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this has got to be the best little distraqction yet

quite simply its what will did with a seti simulation but oh so simple.

leave it on for a while and get a band around your galaxy then click to fush it down a blackhole

Spore: General / Wright Gets Passionate About Research
« on: March 23, 2006, 03:16:30 pm »
GDC: Wright Gets Passionate About Research

By Staff

Speaking to a full house for his GDC keynote, Will Wright gave a wide-ranging speech that drifted between basic principles of game design and his current passion for extra terrestrial life theories.Wright's overt passion for his work and infectious curiosity were apparent as he showed off how designs for his upcoming bio-sim Spore were driven by his own obsession with intergalactic life-forms. He stressed the importance of spending as much time as possible on research in the early stages of game development.

He advised, "Take time to reflect on your ideas. Cast as wide a research net as possible. Don't commit to any individual ideas too early. Discover the 90 percent of research material that is irrelevant and the 10 percent that is important. enjoy being obsessive. It helps a lot. Cultivate that obsession in your team."

Wright wisely addressed the powerful position that game creators have on those who play games, as he said "Games have an influence on players. We must not take that responsibility lightly or squander that."

He revealed the inspiration behind Spore, which came from a multitude of sources including Hubble, comic books, Stanley Kubrick, mid-1900 alien and space theorists and what he called "game archaeology". He said that he had "spent time playing a lot of old games", such as Microsoft Space Simulator, Celestia and Homeworld.

Wright noted the differences between his new project Spore and the difficult experience he had with The Sims Online. He likened his experiences with the two games with the analogy of switching from a large piece of industrial machinery to a Ferrari.

Later in the speech, he talked about the importance of getting the right people on a team. "A small number of very smart people is always better than a large group of quite smart people," he said.

Although he didn't show any Spore gameplay, he scrolled through an astounding variety of visual concepts from single-celled organisms to imaginary planetary systems as well as taxonomies of creature types and their anatomies.

intereseting no real info but no gameplay, oh well he's animated enough as it is

Spore: General / New article "Wright changes EA's game"
« on: March 21, 2006, 08:41:55 pm »

But Mr. Wright is one of only a few game developers in the industry on whom EA would risk such a huge investment of time and money, and he’s well aware of his charmed status. “There are not a lot of people who would be given that much rope to hang themselves with,” he jokes.
he does have a sense of humor
Mr. Wright isn’t placing the weight of the industry on the back of Spore. “I guess I’m one of those few people who have an opportunity [to innovate], so it feels like it would be a shame to waste it,” he says. But he knows the game will influence the industry that feeds him. This week, he plans to spell out the future of game design at the annual Game Developers Conference.
Mr. Wright calls Spore “a collaborative building effort that is loosely moderated.” It builds upon aspects that he created in The Sims, where players create content—character traits, settings, and goods—and interact online. But Spore takes the Sims model one step further by modeling “wikipedias,” he says.
imagine a universe created out of players imagination with the same set of tools
“The game itself can observe what the player is doing, build a model of the player, and start modifying the game experience uniquely for the player,” explains Mr. Wright
Big Brother is watching and he wants to play
“Because the budgets are escalating, the company is rolling the dice every time it makes a title. If they roll a five, they might break even; if they roll a six, they might make money. Every other roll loses money,”
atleast he know basic managment, he knows to only build railroads when it's time to railroad

Mr. Wright cites the film innovations in early American filmmaker D.W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation. After a string of hits, Mr. Griffith’s career was relegated to turning out overly ambitious, achingly complex films that failed to connect with viewers. A sobering thought for any creator.
as much as i remember History class then president W. Wilson liked that movie so perhapse Spore and bush will get alon, careful don't give him any ideas with that planet buster

Spore: General / Make a spore advertisement
« on: February 06, 2006, 07:45:11 pm »
With the quality of our fanart and general creativeness I wonder what kind of ideas we all have for advertisments, trailers, etc.
Basicly what do you want to see released or what cool spore thing can you make.....

*Waits for 100 different versions of the pirate with the fishstick*
so to begin I want to see a trailer even if its just reused images, my idea here stems from a dream

(*please listen as you read) the trailer begins with  a meteor falling on a cooling world\ life propagates with a montage of cell growth\ then a fish\ then a shark\ then a dinosaur\ then a willosaur\ and as the music rises a tribe\ and then a village as it first builds \ then War as it builds to the end\ and then the UFO and the planet buster as it finally peaks and the words (From company that brought you The Sims) (Spore Logo) then (Coming September 2006)

the coolest part would be the war, flashes of everything from Spears to guns to tanks and then nukes and mechs and at the end a UFO rushes over the planet appearing over the logo as the planet explodes

basicly what is the material you have thought of or made that would advertise spore

TV / Starved? (FX)
« on: August 11, 2005, 07:15:21 pm »
I'm watching Starved are you?

even people with eating disordes can laugh at this.

along with the rest of their lineup this is verging on disgusting and hilarity

Everything Else / NASA "return to flight"
« on: August 02, 2005, 05:19:38 pm »
I admit it, I'm a space nut!  ever since childhood i've had a passion for all things space.

