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Re: Lets make an alien
« Reply #15 on: March 16, 2013, 03:09:16 pm »
Attributes: ST 7 DX 10 IQ HT 8
Dmg 1d-3/1d-2 BL 9.8 HP 7 Will Per FP 8 BS 4.5 BM 4

Chauvinism       +2 (Chauvinistic)
Concentration    0 (Normal)
Curiosity        -3 (Obdurate)
Egotism          -3 (Hive Mentality)
Empathy          0 (Normal)
Gregariousness   +2 (Chummy)
Imagination      -3 (Hidebound)
Suspicion        4 (Edgy, Cowardice)

Enviroment: Forest
Biochemistry: Carbon
Diet: Herbivore - Browsing (IMA-1, SUS+1, CON-1, EMP-1, Cast Iron Stomach)
Metabolism: Slow 1
Dependance: None
Activity : Doesn't Rest

Society: Hive (EGO-1, GRE+1, CHA+1, SUS+1)

Size: Small
Bulk: Light
Food Chain: Low (Stealth-10)

Strategy: Hordes/Very Little (EGO-2, CUR-2, IMA-1, Early Maturation 2)
Lifespan: Normal
Sexes: 3 (GRE+1)
Delivery: Budding
Development: Well Developed (IMA-1)
Special: 3 Genetic Castes (CHA+1)

Limbs: 4
Extra: 8 Strong Crude Fair (ST 7 DX 6, Other Sence)
Posture: Horizontal
Set 1: Grasping Paws (Reduced Move 1) 1 Digit
Set 2: Running Hoof (Enhanced Move 1) 0 Digits
Set 3*: Walking Paws (Enhanced Move 1 (Limitation, only on all limbs) 5 Digits
Set 4*: Grasping Paws (BM-1) 5 Digits
Set 5*: Feet Manipulators (Reduced Move 1) 4 Digits
Set 6*: Feet Manipualtors (Reduced Move 1) 2 Digits
Mouth: Weak Crude Excellant (ST 2, DX 6, Manual DX+1, Sensitive Touch)
Weapon: Sharp and Blunt Teeth
Covering: Thick Fur (DR 1, Temperature Tolerance 2)

Voice Box: Partial
Other: Somatic, Colour
Vision: Poor (Bad Sight, CUR-1) 8 Wide Eyes (Peripheral Vision, No Depth Perception)
Hearing: Extraordinary (Acute 8, Directional, Parabolic, Full Range)
Tactile: Fair
Motion: Sense of Perception
Kinesthetic: Good (Perfect Balance)
Taste: Acute 2
Smell: Acute 2

IQ: 2 (Non-sapient)

Small mouse-like creatures that scurry along the forest floor, avoiding larger predators. They live in large social colonies, like bats, in the hollows of massive trees. One sex stays put mostly, relying on the other two, the male and the female to get food. This 'budder' recieves germ cells from both and grows dozens of youth at a time, allowing them to grow out of her. You know that mouse with the ear on its back? Like that, but loads of smaller versions of itself, clawing at the skin like some paracite.

This is an OK generator. I can see it doesn't have the same bugs as the Space one has - I especially like the rolling for each set of limbs. Though some things are unclear. Shame I won't have time to kitbash for the next month or so, but I'll definately be thinking about it.