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Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi

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SPOILERS: It's sh​it.

Woo! Wild speculation with no trailer and only a three-word title to go off from!


It could also just mean Luke, seeing as he is at this point the last Jedi.

Luke dies. His student is the last Jedi. His student falls to the dark side, the last Jedi.

Krakow Sam:
Until the sequels get their own version of the expanded universe and it turns out there are about eighty billion jedi hiding on other planets like there were during the original trilogy if you go by the expanded universe.

Also if you inject people with Zzandron crystals they exhibit Jedi like powers. Once Han Solo's cousin who was a Jedi and hiding on the planet Draylon from the Empire was injected with the crystals by Shyyt Baddo (Darth vader's 5th secret apprentice)  which turned him into a Hyper-Jedi. He'd recently discovered that the Empire were constructing a fourth Death Star in a nearby system, with the power of eight regular Death Stars, so he used his Hyper-Jedi powers to steer Draylon through space and smash into the new Death Star. Also the Satan guy from the cantina was his sidekick and also a Jedi after he defected from being Palpatine's secret SECRET apprentice when he discovered he was actually a clone of the original satan guy being manipulated as part of a plot to infiltrate a medical freighter headed for the planet Shel-b. in the Vyl system. The crux of the story is that the satan guy has a Kashyykiean onion on his belt, which was the height of fashion during the era of the Galactic Empire. For more information please consult your local merchandise. 


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