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Hydro's Adventures

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Hydro's Adventures
In chronological order.

GS Prison Escape v1.0
GS Prison Escape v2.0
GS Prison Escape v3.0

Nauceanica v1.0
Nauceanica v2.0

The Quillaris Expedition v1.0
The Quillaris Expedition v2.0

Naucean Shrink Lab v1.0
Naucean Shrink Lab v2.0

Sagan 4 Safari Ep1 v1.0

PaleoQuest Sporecast

PaleoQuest - Cambrian Explosion

PaleoQuest - Silurian Period

PaleoQuest - Devonian Period

PaleoQuest - Late Devonian

PaleoQuest - Carboniferous

PaleoQuest - Permian Period

PaleoQuest - Late Permian Period

PaleoQuest - Triassic Period

PaleoQuest - Late Triassic

PaleoQuest - Jurassic Period

PaleoQuest - Cretaceous Period

PaleoQuest - Paleocene Epoch

PaleoQuest - Eocene Epoch

PaleoQuest - Oligocene Epoch

Xenoplanets Sagan 4 (Part 1)

Xenoplanets Sagan 4 (Part 2)

PaleoQuest - Miocene Epoch

PaleoQuest - Pliocene Epoch

Sporescape - Episode 1

Sporescape - Episode 2

Sporescape - Episode 3

Sporescape - Episode 4

PaleoQuest - Late Pliocene Epoch

Yeah. I'll think about this one.

Wait, you can choose you own captain for this one? Wouldn't it make more sense to be a prisoner?


--- Quote from: Skyward on June 24, 2009, 09:28:10 am ---Wait, you can choose you own captain for this one? Wouldn't it make more sense to be a prisoner?

--- End quote ---

I was thinking about that. But i was not sure which alien to use. I may redo it so you are a Naucean or a Torpal prisoner and then replaced the NPC prisoners with another alien.

Now you can visit the Naucean Homeworld, Nauceanica! :D I tried to put in little details from my threads but there is only so much you can put in. Tell me what you think!



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