker's team. To make it trickier, none of the Hackers know who each other are, with the exception of the 1337 Hacker, since he chooses his own victims. After every night, there will be a Hacker count posted. All it will tell you is the total number of Hackers, not who was turned into a Hacker. If you are hacked, I will PM you to tell you so. From that point on, you'll secretly be playing for the Hackers. Whoever you were affiliated for before, you won't be anymore, Forum Members and Trolls alike.

During the Day Phase, all players - Forum Members, Trolls, and Hackers - must vote on who should be banned. At the end of the phase, the one with the highest votes will be banned and eliminated from the game. If there is a tie, then no one will be banned. Be sure there is not a tie. This might mean that a few players will have to change their vote. The day phase will start at 24 hours.

You may not abstain from voting, a non-vote will count against you. You may only change your vote ONE time during the day phase. - it is only made final when the phase ends. If you miss three day-phase votes during the game, you will be removed permanently. You may PM me your vote early if you are unable to post on the forum during day phase. I will check both places.

When you vote, please place the person you are voting for in bold.

During the Night Phase, the Trolls plot on who to delete if they haven't already drawn up a plan. Once they have reached a decision, the Godfather PMs the game moderator with which person is going to be deleted, which Troll member is going to do the deleting, and how the deleting is going to be done. Also in this phase, active role powers are brought into play Kung-Fu Master deletes, Nitpick switches, and so forth. The Night Phase ends after a min. of 12 hours.

Day and Night cycle repeatedly until one side wins. In other words, players are constantly being eliminated from the game. Time will be adjusted as the game progresses if needed. I will always tell you how much time you have when I post an update. If you know you will be unable to post during the designated time then please make your wishes known to me in advance.

All roles have their own special powers which sets them apart from other roles. These come in two forms - Passive and Active.

Passive powers are always in effect unless something happens to change or remove them. You do not have to PM me if you have a passive power.

Active powers must be called. To do this, you PM me with a request to use your power, stating the target(s) if the power requires it. You can send me your power call anytime and it will be put into effect at the end of the next night phase.

Powers can also be of Unlimited or Limited use.

Unlimited powers can be used as many times throughout the game as the user pleases.

Limited powers only have a set number of uses. Bear in mind that powers may have other conditions that need to be adhered to. For example, Deacons cannot protect themselves.

The order powers are used in are determined by role category. The order is thus: DISRUPT > PROTECT > DELETE > INVESTIGATE
The only exemption to this is the Philosopher role, who always goes first.

Keep in mind that you can be banned or deleted at pretty much any time of the game. When a player is banned or deleted, their role is revealed to all the other players, and they are no longer able to post in the main thread or interact with the game in any way. You are NOT allowed a ghost post or parting shot in the main game thread. I will delete any post you make in the game thread if you are banned or deleted.

You are allowed to post in the Banned Land thread but you may not reveal any more game information. This means you cannot continue to assert that someone is a Troll or give out any information that could disrupt the game; you are banned/deleted. I will delete any post that gives out or alleges information that could affect the ongoing game. Let's keep it fair. This also means that you are not allowed to PM anyone with information. I know I can't enforce this part but I'm asking you to play fairly.

1 - Do not directly reveal another player's role.
You are allowed to reveal or lie about your own role as you please, but revealing another player's role directly will result in being expelled from the game. This includes traitors and investigators; they may not post the list of Troll/Forum Member people. They must be secret. If you tell, you are gone.

Revealing discovered interactions if you're a detective, psychic, or any other interaction-learning role is fine, so long as you make it seem like a suspicion and not a fact. Accusations or lists of your own suspicions are fine too - to be on the safe side, please state that you are accusing.

2- You may not post or quote any of my PM's to you in the form of text or photos. Any information that is sent to you as a result of you using your powers is for your eyes only (exception is with the Trolls who shares info according to game rules). If this rule is broken, you are removed from the game.

3- Do not use Who's Online to see who is sending PMs.
I realize this is incredibly hard to enforce and difficult to detect, but still, have some honor. Let's keep the game fair and honest. Don't assume that because someone is sending a PM that it is game related. A lot of people communicate that way.

4- Forum Members cannot communicate with each other.
This means they cannot PM/email/chat or use any means of communication with each other. Forum Members have to use the information given to them during the game. Example: The Admin cannot PM the Moderators since he knows who they are.

5- Don't take judgments personally.
Manipulation, accusation, treachery, judgments and all things of the sort are all parts of this game - do not join the game if you feel you cannot handle these things. Quitting in the middle of a game because you can't stand the heat of the kitchen is very disruptive to the game as a whole, so don't even think about it. On that note, though...

