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@Slinky: You got some stuff on there I'm definitely into as well, mostly the grunge and Pink Floyd, and RHCP are pretty cool but I just can't get over Kiedis. I prefer Frusciante's solo stuff as well as Flea's various side projects, like Atoms for Peace with Thom Yorke and others.

I'm gonna do a wild recommendation based of you being into Pink Floyd as well as some progressive rock: USA Out of Vietnam - It's post rock with elements of electronic music, sludge metal, shoegaze and whatnot, but somehow it still manages to sound a bit like Pink Floyd at times.

@Inkling I think Neutral Milk Hotel is really good, IAOTS has got a rich sound with really interesting vocal performances and moving yet enormously cryptic lyrics. Jeff Mangum's voice is pretty "indie" though and some people can't handle that or the lo-fi production, but you should try it!

Regarding your matrix: I don't know most of these, but I am surprised to see Movits! on there, I didn't know they were known outside of Sweden. Based of that I recommend you Timbuktu ft Damn! - Timbuktu is Swedens most popular rap artist and this song is from an album he did with the funk/soul band Damn!.

@Ryz: Daft and Justice are house, not techno. ;) That Clipping album is good as ****, are you into Death Grips? If you like Clipping you kinda should be. I like Aesop as well, though I only really listened to Labour Days, where does one go from there? Oh and I also used to be into Tyler, but I grew tired of his ****, I kind of think that him not allowing himself to be serious and sincere ruins his music.

Krakow Sam:
I'd totally forgotten about Movits, need to check them out I guess


--- Quote from: Inkling on June 21, 2015, 07:06:35 pm ---Hey, you've got some solid picks in there, mostly classic rock, it looks like.  I would've thrown in some classic rock representation, but I assumed one of the criteria was that we had to actually own the album.

--- End quote ---

Nah, you don't have to own the album. I stream almost all of my music, buying it all is just not possible for me economically. I do own a record player though and I am slowly building up a vinyl collection.

@Huck: Yeah, maybe that should be called the Electronica row instead. I've listened to Death Grips, and though I like clipping better Death Grips is good if I'm in the mood for it.

Probably for Aesop listen to... Cat Food, Liesureforce, ZZZ Top, Crows 1 & Crows 2,  and Coffee. Those are songs, not albums, but I don't really listen to albums and I feel like AR's really good songs are littered through their albums pretty evenly.

Did you just add the text on the side yourself?


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