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Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi

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I still say they're related. That scene at the end post-snork death where they both exchange force glances or whatever and she shuts the bay door on his ass. And how she also felt Luke die, because she's related, like Kylo and Liea, who also felt him die

Krakow Sam:
Yeah keep clinging to those fan theories even though it's evident nobody who worked on that movie gave a ****.  ;)

Man, after seeing the movie again with some more friends they had all kinds of theories like that, everything except Han somehow surviving. Maybe we can just take the movie at face value.

just noticed at the very end with the kids back at the stables telling their version of the story but are forced back to work, as the one kid grabs the broom it floats to him.

When I saw that, being in a darkly lit scene, I wasn't entirely sure it actually happened. I just gave the scene the benefit of the doubt.


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