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Did a couple cursory searches and found that there wasn't a thread, but recently that's all I've been doing so...

Vaporwave, Cyberghetto, Sadboys, Natural Glitches, Pixel Sorting, Olde Skool Photo Collages... You know the vibe right?

Anyone else on this wave?

Useful links, like to leddit or something:
more into l8r

First I've heard of it, is this a big thing?

I don't know how big it really is, but Tumblr seems to dig it. I mean, the aesthetic elements and traits of each can vary wildly, and sometimes pieces are almost unrelated. It might be obscure, I'm not sure, but it seems to all-in-all point to a sort of post-Internet post-Art sort of direction? It might be popular irl, but Facebook is ambivalent... It hasn't been too flooded with normies tho.

Very cyberpunk.

Krakow Sam:
Well yeah, in an early William Gibson "three sticks of RAM hidden under the tempurfoam mattress in the pod hotel" outdated sort of way.


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