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Technical Question about Nintendo WiFi


I got a quick question...

So when we play a nintendo Wi Fi game, are we playing on a nintendo run server or are we playing a game that some one hosts and Nintendo just pairs everyone up?

I am asking this because I am waiting on my Jump Ultimate Stars to get delivered and am wondering if I will experience too much lag playing wifi games of a japanese only game.

Thanks in advance for those who answer this one :>

If you talking about the DS, I think you play on a Nintendo hosted server. Each game is different though, in Animal Crossing you can only play with people you know have friend codes for, in Mario Kart you can play with just friends or you can search regional or worldwide for other players. Those are the only two I have so I don't know how the other games work. The biggest problem people have is connecting to the WiFi itself.

To connect you will require a wireless router, some routers will not work or a Nintendo USB Wifi connector maybe it's named adapter. You can set a connection using both of those two devices. essay writing companies If you want a free fix, you can use wireless hotspots are shops, museums, or parks to connect.


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