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Spore: General / Re: Planet Sculpting Fail - Is It True?
« on: May 30, 2010, 09:58:57 am »
Wow, you make them??!  It seems like everyone does, at sporebase, but I feel too old to even frame questions as basic as mine there + there's no place for that much not tech savvy.  Yeah I find that seriously astonishing and just assume you should be rich, or maybe could if you want. 

There is one for making flora, and I found that if I only get planets I've inspected first, then it holds enough, usually.  Stupid plan though - it's just great that people are thinking along the same lines. 

Spore: General / Re: Is Spore Dead?
« on: May 30, 2010, 09:48:18 am »
If it's not dead, it will be because of mods, because of people who work their way past the awful "game design", when it's really software draped on a cheap-ass marketing plan.  The last Sims I ever saw, years old, I hated for the same reason - you design, if you're like me, maniacally, then there's nothing to do with it.  But everyone online has the same complaints and there's mods that apparently work fine, to turn it into a real game.  Which it isn't, I mostly only play independent or fairly obscure stuff, and it's so easy to see marketing driven screw the people who buy this fake game design behind it.   

I want it to work, really bad - it's really sci-fi, and creative (the sims could only be a designing game for me at best, sci-fi is heaven), if you can get that to work, it's my kind of perfection.  So I've put in some mods that are working for everyone else (they're at sporebase, as far as I know, all kinds), now that I found out where the right place on a Mac is - no result, I'm wondering if you're supposed to do an AppCleaner and reinstall or what.  I was always tech hopeless, and not young, so I may need the most for compleat idiot help ever seen for game mods.

In the end it's up to real people, the players - no way I could have not seen Maxis design was just screwing the game to death, as soon as tech support miraculously got it to work at all, but still love the idea and want to get a game out of it (so nice to find people who get that it means beating EA first).  And it's a huge irony, for an awesome idea with great software, they just kicked it so hard with the greedy crap.  Here's hoping players save the great part - they seem to be, my lack of helpfulness is actually from a math related learning disability, so it's just a matter of having faith in good hackers beating the jerks.  Which seems to be going great, if I can ever get the "make my downloaded mod work" thing figured out. 

I saw a really good breakdown of the G nations thing, if I could find it.  Also if someone could please tell me (maybe with pictures) how to make my mods work - mediafire being down might have something to do with it...       

Spore: General / Re: Spore Mod Index
« on: May 24, 2010, 02:47:50 pm »
It runs okay, if by okay you don't mean perfectly - and that took forever, thought I'd never get the game to even open, after more reinstalls than anyone could ever count.  It's worse on Mac, but I don't want to buy Win7 - and Vista, the first one or whatever, is exactly what got me my first Mac, cause I needed a computer instead of a paperweight - wow that thing was bad, no one could exaggerate it @_@  lots of new Mac customers from it.

Spore definitely has more trouble with Mac - but I killed bootcamp, XP pro looked so bad on my hi-def widescreen it hurt, never used it.  Spore is actually under a different account, that's what tech support figured out after weeks of trying to solve several major problems.  There's an occasional crash, but really not that many. 

There's a video at sporebase - even the tutorial for installing mods wasn't easy enough, I'm so techlame, but the video is amazing, what every tech dummie needs, and apparently they're okay on Mac - will find out more, mods, finally.  Maybe I'll even stop cussing Maxis idea of game design in-game, which would actually be amazing  XD 

Spore: General / Re: Spore Mod Index
« on: May 23, 2010, 03:01:18 pm »
There are so many mods I want soooo bad - some compleat idiot questions: do they work on Mac, which generally has more Spore issues?  And where are the sites for this, the links for what I want are older and broken - I'll check BetterSpore. 

Should I do an AppCleaner + reinstall first?  With the routine issues, it sounds smarter...     

Also if I see the answer to everything at betterspore, apologies + thanks! 

Spore: General / Re: Planet Sculpting Fail - Is It True?
« on: May 23, 2010, 02:50:57 pm »
Recent noob sounds so demanding *gratuitous expectation lowering there*  ;D  Gracias - and now to find out more about that mod thread, maybe just didn't look far enuff... 

Spore: General / Re: Planet Sculpting Fail - Is It True?
« on: May 22, 2010, 03:28:14 am »
The creator's what made me get it, and is still the best part - I hate the sims guts, its like a miracle I bought from Maxis + more than I'd spent on a game in forever.  Lots of bugs, more reinstalls than anyone could count, no game opening, weeks with tech support, it works in a gimpy way but okay enough now.  And the creator's totally the best part anyway - the game helps with that "what do I do with these" feeling, but not as much as it really should.  I like creating while evolving through creature stage with cheats so you can do as much, it makes the process a lot better and more fun, mostly downhill from there.   

The mod thread already awestruck me - a couple download sites, and another, always down - wonder if it's on my end or not.  Also not allowed to PM (someone kindly welcomed me), hope that's usual, and get no emails from here - don't remember getting stupid gmail, just getting rid of it a lot, but it never really goes...   

Spore: General / Re: Planet Sculpting Fail - Is It True?
« on: May 21, 2010, 02:43:21 pm »
Thanks, guys.  I did enough planet sculpting to see for myself really anyway - maybe someday they'll fix it... 

And did a lot of reading around before even checking this - tons of ideas exactly like what I think, plus all those awesome looking mods, only they have broken links.  It's the right idea - as a major sci-fi fan, Spore should be perfect, and the most important things are, i.e. Maxis makes software, not really games so much.

Funny you should mention game design, it's a very strong interest (got really sick, so more gaming, less work for awhile) - and it's the same kind of thinking that makes me always see right through it, the throw a big net and hit the lowest common denominator marketing influence.  Mainly though, Spore is for creative people and sci-fi maniacs, awesomely, so I just try to get around the lameness in the game design to play the way I want, which I think is what a lot of players do.  Weird for a Battlestar Galactica, etc. fanatic to like the creature level best - must build the cylon raider, gods that thing is beautiful.  Lots of enterprises, that went well for me too.

Are there mods that work?  (also I'm a hopeless tech compleat idiot)     

Spore: General / Planet Sculpting Fail - Is It True?
« on: May 20, 2010, 09:19:59 pm »

Wow, I love this board, and it will probably take a long time to learn, even with the time I spend in Spore (it needs some improvement on the game design angle imo!).  So, noob - and I found the place through a question that's made me nuts, and then the subject just got changed, right after the horrific news...

I got hooked on planet sculpting - really doing it up, all on T3, after even picking the terraforming plants for the lighting gel effect of the sky color, etc.  And everything just reverts.  Is there a workaround, anything?  Now I just colonize planets I've looked over for halfway decent looks (cause half are just so bad), and space level has lost most of it's interest for me.  Screw the staff of life, got it once, never bothering again - is there any hope for the planetary art tools?  I mean what are they supposed to be for?! 

Also help with learning my way around here is (obviously) welcome.  Mostly I keep making creatures and then don't know what to do with them, civ and space levels the way they're designed are the least interesting. 

Thanks, Leila

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