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Title: What's a good mid-range Android phone?
Post by: Great Distance on August 21, 2020, 08:15:06 am
Hey guys, my Honor 8 is falling apart and I think it is time to look for a new phone. Sadly new Honors don't support Google services, so I'm looking for an alternative. I'm looking for something in the 200-400 price range.

So far my options are Motorola Moto G8 Power, Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro, OnePlus Nord G5 and Samsung Galaxy A41.

Can anyone vouch for these phones or know about any issues with their brands?

What I'm particularly interested in is if they can handle multiple apps open at the same time. I once bought a Nokia 6.1 which turned out to be trash because it kept killing my apps. I bought Honor 8 just a couple weeks later, which worked splendidly - until I dropped it two stories down.

I already tested out my mom's Motorola Moto G7 Power, which turned out to have similar tendencies to kill apps as the Nokia. So I guess that rules Motorola out. My next option would have been Xiaomi, but then I read about multiple Xiaomi users being banned in Pokemon Go for no reason. So that leaves OnePlus and Samsung. According to Don't Kill My App, they're both pretty bad, so I dunno what to think. However the site also says Huawei is particularly notorious for killing apps, but I never had any issues with my Honor phones whatsoever. So I dunno how reliable this information is:

Can anyone recommend a good Android phone max 400 that doesn't kill my apps? On that awful Nokia I could hardly check Whatsapp without being greeted by a loading screen when returning to Pokemon Go.

Which phones do you guys use?
Title: Re: What's a good mid-range Android phone?
Post by: martyk on August 21, 2020, 01:31:31 pm
I picked up a Pixel 3A last summer and it's been a fantastic phone.  I was mentioning the other day in another thread, but basically Google took their mainline Pixel 3 and stripped it down a bit to make a cheaper version, but kept the great camera.  It's been a solid phone and probably one of the best I've had.  Being Google, it comes with just baseline Android, so it doesn't have all the bloatware phones like my previous Samsungs had.
Title: Re: What's a good mid-range Android phone?
Post by: PatMan33 on August 21, 2020, 03:00:38 pm
Ahhh I use a Sonim flip phone. It's great! Very durable and water proof. And it does run a necked-down version of Android. But it probably isn't what you are looking for.
Title: Re: What's a good mid-range Android phone?
Post by: Great Distance on September 18, 2020, 11:50:52 am
Kinda surprising this thread hasn't been flooded with spam.
Title: Re: What's a good mid-range Android phone?
Post by: PatMan33 on October 03, 2020, 07:15:02 am
What phone did you end up with?
Title: Re: What's a good mid-range Android phone?
Post by: Great Distance on October 03, 2020, 11:34:38 pm
I miss my old Honor phone. It may have been branded a Chinese spy phone by the US, but the Xiaomi I got is DEFINITELY a Chinese spy phone. There are even ads built into the system apps!

You can turn most of them off, if you google enough, though. In fact there are tons of infuriating features and design flaws that can be improved if you just google enough. But MAN they haven't made it easy to like this phone! I got the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro, btw. I thought about returning it within the one month that it was possible, but then I got some personal crisis and missed the chance.

After enough tweaking, I guess I can live with it. Maybe next time I'll get a OnePlus or Google Pixel if Honor hasn't gotten Google services back yet. I can't be sure if any other phone I had gotten at this point would have been significantly better, anyway.

Here's a list of some of the annoying features that I have mostly been able to solve:

1. Camera app opening itself randomly. Yep. **** that ****. No other phone I had ever did that kind of ****. I thought it was because the camera app was on the lock screen and I kept hitting it by accident. So I had to meticulously search for a theme that doesn't have the camera app on lock screen. I found one, looks decent, didn't solve camera issue. I then cleared the cache, and camera stopped opening itself. Now I have a lock screen that says "Buttery full." when battery is at 100%.

2. On that vein, setting the lock screen. The lock screen is entirely determined by the theme, you cannot change it in any of the theme or wallpaper apps, while you can change the background. I found some way to circumvent this but again, way to make things difficult. None of the wallpaper apps you download are able to change the lock screen, you gotta do it through some system settings that seem to have been left there by accident, because they are totally separate from the Xiaomi theme app and settings. If I want to change the lock screen, I gotta go through three different apps and settings! Fun!

3. SOUND SETTINGS. Now this is important since that's kinda what phones were made for. Making calls and ****. Surprise surprise, the first time I got a call, IT DID NOT RING. I happened to see it because the phone was on the table in front of me. But ****. Again, I meticulously google all the settings. For some reason the notifications and calls are determined by the same volume setting. So if I want to be notified of calls, I also get to be notified of all the stupid **** that my apps want to tell me. Eventually I figured out I can set the notification sound as "None", while keeping the ring tone, and that kinda solves the problem.

4. HOWEVER, the Silent mode and Do Not Disturb mode are another problem! I think I haven't quite figured them out yet. You can set a certain time when it goes on Silent or DND mode, so I set that to be during the night, 22-7. But it kinda seems like sometimes the DND mode hasn't gone off in the morning! So I could still end up missing a call! Still not sure if I accidentally touched the DND button or if it's another design flaw. And there are TWO SEPARATE SETTINGS where you can DO THE EXACT SAME THING. You can set daily DND/Silent mode schedule either in "DND settings" or "Bedtime mode" settings! THEY BOTH DO THE SAME THING. SO WHICH ONE SHOULD I USE?

Illogical system apps, multiple menus for the same settings, etc. Yeah, most problems I have been able to solve to a satisfactory extent. But the MIUI is the worst Android user interface I have ever had to experience. Now I understand the reviews that said that the hardware is great, but the software is ****. That's why some people install their own custom Android system on their Xiaomi phone. But that could lead to getting banned from Pokemon Go. So. Yay.

Anyway, at this point I have tweaked it enough to be able to live with it, and I'm too lazy to do anything more at this point. Would I buy it again? Probably not.
Title: Re: What's a good mid-range Android phone?
Post by: Great Distance on October 04, 2020, 12:12:16 am
Perhaps the worst part of this farce of a phone is the system security app. It pops up a virus scan each time I install an app, interrupting everything I do - AND IT SHOWS ME AN AD. **** yeah, that's some credible security. I feel so ****ing safe now. Disrupting my business just to show me ads.

If they were concerned about my security, they would run it silently in the background, and just alert me if something is wrong. BUT NO. Gotta make a pop up window every single time to make sure I see the ads! Even if nothing is wrong.

I turned it off for the Google Play store, because it's supposed to be safe, anyway. And **** that ****. If I'm installing 20 apps, I don't want to be interrupted 20 times.

And yet the phone is getting great reviews that mention none of these issues! Have these people never used another Android phone before? How can you not be bothered by this stuff?

I bet the Google Pixel 3a would've been great, maybe I should've gotten that. But this one was SLIGHTLY cheaper, has a larger battery and more memory. I think the processor is slightly better, too. So yeah, Xiaomi has great hardware for the price, but the user experience is kinda ****.

The OnePlus I kinda didn't want to get because it doesn't have a headphone jack. I know that's an issue that can be solved with an adapter, but I'm good at losing or forgetting anything extra I have to carry. So I would end up with 5 adapters for my wired earbuds. And 5 more wireless earbuds that I always forget to keep charged. Speaking of which, I have no idea where my new wireless earbuds are currently located.
Title: Re: What's a good mid-range Android phone?
Post by: PatMan33 on October 05, 2020, 05:15:53 pm
Ugh I'm so happy I use a flip phone. Jesus Christmas...