The Discovery disaster was a very sad thing and it was my hope that like previous "accidents" it would cause more good in the long run. right now they crew on this shuttle is finding out vital imformation about the new normal operations of the shuttle.

i saw this story on slashdot and it motivated me to ask what you think about NASA's renewed mission and what shape the future should take.

Spore: General / Procedural Animation is here!
« on: July 23, 2005, 09:36:42 am »
well its a start "Manifest"

 ;D- interesting, to bad it doesnt have swarm capability

Spore: General / Spore Engine 2.0
« on: July 11, 2005, 03:53:20 am »
Continuing some of the ideas The Potential of Spore Thread Advanced. (The Potential of Spore Is a great read, I suggest you Read It if you have not done so)

I was cruising around the GDC Website and played the Tim Sweeney Presentation.  In It He talks about The Unreal Engine 3, and also the Editing Tools Used with Epic Games line of great games.  His Ideas are pretty good, and the idea of updating, improving, and repackaging the engine for building games Promises to improve on the basics of games.

Any way... the Thread raised the idea of adding on components to spore to make it a genuine Uber Game, things like First Person View allowing a player to experience the galaxy on a personal level. Seeing visuals of the Unreal engine along with Remembering the Thread, made me think about just what things a spore engine could do to the game industry.

A game based around the spore engine would allow games of many varieties (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Modern) and of single and multiple genre (RTS, RPG, FPS). It would also allow games based around single portions of the game (ground, space).
 Posters on the Thread pointed out it allows a Combination of all these things as well as in spore.

But my point is about taking the spore engine and the best parts of spore (Player generated content, Procedural program... and applying them to other Forms of game play in other games besides spore.

So, I'm asking what games would you apply the spore engine to (as in stand alone non spore games) or what game elements would you add to spore (if you had all the time to program them in)?

Some Ideas:

Imagine Battlefield 2/ Unreal style games In cities/ locations made with a Sim City 4 style terrain editor and based around a larger spore style world i.e. a single map that expands into a larger world.

   Imagine battles across entire worlds, if the spore engine were to be applied to an RTS. It could have huge worlds populated with simulations of individual soldiers or the ability assume the role of a single soldier and to play them in a FPS style game. Imagine a KOTOR style game with a huge galaxy of worlds to visit.
(Spore engine applied to Maxis Properties:
The Sims 4 with towns and cities your sim can explore miniature worlds
or Sim City 5 with miniature sim simulations running around the city.)

   Or be bold, like some people have suggested, and incorporate these themes into a single game.  This is my hope for Spore expansions, but even if Maxis doesn’t follow that Idea i hope the make the Spore engine available to other developers for more games.
It looks like Sony is already planning for the Era of the Engines as they advance in their Cell Presentation

Spore: General / What will you do?
« on: June 26, 2005, 12:27:32 pm »
When you get out into space, and you can first view & manipulate the universe what are the first few things you will do “in your home system?”

1. Carve my name in a moon
2. Drop an asteroid on a planet
3. Terra form an airless planet into an interesting shape.

I'd like to hear what you want to do with the ufo

Spore: General / Ring world
« on: June 24, 2005, 01:56:17 am »
Ive been racking my brain on ways to creat a ringworld

came up with one idea

take a globe make two parrellel lines/ mountains around the planet (eqitoria)l or (pole to pole)
lower land between the walls and at opposing ends of the planet (poles) or (mid hemisphere)
you get a roughly plate like planet with with a habitable area inside the two walls

its not Niven or Halo, atleast it's not normal

I'd like a gravity control on the terraforming tools with slides going from -10 and + 10

with negative gravity you could do limited ring-worlds and dyson spheres.
with light gravity you cold see huge flying creatures
with huge gravity your creatures could be made uber strong against normal gravity.

more control of the position of the center of gravity and you could make disk worlds

add mirrors and solar shades along with my Luminus Orbital Orb and you've got the makings of a couple of solar engineering headaches.

site for interesting possibilities

Spore: General / The space station
« on: June 13, 2005, 02:35:07 pm »
Space stations would be the natural progression of ground cities and would allow a platform for Defense,  Trade, and Resource gathering.

 Imagine you pull up to a alien planet and sight something along the lines of the death-star, or imagine your hated enemy finds your home world and get shot out of the sky by the home force.

why not allow you to have a zoo, or a laboratory to call your own, an environment that you totaly control.

Spore: General / terraforming the universe
« on: June 12, 2005, 09:21:55 pm »
ever since i heard about spore some thoughts on teraforming have been coming to me

i thought about small bases where you could have labs or zoos
you could build them on moons asteroids and space-stations

Bio domes  ;D

cheesy yes, but a artificial habitat makes a great lab/ zoo/ city.
along the lines of startopia's bio deck

some options for planets:
Artificial Atmosphere- no need to genesis, also helps planets too close/too far from star.

Runaway pile- resets planet geology from the ground up ;)

Luminus Orbital Orb- the fake star- orbits planet provides heat and light for an artificial world

the Jupitor projector- 2010 anyone- makes jovian moons livible

little bit of evilness
Pulsar gun- effectivly eradicates all lifeforms from the surface of a planet by emmiting massive ammount of fast moving neutrons
this kills living tissue

P.S. if you google neutron bomb you get som scary $#!t.

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