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it's only a matter of time before i develop, like, taste

Hey, you've got some solid picks in there, mostly classic rock, it looks like.  I would've thrown in some classic rock representation, but I assumed one of the criteria was that we had to actually own the album.

Oh yeah, I don't own a whole lot of albums @_@ I think I have like...a Led Zeppelin album and something by the Cranberries on CD.

Yeah I mean I haven't really explored much of the "out there" stuff, for a while I just stuck to like, prog rock, sort of branching out a bit. I haven't even heard of most of the stuff you're putting in yours except Reel Big Fish. I'm still young though so I guess I've got a lot to discover :D


The first row is the Aesop Rock row, with a movie OST composed mostly of lyricless country to keep you on your toes.

Next is the Techno Row. Perturbator, Daft Punk's best album, Justice's best album, and a cool Industrial album I particularly like.'

After that is Popular but Not Necessarily Pop, though Mika is pop for sure.

Fourth is Miscellaneous, though most of them are pretty well-known as well.

I've been led to believe that I would like Neutral Milk Hotel, but I haven't really listened to them.  I have liked what I've heard from The Mountain Goats and Andrew Jackson Jihad.  Man, that's such a great band name.

Also I probably should've categorized mine instead of playing bingo with the Avett Brothers.


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