6- Keep it civil.
Manipulation, accusation, treachery, and judgments may well be parts of this game, but outright insulting another player isn't. This isn't the place to bring your grudges or spiteful streaks. Do not vote to delete someone based on the fact that you don't like them. Base it on the game only.

7- If you die or are not an active player, please stay out of the game thread.
The main game thread is for living, active players - if you are banned /deleted or are simply a spectator, please go to the Banned Land thread to post so that the players don't have to sift through clutter posts.

8- If you are an active player, please stay out of the Banned Land thread.
In order to keep the game free of being influenced by outside suggestion, I would suggest staying out of the topic for banned/deleted players.

If you have any questions about the rules, please ask me now. Once the game has begun, the rules will be followed, no exceptions. If something comes up during the game that I haven't covered then I will make a judgment call and it will be final. I want everyone to have fun and play fair. :)

Forum Games / Eat Poop You Cat
« on: December 21, 2007, 09:56:43 am »
For those of you not familiar with this game, it's like a cross between Pictionary and Telephone. Here is the Wikipedia article:

How we will do it:

Anyone who wants to play, make a post, and I'll add you onto the list. I'll send the first person the sentence, then that person will send the next person and me only the picture they drew of that sentence. Then that person will send only the sentence they wrote to both the next person on the list, and me. It is important that you remember to send it to me as well as the next person on the list. That way when the game is complete, I can post the whole thing in this thread. All picture and sentence sending should be done via PMs, in order to ensure that no one sees anything but what they are supposed to.


Person 1 writes a creative sentence and PMs it to Person 2.

Person 2 draws a picture representing Person 1's sentence and PMs it to Person 1 and Person 3.

Person 3 writes a sentence describing Person 2's picture and PMs it to Person 1 and Person 4.

Person 4 draws a picture representing Person 3's sentence and PMs it to Person 1 and Person 5.


Things continue until it reaches the last person who will be a sentence person. (This requires an odd number of people.)

Other Rules:

Do not post alphanumerical symbols (letters, numbers). This is considered cheating and is unimaginative.

Keep it clean. Please keep all the pictures and sentences forum friendly.

Complete your turn in a timely manner. Take your time to be creative, but do not take so long that people wonder what happened.

Please ask any question you have now, so that when we start things can go as smooth as possible.

Completed games:

Round One
Round Two
Round Three
Round Four
Round Five
Round Six
Round Seven
Round Eight
Round Nine
Round Ten
Round Eleven
Round Twelve
Round Thirteen

Portable Games / PSP or DS
« on: December 18, 2007, 03:40:30 pm »
First of all I want to apologize for accidentally removing this topic. I'm making a new one and the creator of the old one can reclaim it for their own.

I had enough fun playing the current mafia, that I had all these ideas for a new Mafia game. I settled on an idea that is nearly identical to the current mafia rule set, with one exception. Instead of a "psychopath" role, it would be replaced with a "werewolf" role. The "werewolf" would work similarly to the psychopath except instead of killing his victims, he turns them into werewolves. The original werewolf is the only one that can turn others into werewolves. The other werewolves would function exactly as they had before, only now they would be on the werewolves team. To make it more tricky, none of the werewolves know who each other are, with the exception of the starting one, since he chooses his own victims. The werewolf side would win by turning everyone into werewolves.

The five themes listed in the poll above are all this version of Mafia. The only difference is the theme of the story and the name of the roles. Here is a brief synopsis of those themes:

Werewolves: Roles are identical except now there is a werewolf on the loose.

Vampires: Roles are identical except now there is a vampire on the loose.

Zombies: Roles are identical except now there is a zombie on the loose.

Forum Mafia: Roles are all changed to generic names for members on the forum (admin, moderator, etc.). There is also a "hacker" on the loose.

Robots!: Roles are all changed to robots. There is also a Rogue AI on the loose.

Again I want to stress that all these games are identical except for theme. They will all play out the same because all the roles are the same, just possibly different names.

Forum Mafia wins!

Please let me know which you would wish to play! Once we have one picked, it can be fleshed out. This game won't be played until sometime after LadyM's game ends.


1. Yossitaru
2. Brandonazz
3. Lualmoba
4. Person21
5. Danzik
6. PatMan33
7. LadyM
8. Rhodix
9. neoadept
11.Mr. Consideration
12.Plank of Wood
13.7 who ate 9
15.Krakow Sam
21.The Time Traveller

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